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Iv'e had great success with some auto extension tubes, plus I only paid 60 on eBay for the set of 3 auto tubes, they aren't metal like I believe the Kenkos are, but they work great!  It looks like you already have nice glass to pair up with too.  I love my extension tubes with my cheapo 55-250 and a $7 over the lens flash diffuser from Amazon, I can handhold with my T2i and use the 10x magnification live view and stop down the aperture a ton, around 16 or higher and even use the built in flash, it is a great budget way to get really good macro and you already have good glass in the 70-200.  Also, I really like using the tubes with my 55-250 because of how long the focal range is, I find it easier to focus using the zoom to get an approximate working distance, than focus by moving my hands while watching the magnified live view.

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