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Software & Accessories / Re: Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 for $9.99/mth
« on: November 25, 2013, 10:42:38 AM »
I wonder whenever it is possible to leave in EU and get this offer in USD? When I choose EUR as a currency, it shows 12,99€, which is definitely not 9,99$

It is actually $10 plus local taxes. I thought about/tried going through a US VPN but they auto converted back to GBP once I logged in.

I upgraded from a Rebel / 450D, that I used and enjoyed for 4½ years.
Now the 6D represents a giant step forward in capabilites (FF / low light capabilities / better AF / WiFi / ergonomics ......).
And it allows me to move upwards again on my own learning-curve.

Ditto, except I upgraded from a 400D, so it has been a bit closer to 7 years for me. Sticking with an older camera with less ISO range has taught me a lot about how to hand hold the camera in low light.

Given that the 6D is a lot more camera and has a lot more ISO range there would have to be something really special for me to consider upgrading again in the next 5 years. Unless of course I start making bucket loads of money from photography and the equipment cost becomes irrelevant  ;)

maybe it would be sensible to go for a soft ND Grad first then.
WEX in the UK here have 10% off filters at the moment and typically they're out of stock of almost everything Lee  >:(

I tend to find that Dale Photographic is pretty good with LEE stuff the website is not at Wex levels but they are great on the phone.

still undecided on whether to go hard or soft on my first ND Grad though  :-\

Nero knows his stuff so not going against his recommendations, my understanding is that the soft grads were originally designed for medium format use and the hard grad on a full frame gives the same result. Choosing soft on a full frame would makes placement a lot easier though. In my experience has too much of a gradient.

An incorrectly placed 3 stop hard grad is very noticeable. I find a 1 stop hard grad over sky is barley noticeable and incorrect placement does not destroy the image. I use the 1.5 stop hard grad (0.45) and add extra grads in lightroom. I think of it as adding 1.5 stops to the dynamic range to the scene I can handle with a very low risk to messing it up with bad or obvious filter placement.

My lee kit includes 2 holders and tandem adapter (professional kit)

0.45 ND Hard Grad (1.5 stop) 
Square circular polariser
10 Stop Filter, could not get a big stopper at the time.
Lee 10 filter case, hard backed with velvet pockets.
also lee lens caps, adapter rings stay on my lenses

Wide angle hood (2 slots).

I got the square filter because it is a lot cheaper, can be put in normal or rotated 90 degrees giving full or half polarization. for finer control planned on using the secondary holder.

I wish I had not got the two holders but just got the hood earlier. The hood can attach to the tandem adapter, using up one slot. Or the more expensive round circular polariser can fit inside the the lens hood and rotated separately.

I believe the issue is due to resin filters but sure some one will shoot with the real reason, the filters can handle flare really badly in some situations so having a hood or shading the glass from out of shot light sources is a really good idea.

... I just set the JPG quality to 80% and that is it.  I did that based on a past study...not sure if it still holds true:

You used a study of the Lightroom compression to decide on 80% in another program?
From that article :

“Quality 73” in Lightroom, for example, is not the same as “Quality 73” in Photoshop or any other app that I know of

for the OP I set to 92% and averaged 5MB from 400d and around 12MB from 6D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D accessories?
« on: May 24, 2013, 10:26:27 AM »
My solution is to use Arca Swiss type plates on body and lenses with tripod collars.  I use Blackrapid straps, with a Kirk 1" clamp on the end, so I can easily connect it to body or lens, or remove it for tripod/monopod use.
Is this the Kirk clamp you use ?

Having not used Arca Swiss type plates before they do not look suitable for holding the camera upside down on a strap. The sliding that you have on the plate I thought would mean if not really tightened would work its way off the camera?

I did not think it would be common to use Vibrance and Saturation at the same time. Vibrance is just saturation but set to only effect Red, Green and Blue. Giving you a saturation control when skin tones are present. It lets you adjust saturation without altering skin tones or at least that what it said in the Lightroom Adventure.

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