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Same family, but No, No, No they are not the same sensor.

Ill say it until the cows come home- the t2i takes better images at every iso than the 7d, and produces spectacular images  Sometimes i look at those files and wonder if it was worth it to go full frame, its that good. (take it from a pixel peeper)

Laughter aside, it's worth pointing out that post-sensor electronics and differences in firmware could easily accound for the differences you observe between the 7D and the T2i.

Canon still milking the 18mp sensor.

At least the milk is the right color, this time.   ;)

Photography Technique / Re: technique for hand held larger lens
« on: April 17, 2014, 12:12:25 PM »
Surapon, you truly are a great problem solver and I would never have guessed that you could get shots like that from a spot like that in the stadium.  Great shots and great way to use the railing and bungee cords!

Indeed!  Surapon puts the "DO" in DIY!

For those of us who are less DIY inclined, Really Right Stuff has a setup for securely attaching a monopod to a railing, as part of their Safari collection.  Needless to say, it costs more than bungee cords.   ;)

This is what I'd love to see in a Canon body, especially with the 6D center point:
Hasselblad True Focus


The angular motion sensors are already there as part of the electronic level system, so automatic compensation for recomposition after locking focus is something that could be implemented should Canon choose to do so.

To further add, my 1Ds3 and 1Dx never miss at f/1.4 on the outter points.  Never.  Always exact.  No variability.  Nails it everytime and that's even without AFMA.
it is physical impossibility because the AF  measurement angle accuracy in Canons AF is  F-2,8  ( eg.3,4)

That's not correct.

The specified precision is within the depth of focus at the max aperture of the lens for a standard precision AF point, and within 0.33 depth of focus (0.5 for some models) at the max aperture of the lens for a high precision AF point. 

I discussed this issue with Chuck Westfall (Canon USA's technical mouthpiece), and this is part of his response:

"The fact that the AF points are functional with apertures as small as f/5.6, f/4 or f/2.8 respectively depending on the camera model and AF point under discussion does not imply that their measuring precision is limited to the depth of focus at those apertures. The AF detection system has the capability of calculating depth of focus based on the maximum aperture of the lens, whatever it happens to be."

6D's AF capabilities and focus points are just plain sad for today's standards for a camera worth that much money and a FF label. Some people defend it by saying "it can take sports photos too!". Sure it can, I did it with my 550D also.

Agreed.  I took sports photos with no AF at all, and I had to advance the film by hand between each frame.  But the fact is the Rebel T4i/650D has an overall better AF system than the 6D - which, as you say, is just plain sad.

Full size uncropped image.  Autofocused with the 6D center point on the yellow bubble level, then recomposed.  Apparently nobody else can do this, but my camera can while I'm bending over, and handholding it in a very dark room, at 1/13 second, f/1.8, 24mm, about 4 inches from the lens front element, with no image stabilization.  It looked darker than this to my naked eye, and I don't think I used exposure compensation (the metadata doesn't show it if I did).  Shot only as a jpeg, with some NR applied in LR.  ISO 25,600.

What's all the fuss about focusing and recomposing?  If little old me can do this, hand-held with no image stabilization, why can't others do it at 1/200 second in good light, or especially with strobes or flashguns?  Not saying all lenses and focal lengths are the same...but gee whiz.  It's not unheard of, because I did it.

The 'fuss' is that focus/recompose causes backfocus.  It's simple geometry– the focal plane is flat (field curvature notwithstanding), and you're rotating the camera after locking focus, which moves the focal plane to a position behind the subject after recomposition.  With a narrower aperture, the deeper DoF is often sufficient to mask the effect of the backfocus, but with a wide aperture, you'll see the backfocusing.

Frankly, your image of the ballhead is so dark and noisy that it's difficult to say anything is in sharp focus.  But one thing that seems at least close to in-focus is the index mark on the left side of the clamp, and that's well behind the bubble level.  That index mark is certainly more in focus than the lettering on the front of the clamp, despite that lettering being much closer to the bubble level.  So if you did indeed successfully focus on the bubble level, then you've demonstrated (albeit poorly) the problem with focus/recompose.

It's not that 'nobody else can do this', but can ≠ should, and many of us know that focus/recompose causes problems with fast lenses shot wide open.  If you're using a slower lens, stopping down your fast lens, or aren't a stickler for critical focus on your intended subject, focus/recompose can work.

