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Haha yess it's true I didn't realize I was posting from my french manual...

I understand, i'll practice it and decide my iso settings manually

!! What about that ? In Av, Tv and Manual modes, when the flash is turned on, that my ISO settings are on AUTO, when I pressed half shutter, the camera set the ISO back to 400!

Now I have to fix my iso manually to 800, 1600 or else to be able to catch some ambient light!!

Why !!?  I want it to be auto, not 400 ! I request a fix to this issue or a On/Off at least !

I really don't understand why Canon is doing this.

Absurd.  >:(

Lenses / Re: Canon 85L 1.2 vs Sigma 85 1.4... Has anyone tried both?
« on: November 10, 2012, 10:33:20 AM »

As for the Sigma, I've had two copies and both have been spot on. I may be lucky but so far so good for me.

To remeber it is not about getting a good copy or not, it's about getting the fitting tolerance body/lens. And you'll certainly have to micro adjust the focus on any of the two to set the best focus it can deliver for your body.


Any thoughts on how to capture a moment without actually having to interrupt it?

I think with your 50mm lens (80mm) it gives you more chance to get these shots as you're not standing right in front of your subject with them staring at you like "oh sh## he's about to take that picture".

It think it is also the atmosphere of the party that will dictate the results. If those guys are partying hard and much are extroverted then they don't care you're taking photos of them even straight in the action, in front of them, it can be easier. If the atmosphere is like everyones standing quietly with a drink in hand and they are getting rigid as you point your camera to them, it could be more challenging... Maybe then you could use a telephoto zoom like a 18-200 more versatile for indoor and outdoor.

I suggest to vary your lens as the party goes as you will want to get some overall scenes instead of all your photos at 50mm (80mm) half body shots.

i just can't believe the OP complain ISO 400 from a somewhat new T1i. especially you are printing 4x6.

i used to own that T1i, i use up to ISO 1600 all the time if i print 4x6, 3200 doesn't look that bad too.

i guess slight noise really bother some photographer.  ;D

Really! Go and get these shots à 800, 1600 or even 3200. You'll be blown by how much ambient light and atmosphere you'll get. I think that this is what you want from those party shots.

This will also use much less flash power and expand your battery's lifetime. Also, your owner's manual tells you that you shouldn't shot more thant 10 or 15 shots in a row at flash full strenght because it can overheat it or change the color of the flash glass cause of the heat... Another reason to put up the iso and open aperture as it requires less flash power and more safety shooting. Canon's flash don't stop by themselves because they're overheating, you have to be careful for that.

I agree with others, shooting in manual at 1/60 to 1/100, wide open to f/4, iso 800 to 3200, flash bounced off 90° or 60° and you will certainly have the results you want. I suggest TTL flash (metering Throught The Lens) and get the benefit of that 9-10ft roof. It will help you have a more diffused light on your subject as you know.

Also, turning your "to much grainy photo" in black and white gives an interesting result too. Kind of old looking photography. Give it a try!

Have a nice time  :)

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