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EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 60D Stock Levels Getting Low?
« on: January 02, 2013, 06:31:59 AM »
Im in a situation where im looking to buy my first dslr but am also unsure as to what to purchase. Iv had my eye on the 60D for quite some time and now the price has dropped considerably. The problem im facing is that this product is over 2 years old and from what iv read a replacement or 60d-7D amalgamation announcement should be coming soon, however i have no idea when we could expect the product to hit store shelves or its release price. I have more than enough money to purchase a 60D now and still have a fair amount left over or purchase its replacement upon release. As most of you know a dslr purchase is a mini investment and i dont want to regret buying a 60D so late on when a new one could be just around the corner, with better features/IQ/sensor etc.

I doubt that we'll see much higher IQ in next APS-C models in raw (JPG is a different story though). IQ of the last two rebels got rather worse than better. Even if the new sensor will have the rumoured 24 MPix and you would use a high quality lens, it won't improve sharpness at apertures of f/5.6 and slower due to diffraction.

My guess is that the major improvement of 70d will be GPS, Wifi, touchscreen and better JPG-Quality. If you can live without that I'd recommend to get the 60d and invest the rest of your budget in lenses (especially fast lenses and rather EF than EF-S mount, so you can use them still later when you'll upgrade to FF).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D or wait for New 7D?
« on: December 28, 2012, 03:34:13 PM »
But really, I'm so sick of the spec list comparison and the pixel peeping crowd bashing every camera that comes out. If people spent half as much time working on their skills and just shooting with the equipment they have instead of bitching, they would be better photographers.

Sure, but what good is it for being a good photographer, if you're images are to noisy or soft, due to the equipment?

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Price War! Canon EOS 5D Mark II at Amazon for $1529
« on: December 28, 2012, 12:18:50 PM »
I was just about to order the 5d2, only to see that prices are up again... Seems that Canon raised prices, because all retailers increased prices at the same time. Too bad, I guess that was my last chance and I'll have to wait for prices of the 6d coming down.

They also only ship to US, Canada and China - too bad for me...

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Cannot Keep Screwing It's Customers Over
« on: December 21, 2012, 08:37:58 AM »
and I picked up a new T4i for $480 today.

Congrats! Sounds like a bargain. But don't you think too that was only possible because early adopters paid twice as much when the t4i was released?

Yeah I agree, price drops happened a bit too fast.

Yes, hopefully prices will go up again soon   ;)

Who cares about pricing? i don't.
I just care that the product is well made.

Maybe it's surprising to you, but there are indeed people who are not photographing for living but just for fun every now and then. They can't set their gear off against tax liability and may also have other hobbies - but having said this: I don't understand either why these people need the latest gear...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: right now i am not happy to be a canon user
« on: December 20, 2012, 03:58:31 PM »
Canon offers twelve EOS cameras in their current product line, and the used market has numerous past models, full frame and crop.  The price range is extremely broad, so there is something for almost every budget and photographic purpose.  And people still find something to be unhappy about.

Yes you can get the Rebel T3/1100D for 300 euro, that's propably within the OP's budget, but I understand he's looking for a FF body.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: right now i am not happy to be a canon user
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:16:31 PM »
Sounds like the OP needs a holiday - New York City is quite nice, and I'm sure you can get a 6D/5DIII locally.

I'm almost tempted to say that a trip to LA to have the USA service center in Hollywood take a peak at your 5DIII issues.

Seriously, I'm from Germany too, and I've recenly checked flight prices to NY, to get me some new gear  :)

How does the noise compare on something like a 60D with 17-55/2.8 IS, vs. a 6D with 24-70/4 IS?  If the 6D has to go up in ISO to compensate for the smaller aperture, will the resulting noise generally be more or less than the crop body at a lower ISO?  How about a 7D instead of a 60D?  In short, how does the low light benefit of going FF compare to the loss of a stop in aperture?

I'm pretty much in the same situation like you and I compared test images from dpreview.com between 7D and 5D MK II. It all depends on if you shoot in raw or JPG. At low ISO the 5D MK II is in raw about one stop better than the 7D. With JPG it's about 2 stops better, the 5D MK III even 3 stops (I suppose comparing 60D and 6D will have similar results).

