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This has been going on for years since the affordable development of the personal camera.  It is nothing new that has come about since the digital revolution.

Only the fittest survive my friend and there is not much that can be done about it except to change your attitude about the matter.  I agree with other posters here that its about people management and often word of mouth referrals.

Photography is not the only profession that suffers from this.  Make your customers happy and they will boast to all of their friends about the wonderful job you did.

EOS-M / Re: Export from camera to USB flash drive
« on: May 13, 2014, 04:23:37 PM »
As stated, you need a host. When you plug a camera into a computer it generally recognizes it as a USB mass storage device. When you plug in a USB stick, it also recognizes it as a USB mass storage device.

So you're essentially trying to plug two usb sticks together and get them to copy files to each other.  ;D

Now if canon were to implement this feature in firmware, using the camera itself as the host, then it would easily be possible, but you'd need Canon to update the firmware, or write your own.

Maybe a feature request for magic lantern is in order!  ;)

EOS-M / Re: Export from camera to USB flash drive
« on: May 13, 2014, 04:21:30 PM »
Well you have a couple of options but no direct path to a usb stick.  You can use a mifi card if your camera has an sd slot.  The other option is to export to a tablet.  Apple makes a connecting cable and has software built into ios to dump raw down to the tablet.  I cant speak for android or windows based tablets but would assume they have some similer capability.

Not exactly what you were asking for but its the smallest usb storage i can find that works.

I'm really thinking about trying this.

Is there now a better, straightforward, one stop to find it…guide to installing Magic Lantern on a 5D3?

Last time I started looking into it, I found out of date guides, wrong versions….and read through about 300 posts on the forums and I still didn't really feel safe in trying to install this.

So, does anyone have links to a simple at least fairly up to date install guide with steps laid out 1,2,3,4…n?

Last time I was reading through, I thought about disarming a bomb with instructions like.

"Ok, now…find and cut the green wire…"




It was pretty.straight forward now that the boot flag issue has been resolved.

1) set camera back to factory defaults
2) remove battery grip if installed.
3) format SD or CF card in camera
4) remove card and install in computer
5) download ML for 5diii and unzip all files into the root folder of card including the .fir file. (maintain same folder structure as supplied in the zip file)
6) insert card back into camera and install the firmware using the Canon firmware update menu option.
7) when prompted power off camera and power back on


I haven't tried it yet but to permanently uninstall and revert the boot flag back to original just reformat the card with the uninstall ML option.

Im getting ready to upgrade to the latest ML version so ill give the uninstall option a try before i upgrade...though technically not necessary.  But im curious how seemless the uninstall is and wether or not it gives me back the improved wake up speed.

Thanks..is there a good URL for the official steps..what files to get, etc for the 5D3.

I'd just like to have the 'official" steps so that if something did come up, I could post to the forums and say "I did steps #4 and things went bad"….



Here is the official download site


You will need to go to nightly builds and download the zip file.  Everything you need is there.

Unfortunately the official docs are for the released version and while the steps are similar, they are not exactly the same.  You might find a readme file in the zip but not sure the uninstall steps have been updated anywhere but in the ml forums.

Just note the countdown timer at the bottom when firmware is updating.  The countdown timer after 30 seconds will uninstall it completely.

Here is about the closest thing you can find to official docs.  Forum post by the developer:


EOS Bodies / Re: New Sensor Technology Coming From Canon? [CR1]
« on: May 05, 2014, 06:34:30 PM »
This is all fine and dandy but doesnt explain when the 7d mark ii will be available for pre-order.  Isnt that what really matters?  ;D

PowerShot / Re: New PowerShot & EOS Cameras to Offer DOF Control?
« on: May 05, 2014, 12:30:21 PM »
Sounds to me like a mode in which the camera determines the subject near and far distance and sets aperture to ensure all subjects are in focus.

take for example a shot of a group of people.  face detection could be used to determine the distance to the subject closest to the camera and the suject farthest from the camera, then select the aperture that mathmatically satisfies the DOF with that lens.

Sounds like a cool feature for consumer level cameras or even for shooting video if it was dynamic enough to adapt to the changing environment in real time.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS-1D X & EOS-1D C Cold Weather Autofocus Issues
« on: May 03, 2014, 11:44:19 AM »
I have one of the early 1dx models and I had it in Yellowstone for a week in Feb 2013 and Feb 2014 with temperatures ranging to -35 below zero (-45 with the wind chill).  I didn't have any problems with it at all. 

I sent it in for a clean and check a couple of weeks ago and got a notice back that they were replacing the Mirror Assembly at no charge. 

I got it back and the first time I used it on my 500 f4 (which was also just back from a clean and check) it wouldn't focus at all.  I went put on my 1div and shot with that then tried my 70-200 back on the 1dx and it was focusing.  I tried the 500 f4 again and it was working.  I had mounted and removed the lens a couple of times as well as turning the camera off and on the first time I put that lens on and it didn't work.  It now seems to be working fine but I'm not feeling very confident that the problem happened the first time I used it after Canon's mirror assembly replacement.

May have been a coincidence.  Ive had it happen to me on other bodies and usually just unlocking the lens and relocking gets it going again.  I now routinely clean the lens contacts with high grade contact cleaner and a qtip and the issues are less seldom.  Maybe once per year.  If it recurs you may want to have them check it out again.

Software & Accessories / Re: Canon Utilities and CS6 with 5Dlll
« on: May 02, 2014, 11:26:51 PM »
I installed the software but have never used it! :) I think i might just remove it from my computer.  You can download it again if you need it /want it! :)

Software is useful for setting canon lens profiles to correct in camera jpgs when using canon lenses.