AFA IK, there's no difference in the power output, only in the capacity (number of flashes per charge).  With the higher capacity versions, the number of recharge cycles is fewer (500 versus 1500). 

In addition to being better for the environment, you will find that the NiMH batteries give you much faster flash recycle times than alkalines in a Speedlite.

Canon General / Re: "MAP" pricing....How long will it last????
« on: April 16, 2014, 11:13:22 PM »
Actually, I wasn't referring to sales taxes, but to the whole investment in the community that brick and mortar stores have.

Even national retailers like Best Buy or Barnes and Noble contribute far more to local economies than Amazon. Through their network of local stores, they hire local workers, pay salaries, payroll taxes, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, etc., Their stores pay local property taxes, which support local schools.

The local payroll circulates through the local economy, helping other local businesses, including photographers, stay in business.

Sales taxes are paid by the consumer and are only collected by the stores. The individual still owes the taxes, regardless of whether or not the retailer collected the, so those taxes aren't really relevant.

As I said, I'm conflicted because, like most consumers, I'm short-sighted enough to go for the best price whenever possible. But, that doesn't make me blind to the downsides of an internet-based economy.

Makes sense. I suppose there's some state revenue gained from Amazon's distribution centers, but nothing like a retail presence.  Beyond just revenues, Best Buy recycles old CRT displays to keep them out of landfills (although they get a tax break for doing so), etc. 

It's also not just about getting the best price.  Many products available from online retailers simply aren't available in local stores. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 1d IV vs. 7D II
« on: April 16, 2014, 10:53:22 PM »
On topic:

How dare you?!?   :o


Seriously, though, I agree with both off- and on-topic parts of your post.

So now there's black and white.  Two more colors to go to tie the T3 color palette in number of options.

Mostly because most of the same folks who are bashing its AF, spent 5 years thinking their 5D2 was a superb camera at a superb price, and rarely complained, if EVER, about its AF performance.   

That's some serious revisionist history.  Complaints and bashing on the 5DII's AF are legion.  The original 5D's AF system was often likened to the 20D, and there was major flak from the beginning when the 5DII came out with the same AF.

For example, this from just after its release: http://blog.kareldonk.com/canon-eos-5d-mark-ii-not-all-it-could-have-been/

I think the 6D suffers even more from the backlash of having an AF system not significantly better than that of the original 5D, and that backlash is made even worse by the stellar AF put into the 5DIII.

Yes, the 5DII's AF had a few defenders, as does the 6D's.  Some of those defenders have even achieved superhero status:

But most of the defenses come off as apologies - 'the 5DII's AF isn't bad considering the image sensor is the same as the flagship 1DsIII' and 'the 6D is great for the price'.  Both statements are true, but the fact remains that the old 40D had a better AF sensor than the 5D/5DII/6D, and the 40D's AF sensor has now trickled down into the Rebel/xxxD line, while the 7D and 70D have an AF sensor that's far better than those in the lower end FF bodies.

This is news?  The 100D in white was released in Japan late last year (with a matching white 40/2.8, IIRC).

Lenses / Re: Canon 50L - Love or Hate?
« on: April 16, 2014, 09:45:15 PM »
The 300 f2.8 absolutely blows both the 1.2 50 and 85 L's away when it comes to bokeh orientated portrait imagery.

But, the distance required for 300mm kills a large amount of portrait situations.

True, nothing comes without effort.

But however difficult manipulating the situation is, if you want the results that 50 and 85 lenses are incapable of delivering, whatever their speed, then do what it takes. If super bokeh and shallow dof are the primary characteristics wanted of a session then you have to go where you can use a vastly superior lens.

"...super bokeh and shallow DoF..."

Let's consider the latter.  If you frame the subject the same, e.g. a full-body portrait at 2 m with the 50/1.2 or 12 m with the 300/2.8, the subject magnification is the same.  So, the f/1.2 aperture of the 50L will give a thinner DoF.  If the subject-to-background distance is less than ~9 m, the 50L will deliver a stronger background blur.

Obviously, that's OOF blur amount, which is distinct from bokeh.

EOS Bodies / Re: 1d IV vs. 7D II
« on: April 16, 2014, 08:10:00 PM »
That's all fine and dandy... but neither will approach the airspeed is of a swallow carrying a coconut

African or European swallow?

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