So in terms of noise, when you shoot raw and you'll loose one stop because of a slower FF-lens - then it doesn't matter if you shoot FF or crop. You'll gain one stop through the sensor and loose one through the lens.

But FF has still the advantage of being sharper (depending on factors like lens-quality, aperture etc). Then there are the differenes in DoF and focal length between Crop and FF, which can be a plus or a disadvantage depending on the situation. Generall disadvantages of FF are weight and cost (that said, the 6d body is by the way even lighter then the 7d body).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: right now i am not happy to be a canon user
« on: December 20, 2012, 12:10:07 PM »
for the 6D i have to pay around 2000 euro and the 5D MK3 cost around 2800 euro.

especially the 6D is way to expensive compared to both the D600 and D800 (the D600 cost around 1599).

The 6d ist just about being released in Germany and it costs even less than the D600 when it was released just 3 months ago. And regarding the current D600 deals - Canon offers the 5d mk ii (which at least I would prefer over the 6d and D600) for 1650 euro, or less than 1500 euro when you import it from the US (including tax and shipping) - who would have believed that a year ago?

Just have a little patience, prices for 6d will eventually drop.

Canon General / Re: some money left. what should I buy?
« on: December 19, 2012, 06:37:29 AM »
I would take a fast prime for shallow DOF, like the 50 mm 1.8 - but then you'd still have 8900 $ to spend...  8)

With that money you also could do a world trip and do quite some shooting at cool spots.

Canon General / Re: DxOMark vs. Reality
« on: December 16, 2012, 04:11:14 AM »
A skilled photographer is not the same as  he or she  is a good  copyist and know how a digital work flou works.  Have you  anytime worked in a darkroom with a negative film  then you will understand what I mean and likewise it is with a raw files.

A skilled photographer with also skills in the digital "dark room" kan do so much more than a photographer with no  photoshops skills.  And even more with a camera who has 14 stops DR.
best regards , pro since 30 years back.

Well, when you need 14 stops DR to "rescue" your pictures via Photoshop, then you should ask yourself, if you`re a real pro.
When it comes to the the point where you really need 14 stops of DR, you've taken your picture in a wrong way.

And: none will see the difference. Neither a customer nor other pro photographer.

So, does that mean HDR imaging is only for amateurs like me who are not able to exposure right, because they don't find the full-automatic setting? ;)  Real world lighting situations can sometimes have way above 14 EV DR.

When I look at the 1Dx, 5Diii, D800 etc I'm left wondering if the sensors are lacking anything that a typical user could want.

I want it all, less noise, higher ISO and most of all, as Rocky said, more dynamic range. That said, I also don't know how far we are from physical limits. But in terms of dynamic range, Canon might deliver more in the future: at low ISO the D800 has more than 2 EV more dynamic range than the 5d mkiii (according to DxO).

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:07:51 PM »
Lookout! Here comes my evangelical moment. Good workers never blame their tools. Gear Geeks and Pixel Peepers aside, the true Holy Grail of Planet Camera lies within the photographer. Great images are made by photographers, not cameras.
I believe I've heard that before :) It's true of course, but isn't photographing more fun if you don't have to care about ISO or carrying a tripod all the time...

Canon General / Re: Canon - Quick Thoughts & Talks
« on: December 03, 2012, 01:02:30 PM »
Do you think Canon would be better off by stopping over saturating their product line, I get so turned off with all the choices. I really wish they would just have four DSLR, all with the same sensor IQ or close. Lower and Higher ends of Crop and FF, mainly low FPS vs high FPS and have standard specs. I don't want to theorycraft but just saying.

Um, that's not easy to understand - if you are confused about all the options why not just take any SLR that fits in your budget?

As for me there are not even enough options :) I'm looking for a simple crop camera like the 550d (I don't even care for video) but with the viewfinder and customizing possiblities of the 7d. But it seems that Canon will not offer anything that fit my needs with up-to-date sensor technology in the upcoming future...

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 6D pricing... so much difference worldwide
« on: December 03, 2012, 11:19:11 AM »
We have (amazon.de) 6D @ 2K, D800 @ 2.3K and D600 @ 1.7K! i doubt 6d can hold its price for even 2weeks
That's preorder, amazon.de won't deliver within the next 4 weeks anyway...

I suppose Canons marketing will watch US sales first before they decide about the real pricing for Europe.

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