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EOS Bodies / Problem with MK3 new 1.2.3 firmware
« on: March 23, 2014, 12:16:43 PM »
I installed the new firmware the other day because I was having problems where the 600 rt on camera flash would misfire on occasion even though it was fully recycled. I just shot a job last night and to my dismay....the camera did about 4 or 5 full manual dumps throughout the night even though I was using ettl....this could really cause the loss of important shots...anyone else experienced this?

Lighting / Re: Cheetah Light CL-180 vs Canon 600ex-rt
« on: March 15, 2014, 04:23:59 PM »
Hi...I am going to invade this thread because we have a lot in common....I just got the Cheetah 180 and also have two 600rt's...I have been using the rt's as fill flash on camera via ttl and triggering the 180 with my old photix stratos triggers which allow you to mount the on camera flash in normal operation. The system works great and I actually do 3 light commercial shoots like this...on camera fill (ttl)...kicker light (600 rt on manual) and the Cheetak
with an umbrella as key light. The one thing I was missing was the ability to do HSS with the 180 I invested in 2 Yongnuo 622c triggers. I was able to get hss from the cheetah, but it really did not give me any signifcant power gain in my 600 rt's won't play well with ...I lose the ttl adjustment...just does not work.

Still trying to figure this out...probably will have to wait until the Yongnuo rt's are available.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Finnish wearing on my 5D Mark III
« on: February 28, 2013, 06:12:30 PM »
I have had at least 14 different Canon professional bodies and I do about 35 weddings a year...never had anything even this close fact most of my cameras by the time I sell them still look pretty minty..I
use straps and now a spider holster for carry and often set them down in less than pristine surfaces. I would
definitely complain to Canon higher ups...this should not happen this easily...I did have a mark 3 for a short
time and notice the paint is quite delicate compared to other models. You can always get that rubberized
camera armor that covers the whole camer.

The most important camera feature for any pro is consistency and reliability.....all the rest is froth! Everyone call
Canon about the fact that we are being embarrassed on the job.

thats all very good....but what good are cross sensors if they take 2 secs to acheive focus in low light situations?

Canon gave the mark 3 ability to shoot noislessly in low light and an absolutely excellent radio controlled
flash system....but dropped the ball with this af problem....that's Canon for you step forward and then
two steps backwards....I guess they can fix this on the Mk4 and dupe more people into spending money.

I think its all a big conspiracy

Looks like this thread is winding down....i am still longing for a solution...photographed a party
last week...used the mark2 and Mark3 about 1/2 each...using the 2 for the higher action shots.
I really love the sharpness and smoothness of the Mark3 tones are very nice on this
camera compared to the maybe they need to bring back the mk2 I can get the
most out of this camera.

There is another post on this forum that refers to AF problems in low light 6d vs Mk3

Just did an evening engagement shoot at Longwood Gardens . Mrk3 really struggled with focus in low light...using
my af assist...600 rt and 70-200 f4 is lens...sometimes would not acquire focus at all...usually at a distance of about 20 ft. Didn't have my mark2 to compare...but this is really not what Iwould call improved AF. If I turned
off af assist...did not focus at all. this is using the center spot one shot af.

Lighting / Re: Confused about 600EX-RT and 5D mark II
« on: December 12, 2012, 10:16:01 PM »
I use the 600 with my 5d 2...while they say you cannot control CAN control up to 3 flashes using
the 600 on camera as the becomes A and you can have two other 600's as B and C. Now , you can
use the three flashes in either ettl mode...whereby you can dial in the ratios from the master flash...or you
can use them in manual...whereby you can dial in the power of each individually...I do this all the time...I even
mount a PHOTix stratos on my hot I can trigger a fourth light (manual) if I need it.

You can also do hi speed sync with the 600 and the fine up to about 2000 of a sec.

There is already a very long post about this on this forum...about 14 pages worth. Check it out. I can tell you
that the 5d3 is totally disfunctional in this scenario. My last reception...I gave up and went back to the 5d 2 in
my bag. The delay is excruciating and if you override the focus will be rewarded with oof
photos. If you turn of the is slightly faster, but def not as reliable.


   I think there is some credence to your argument. I just hope that if they do the firmware, we do not lose accuracy to any great degree. The mark 2 is pretty well 99% accuracy when using the center spot with af this should be doable with the new camera. I am so confident at receptions with the old camera that
I frequent just point the camera at a group of people I want to capture without even looking thru the viewfinder.

Thanks Gilmore,

      Please post this also at the Canon forum.... We need to get them moving on this. I have gone back to using my Mark 2 as primary because
I really can't trust the Mk3. Its embarrassing that people with little point and shoot cameras are capturing the action better than I am.

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