CS6 also has that built in for processing raw files.

Lenses / Re: Canon's f/1.2's: What is really going on?
« on: April 29, 2014, 01:54:35 PM »
I have the 85 1.2 and love love it
 and I also have the 24/70 II 2.8 With those two you will have it going on LOL

I was not very happy with several copies of the 24/70 II 2.8.  I found it very soft at 70mm and the AFMA was not linear across the focus distance which made it extremely difficult to get consistent focus with.  I've seen this issue with some fixed lenses like the 24 F1.4 II but it's a bigger problem on a zoom.

I returned them all and kept my 24/70 I 2.8...which has it's own issues but so far so good.

I've never used the 50 1.2 but the 85 1.2L II gets the most use out of all of my lenses.  600 F4 is #2.  ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: New Sensor Technology Coming From Canon? [CR1]
« on: April 29, 2014, 12:08:13 PM »
Interesting observations on lens mounts, but back on topic: no need to bother unicorns or flying pigs, Canon very likely will deliver something new in the imaging sensor compartment this turn. They already have, with DPAF; little advance for stills shooters, big one for videographers.

Whether this rumor is a hoax or not I don't know, I can only say I'm pretty sure something new is coming in the sensor tech area. It's not gambling to think so at this point since it's not a matter of "IF", but "WHEN" it'll come, presumably sooner than later. Smaller sensors first, then bigger ones. As usual.

If I remember correctly, there was another tiny bit of information in this CR1 rumor as soon as it appeared, an acronym or something similar, relative to this presumptive new sensor tech, which was soon removed: does any early reader of the rumor remember what it was exactly? Or it's me going nuts?

Tis true.  The 7D2 has been reported many times it will have a new sensor.

... now where did my flying pig fly off too...

looks awesome! I've not plucked up the courage to install it on my 5D III....  :/

I know it takes a sphincter of concrete to do that.  However, it is simple to install and just as simple to uninstall back to factory settings (reflash ML firmware and wait 30 seconds).  The latest version is very stable.  It's not crashed once on me since being installed and the CPU temps stay about normal.  Some have had logic issues with some of their settings so it's recommended to set the camera back to defaults before installing ML...which has resolved the logic issues.

I have it now installed on all of my bodies, 5d3, 7d, M.  No crashing and no burning to report.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Sensor Technology Coming From Canon? [CR1]
« on: April 29, 2014, 11:50:23 AM »
Not sure this can even be answered yet but if Canon came out with a full frame EOS-M version, would they need to change to a new lens mount as well? Could the EF-M still be used?

EF- M mount can't be used for FF unfortunately. Too small. Likely they'd create a mirrorless camera with the regular EF mount instead.

This is widely stated, but I can't see that the EF-M mount is much different in dimensions to the Sony E mount; I know that E mount is tight for full frame, but it is still possible. I'm struggling to find the technical specifications, but here's a comparison (assuming the scaling is correct) -measure for yourself:


EF-M is pretty similar to E-mount in its internal diameter and a bit larger than either X-mount or micro 4/3rds. We also know that the flange back distance is the same as E-mount (18mm, vs 44mm for regular EF).

I'm not saying that this proves EF-M is compatible with full frame sensors, nor that Canon would have any near term plans to produce a full frame mirrorless camera if it were, but it would be a bit strange if they happened to make it so similar in size to E-mount and it not be FF capable. They must have had some idea that Sony were interested in making a FF E-mount camera. I believe that FF probably is possible with EF-M mount, if nothing else then to cover that base for the future. Of course, Canon would never admit that now whilst it is still trying to push their FF DSLRs!

As for a mirrorless camera with an EF mount: it's possible but not with a reduced flange back distance, or they'd create all sorts of lens compatibility confusion!

According to Canon's full frame white paper, the diagonal measurement of a FF sensor is 43.3mm  The measured inner diameter of the lens mount opening on the EOS M, accounting for the bayonet protrusions, is 43mm.  For comparison, the measured inner diameter for the EF mount opening is 51mm.

Having said that, the Sony a7 mount opening appears to 'clip the corners' of the sensor, and is quite similar in size to the EOS M's opening.

Quite likely the reasoning is that the light from the lens is projected onto the sensor from a cone and not parallel to the light path.  Telephoto lenses and in particular LONG telephoto lenses are more parallel and could potentially cause some vignetting on the corners.  As such it is technically possible to put a FF sensor into the M.  However there may not be much room for anything else.

I for one dont see it happening.  The M format needs to be cheap and affordable and up to this point the smaller chips have dominated that price point.  I get making the FF chips cheaper but as one other pointed out that will ALL go to Canon profit margin and not to the consumer.

Here is another 400/1600

Ok not exactly a bird and yet quite a bit more challenging.  This is a brown bat out in mid afternoon.  Shot using 400/1600.

Software & Accessories / BIF and Wildlife using Magic Lantern Dual ISO
« on: April 28, 2014, 07:03:22 PM »
I spent a day shooting wildlife using Magic Lanterns Dual ISO mode on my 5D3 and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I was wondering if anyone else has used Dual iso for such and care to share their settings and experiences. 

I was using 400/1600 on a day with full sun which i think maybe was a little aggressive.  However i was able to use shutter speeds of around 1/1250 at f6.3 with my 600 f4L.

One thing that i did notice was that i did not have to compensate exposure for shots against bright backgrounds or sky.  Typically with BIF i need to overexpose 1 to 2 stops and blow out the sky to get good shadow exposure.  Dual iso allowed me to pull up the shadows with the benefit of low noise and no blown out highlights.

Wondering if anyone has experimented with this much and cared to share settings they have used in varying conditions.

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