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Lenses / Re: Weddings - prime only advice
« on: March 10, 2013, 01:34:25 PM »
I agree about the 24-70L II.  I've been using that lens and it is just magical.

It will be my next purchase when I save/earn enough for it. Maybe price will drop a bit in next year or so.

Lenses / Re: Weddings - prime only advice
« on: March 10, 2013, 12:30:42 PM »
I guess there's not much appeal to me personally shooting a wedding with primes exclusively.  I always use lighting and flash guns, so I never really needed to go wider than f/2.8.  I did, however, bring some and use them.  My main lens would be 24-70L.  But then I had 50, 85, and 135 primes I used to go to f/2.  But if DOF was an issue, I used the zoom.  The reason I didn't do all primes is because it requires a lot more work and the photos don't look any different.  You'll want to use them of course, but to use ONLY them will make life tougher, I think.  That's just my opinion.

I agree with you. Primes are nice for special shots but when you're on the run and need to adjust quickly then prime could become difficult to use. For example, sometimes you don't have space to move back or you really can't get closer. And when you're changing lenses you could miss a shot.

IF OP really wants a prime then I would suggest going for 35L/Sigma 35 f/1.4 as 100 L and 135 L are teles. 35 mm is fine on FF and also on APS-C. For example you can have 35 on 7D and 100 L/135 L on 5D Mk III.

My personal advice: save for a litter longer and buy 24-70 f/2.8L II. It's truth what reviews say - it's optical quality is very close to primes. And ofc it's sort of general purpose lens (depending on your style).

Here are official numbers from 6D manual about cards and number of shots possible (and burst).

I have a Canon 6D, T1i, and s100. I am planning to take all 3 on an upcoming photo safari in Tanzania. To reduce weight, I'm thinking of just taking cards, although I will have my iPhone and maybe my iPad. (I don't have a laptop and am trying to avoid taking one even if I had one.) Is there an SD card that you would recommend that I could use in all 3 cameras? I know my new 6D will take different cards than the T1i for example, but I was thinking it might be easier to take just one type of card. I know this can be done, but is this a good approach and if so, what SD card would you recommend? If this is not a good approach, please suggest alternatives. I've read some discussion about cards on this forum, but not this exact point. That said, please forgive me if this is repetitive. I'm really looking for guidance here as buying cards with all the variations they have seem more confusing to me than buying a camera.  :)


You can use all types of SD cards in 6D. 6D is compatible with UHS-I standard so you can use very fast cards - up to 95 MB/s. Note that UHS-I cards are backward compatible with card readers and cameras. I have tested my SanDisk 16 GB Extreme Pro 95 MB/s which I bought for 6D (that is on the way) in my 450D and it works perfectly.

Importatnt thing is continuos shooting and movie recording. If you want to have more shots in burst on 6D then UHS-I cards are better (14 vs. 17 RAW files). If you want to shoot video in ALL-I compression then you need at least 20 MB/s transfer rate. Note that on 16 GB card you can shoot approximately 23 minutes of video in ALL-I format.

So the question is how fast cards you want to use and if you need the extra speed ? I would recommend 45 MB/s card as a general purpose.

P.S.: Once my 6D arrives I'm sure that I'm gonna buy 32 GB 45 MB/s just for video.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Initial impression after using 6D
« on: March 07, 2013, 05:28:57 PM »
Grats on your purchase :)
Also on the 450D here, with a 6D on the way. Looking forward to it.

I would agree to above, that the AF hunting is probably the nifty fifty.

I'm also upgrading form 450D to 6D in a couple of days. I find it quiet funny that a lot of people are switching from 450D -> 6D just like me/you.

I've tested pre-production and production bodies with 24L, 50L, 85 f/1.8, 28 f/1.8 and 70-200 f/4 and they were pretty damn responsive (on the center AF point). When you use lens with USM then focus is very quick and accurate. I find off-center AF points as good under good light. But I think that photography is also about knowing how to shoot, knowing the limits of gear and how to overcome them ;-)

Ofc 5D Mk III has more advanced AF and it's more "all-in-one" camera but 6D has enough features for me. And my next investment will be L glass (24-70 L II probably in a year).

Also 50 f/1.8 is known for focus hunting and has problems with focusing on objects that are further from camera.

I'm really looking forward for exploring FF and true focal length and DoF of my primes - especially 85 f/1.8 USM which is a bit tight for indoor shooting on APS-C. Should be good combo for portraits :-)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6d w/ eos remote and tablet connection?
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:55:26 PM »
Since I'll buy a 6d sooner or later, I'll need/want a compatible Android device for eos remote. Trouble is: Canon states that *tablets* are not guaranteed to work - has anyone got something like the Nexus 7 and tried it or are there any other links with experiences on this?


I am currently waiting for my 6D to come and I'm gonna test it with my friend's Nexus 7, Nexus 4 and 2 other Android devices so I could tell in a couple of days.

I think there shouldn't be any issues with connection or so but we must live with lower resolution projected on higher resolution tablet. This is the only problem - Live View on tablet won't adjust itself to specific resolution. I think it should be (fixed) somewhere near 1280x720 - but I could be wrong.

Reviews / Re: Canon 6D review
« on: January 02, 2013, 03:54:17 PM »
I probably would miss 1/8000 if I didn't also have a 5D III. It's not a major issue for me or most people though.

I'm sure the excellent centre point of the 6D would work well for you - especially since its low-light performance is so good. However the 5D IIIs centre point is nearly as good and the outer points are way better (and more numerous) so if I were you I would try to stretch to the 5D III for its added versatility. If you are diversifying into other areas of photography and you only have one camera body then I would recommend the 5D III.

