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Software & Accessories / Re: Which iMac
« on: January 27, 2013, 03:59:09 AM »
Niterider I disagree slightly.

Yes it's expensive, but when you compare spec for spec, Apple does charge quite a bit.  The products are generally usable and you don't waste time with stuff that doesn't work.  Instead you can use your time to simply use the product.

There isn't much difference between laptop/desktop architecture anymore.  Yes, performance is better with a big huge desktop, but what do you need the performance for?  Keep in mind with the iMac you're getting a 27" IPS screen.  After the computer is useless, I believe the screen is still usable via the thunderbolt port (but only with thunderbolt enabled devices, which right now are mostly apple laptops but that might change in the near future).  In any case, a 27" IPS (unless you buy some no-name brand on eBay) is going to run your $700+, so factor that into the specs.  It is NOT the same as the $199 27" specials you see all the time.

As for the hackintosh, don't do it.  I built one and it works ... mostly.  Sometimes something doesn't work, then you have to go through the forums and figured out what went wrong.  It's a fun project and I enjoyed doing it, but for a PC that's going to be used daily that I need to rely on, it simply doesn't cut it. 

My only suggestion is that if you don't need super-performance, buy a Mac-Mini instead, and a cheapo monitor for now (unless you have a monitor, if you do, use that).  When Apple releases a new Thunderbolt Display (27" IPS based on the NEW iMac monitor) either grab that or another high quality 27" IPS or PLS Monitor (Samsung, Asus, Dell Ultrasharp, etc.)  They're all going to be pricey.  That way you're separating the computer from the monitor, and can upgrade the PC every few years and keep the monitor.  The biggest drawback with the iMac is that it's difficult to upgrade yourself, and the PC side of the tech will likely get outdated well before the monitor.  Separate the two, and you can replace the PC every few years.

EOS Bodies / Re: Where are you EOS 70D?
« on: January 24, 2013, 12:13:41 AM »
Are you kidding me, another camera with the 18MP sensor?!?  7D, T2i, T3i, T4i, 60D, and now possibly 70D?!?  This doesn't bode well for the consumer.

I'm not surprised in the least.  Traditionally, Pentax, Nikon and Minolta would use Sony sensors.  In fact, Sony's highly regarded 6MP DSLR sensor was used by all three before Sony took-over Minolta. 

What will be interesting will be if Sony and Pentax can still provide in body image stabilization with a FF sensor.  Previously this was possible due to having room for the crop sensor to move in relation to a FF lens.  With a FF lens and FF sensor, i'm wondering how/if they'll achieve this.

Pentax has been struggling lately as they were purchased by Hoya, and then by Ricoh I believe.  We'll see how they continue to progress but it's not surprising that they've opted for a Sony sensor.

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