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Pricewatch Deals / Re: Cyber Monday: EOS 6D Body & Pixma Pro-10 $1249
« on: December 01, 2014, 02:17:29 PM »
Seems to be sold out already. Anyone know of another deal that would be in the same ballpark? Thanks.

Some of these comments make me smile...

Canon focused on AF systems this time around. They have lead the industry with their sensors for a while, and only have slowed down in the last few years. But the AF systems have needed some improvement and they certainly have done that with the 1Dx. The 1Dx's AF is up to 3 times more responsive than the D4's AF system and has pretty much more of everything in it than the D4's AF. Plus it has 2mp more, and shoots faster FPS.  (Great review to compare them: http://youtu.be/VyNFOPrIKmQ)

I swear, people are never happy. I see it everywhere. I also do real estate. You want EVERYTHING in one house/camera and then complain if you have to pay for it.

Did they work on the performance of LR4 or just add a few cameras/ lenses?  ::)

PS: I am happy for you Dylan, but even you would be better off if they fixed the Hyperthreaded CPU slow down issue with LR4...

I haven't had any speed issues with LR4 since they released 4.2. It is as fast for me as 3 was. I have a pretty hefty machine though and that could be part of it.

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