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Shot with both my mark2 and mark3 at an event yesterday....the mark 3 actually caused me to miss shots..when I switched to the mk2...all was well....this is in a fairly dark venue using multiple 600 rts and focus
assist. I tried various settings with the shot with and w/o af assist, ai servo using multiple points,
my conclusion is I can't count on the mk 3 for important stuff just yet.

Here's an interesting post on this forum...he comes to the same conclusion I did....the mk3 focus seems to be
a 2 step process.

privateby design.....

     Just coming back to this thread...lets not get off about how to properly expose a is really off topic.....I
can tell you in a specific case....I took a candid of two caucasian and on very dark afroamerican...the
caucasian was properly exposed....the other way under....bringing here back up left an incredible amount of noise...this was with flash at iso 400. I also know that there are noise problems at lower isos even with proper

            Anyhow....the focusing problem with AF assist occurs at almost any ev....I haven't verified this in bright
sunlight yet....but I was shooting headshots at a local hospital yesterday in bright interior I use
my 600 rt's in group mode with 4 lights total....the commander light being on the camera. I have shut off the flash from the commander...but kept the af light....thing would hunt to focus on person's face using one of the
cross sensors in the vertical quadrant (upper right in viewfinder). When I shut of the af was definitely
faster, but not as fast as my Mark2, which I had with me to compare.

Private by Design:

"r, so don't underexpose a little, that is what exposure compensation is for.

With regards the 5D MkIII and low light/AF assist beam performance, I will be at a function tonight where I will be able to compare it to my 1Ds MkIII and I intend to take a couple of 600EX-RT's just because of this thread. Sure I will only get to use one camera, but I am wondering at what EV people are starting to get issues, lets face it, one persons extreme low light is another persons bright! Lets pin down EV first."

This kind of post is uncalled for as well as being rude and ignorant! Anybody who shoots events knows you can't nail your exposure everytime...sometimes ettl really underexposes randomly...btw, I use ex comp constantly during a day's shoot...invariably the shot you want the most turns out to be off. Shooting manually is
no solution either as you car deally with constantly moving subjects. Please stick to the topic at hand....a real
issue which many of us are experiencing.

Esp since my only reason for the mk3 over the mk2 was the autofocus....there is not a single other upgrade on the
new camera that is essential for me....the files still have horrible shadow noise if you underexpose even a little.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Exposure control - 5D Mark II - Advise needed
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:33:17 AM »
Your meter is probably correcting for strong backlight on the first shot. You are right about using raw in this instance...because autowb will not perform well in this case....with this kind of incandescent light...I will usually
switch to the K WB and use the lowest number they have. Also I do not advise using auto iso...the camera is
just not smart enough to do this effectively. In candid situations like this...I usually use flash with a modifier and
shoot in daylight wb to get good color tones.

Let's keep bugging them until they do something....this is ridiculous!

I am still following this discussn. I would like to explain how I focus using the the Mark2...which I still have in
my quiver. I do weddings and bar mitzvahs and have to photograph fairly quick action...I always used the one
shot mode and center focus point. In the case of a wedding couple entering the usually happens pretty I would always pre  focus on a spot and be ready for the first shot...I would then continually refocus
on the couple using the shutter button as they moved toward me while zooming out my 24-105 lens or my
17-40 (in a smaller venue). Rarely would any of these shots be out of main problem was having my
flash recycle fast enough to keep up with me. I just did a shot of a young boy running toward me at a golf resort
and having him jump in the air several times for an effect. I used the mark2, one shot, center point with my
70-200 2.8 is. The shot is so sharp on him that I am making a banner 28" by 72"...his whole body only takes
up maybe 12" of space in the shot....every feauture in his face and body are tack sharp....I shot at f4. I would be very hesitant to try this with my mark3...probably would have to use ai focus and make sure I keep that point on the subject.

23 many of us now know there is a REAL problem here.  How do we go about notifying Canon and getting
them to fix it.

The flash I used in the test was the 600 rt. Yes, my toilet paper was perfectly sharp with 5d2

25 was the 600D

The thread is right in this same forum

Actually....the 6d seems to have this same problem...just saw a thread on it. I guess Canon fixed one thing and
broke another (the response to focus assist infrared). I just did and extreme test....took both cameras into the
bathroom and turned off all the darkness. Use flash and the 24-105....the mark 2 focused just about
as fast as you could shoot and even on a totally flat contrast. The mark3 hesitated all over the place and
half the shots were oof.

That fix is not acceptable...if you set to release get oof images half the that really defeats
the reason for buying a camera with supposedly better af....what a farce!

Just joined this forum because of this particular discussion. Just bought a 5d3 and used it this weekend at reception. Boy...this thing is bad when using single point af and flash , even in decent light. Had to wait seconds
for the focus confirmation. Lucky I still have my mark2's to take over. Does Canon deliberately cripple their cameras so you will run out and purchase the newest one next year?

We have to communicate this to the corporation...this has to end!

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