As you said, 1/8000 is not a major thing for me. I've lived with that for last 5 years so it shouldn't be a problem.

I'm also a "field experience" type of person, not a specs geek, so I really appreciate your point of view. My plan is to keep shooting with one body, but I can borrow another if I need (for a particular shoot). I've learned how to get shots I want/need with One Shot drive mode. And you're right, Mk III is more versatile - especially AF and all possibilities to personalize it. Hmm, I think I'll need to think about pluses/minuses a little more.

Anyway, thanks for your quick response  ;)

Reviews / Re: Canon 6D review
« on: January 02, 2013, 03:00:22 PM »
Nice review and thanks for sharing your experience !

I'd like to ask you, 6D owners, about the AF. I do a lot of really low light stuff like events and club photography - especially DJs - and they are really far from staying still (erratic movement). I'm frequently using my 430 EX II and AF grid (with flash turned off) to achieve focus with my 450D + 28 f/1.8. I'm also using my flash with Pixel Kings to get some interesting shots on longer exposures. Later this year I'd like to jump into portraits and other events like proms. Sometimes I'm shooting bedminton and running (but it's like 5-10% of shots I do).

I had a chance to play with 6D at couple of photo shows/events here and I think it's a great camera. One of my friends has 5D Mk III - and he could borrow me that body for some events if I need it. Investment in L glass seems to me like wiser decision - 24-70 f/2.8 II some time later.

1.) Do you think that 6D's AF could manage all stuff I mentioned above ? I have no problem with focusing on center and cropping in post.

2.) Have you missed that 1/8000 shutter speed ?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Reminder: Announcements on September 17, 2012
« on: September 16, 2012, 11:39:10 AM »
IF 6D would have 11 point AF (cross-type) with center point double cross-type then OK - I will probably get one. If it is just 1 cross-type point - 5D Mk II is better for my needs. Fingers crossed !

no problem as long as it's cheap around 1500.

I think it wont come cheaper then 2k. Well, Im not saying Ill buy it right after announcement but Im ready for 2k price tag (with AF imrpoved compared to Mk II). If its just 1 cross-type in the center I would take a second look at Mk II.

...I think that it was published on canonwatch that current 650D AF module is better then 5D Mk II. So putting worse AF then Rebel line into entry FF makes no sense to me...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Reminder: Announcements on September 17, 2012
« on: September 16, 2012, 10:59:21 AM »
IF 6D would have 11 point AF (cross-type) with center point double cross-type then OK - I will probably get one. If it is just 1 cross-type point - 5D Mk II is better for my needs. Fingers crossed !

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D mkII and New FF? - news From India
« on: September 15, 2012, 05:36:45 PM »
I was just in Mumbai, Jyoti Studio and they said the Bangalorians have no clue. No 7D update.
They are however clearing out Mk2 stock for the arrival of the 5Ds.

Smaller form factor, plastic/alloy combo
98% VF
19 point AF with phase for STM
2 x SD Card
partial weather sealing
Digic 5 not 5+
New battery
ISO 100-12500 Native Expandable to 25600
Will ship with new STM lens

I really hope your speclist is accurate. With such features and AFMA I will buy one and wont hesitate even for a minute....fingers crossed :-)

EOS Bodies / Re: D600 vs. leaked 6D specs: a comparison
« on: September 15, 2012, 07:25:00 AM »
  • High ISO performance:  top native ISO on the 6D is 25.6k.  It's 6400 on the Nikon.  6D is certainly not two stops better than D600 but if they've got the balls to give it native 25.6k then I'm betting it's at least somewhat better. Point Canon.
  • AF:  D600 has 39 points vs. 11 for Canon.  Point Nikon.

Ok, high ISO is good for me. But what if you cant focus ? Nikon AF hase 9 cross-type AF points...and Canon AGAIN just ONE ?! Thats a deal breaker for me. Id rather have 5D Mk II (with accuracy +- the same).

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Specs Leaked?
« on: September 14, 2012, 02:30:13 PM »
......Might as well just keep my 1dsII if this IS the new camera that will be coming out. Other than high ISO and small-compact relative to the 1DsII, really don't see anything else that is better compared to 1DsII. (At least I will still have 45 AF points with 7 cross-types!!!)

Good thinking, I completly understand you. I want to upgrade to FF but with JUST 1 cross-type point this breaks the deal for me. Ok, dont use 19 point all cross type AF...but put there at LEAST 9 cross-type AF !

...I guess that they even put away AFMA...cripple it down as much as possible...saaaad.

5D Mk II is looking better a better to me :-P

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Specs Leaked?
« on: September 14, 2012, 02:17:49 PM »
If these specs become true...that Im really, really sad... the AF a joke ? Other specs are ok, completly fine for me. But why AGAIN only center point cross-type AF ? Do they think that consumers or enthusiasts use only center point ? What about low light enviroment ? Only with external flash with light grid ? It seems like they FORCE us to buy Mk way I will pay 3000 Euro for my next camera.

...I think that Id rather get Mk II while I still can. 6D AF would be probably close to 5D Mk II so this is a deal breaker for me...

EOS Bodies / Re: More Canon EOS 6D Specs Surface [CR1]
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:43:32 PM »
Yeah, this DOES sound too good to be true. It looks like a 5D Mark III for half the price. I don't see a reason why Canon would do that. I just hope I'm wrong, though. :)

I can think of couple of things: lower max ISO, less fps, worse AF, less video stuff (adjustments), no headphones jack, less sealing, smaller buffer...basicly something that could 5D Mk II user want as a replacement and Mk III user as backup.

...Canon needs something to replace 5D Mk II (Mk III is not a replacement but and upgrade to higher level, like a new line) and to have something to compete D600 with. This could be such a body.

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