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Lenses / Re: Recommendation For Long Lenses
« on: January 08, 2012, 10:38:34 AM »
I also was recently in Botswana in late Oct early time between dry and rainy season there and would say as other longer the better. The stars were find with a 17 - 40. and would recommend that you find out what kind of vehicle you are going to be in so you can figure out how to shoot with that long lens. Some trucks don't have enough room for a tripod. I say forget the Ipad or any computer too much weight and a Nexto extreme(or something similar...B&H) maybe 750gig and transfer your cards to that.  I never had any trouble with that and faster than a computer. Do all your processing at home. See if your guides have inverters for their truck so you can use your AC outlet(many people come from Europe besides North America)and charge everything through your ac adapter.

The hyperdrive ipad is a storage device, but it also can transfer images at the end of the day or during, to an ipad for review. I always go for storage devices where I can buy the HDD separate and avoid unnecessary cost. I also personally prefer a bigger screen, so I just use the ipad for critique / review but appreciate everyone is different. All the permanent camps I have been to have power, would not worry about charging in the field, but would take a spare battery. 1Ds works all day without issue even on safari (so 10 hrs use).

Website links OP provided also seem to have modified land-rover vehicles so one assumes that as it is a (rather expensive) photographic trip that they have support sorted out, but I would check to understand the type in use. I've seen pro clamps being used with wimberley heads (or similar gimbals), but a lot of the time I still prefer a beanbag. In other vehicles I have had to resort to monopod and wimberley which is still better for me than hand-holding, but again everyone has their preference.

Given also it is a photo trip - what do the organizers suggest in terms of equipment? Having done the trip before, I would expect some good advice as to lenses in the vehicle & opportunities back at camp.

Finally, if you know what sort of support will be in place in the vehicles, and you have not tried that combination before it is worthwhile if you can trialling it before the trip. I'm sure they will advise you there, but extra prep on "trips of a lifetime" are always rewarding  :)

Lenses / Re: Recommendation For Long Lenses
« on: January 06, 2012, 04:32:55 PM »
I've done mainly self-drive safaris in Kruger & Etosha/Caprivi strip, but also (organised) trips to Botswana, Kenya & Tanzania...

I normally take 2 bodies (recently both 1Ds Mk III), leave the 500mm on one, the 70-200mm or 70-300mm on the other and only occasionally stop to put on either the 17-40mm or a 1.4x converter on the 500mm. For the "up-close", the 70-200mm "wins", but I would say a high percentage are shot with the 500mm lens and I just move the vehicle to where I want to be...

Most recent trip I played with a 7D just for video, which was cool with the 500mm lens  :)

Are you doing an organised trip? If you are, then make sure you understand the vehicle(s) so you can make appropriate decisions on support for any of your lenses.

I can't think of many times I've yearned for a 400mm or 300mm over using the 500mm. In fact many times, it's the opposite, I'm worrying about DOF @ the subject distance to ensure I can get 2 or more in focus without losing too much speed.

Even on organised trips, especially those specialised photographic trips, then the driver will normally position you based on the glass of the shooters, and most seem to stick with the 500mm or 600mm.

200-400mm would definitely be interesting in the future, however, if money is no issue, then take a 300mm f/2.8 - but probably more as a backup :)

Few other tips - I bought a little sandisk memory holder for the most recent trip. Has a ring so you can attach it to the camera strap, which was easier. A pair of hyperdrive ipads were there for backups, and the ipad for preview (alas did not have a wifi x2 at the time). Oh and bought a coffee mug which plugged into the car cig lighter and boiled me coffee for breakfast in the morning...

Happy to provide any other info which may help, especially if you are doing self-drive....

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D Mark III Information [CR1]
« on: November 30, 2011, 09:10:23 AM »
given the rumors are true and nikon is releasing a 36MP D800 im curious what new DSLR customers will buy. for years canon was raising MP and nikon was saying less MP are better.

now it seems the positions have suddenly changed.

If this is true then for the first time I will be considering adding Nikon to my setup. Sometime in the next year or so I would like to improve my ability to make large landscape prints from a single frame. An 18 MP 5D3 will offer me nothing in this regard over my 18 MP 7D. Cry noise and DR all you want. For low ISO landscapes printed big (>30") it's all about the pixel count.

The bummer is that Canon has the best T/S lenses and they scream for more MP. I couldn't care less about movie mode Canon! You need a high pixel count FF body for landscape and studio use.

most amateurs who have no clue still think more MP will make a better image.
even after years this is still stuck in their heads.

For some applications it is absolutely true. A 36 MP sensor will produce larger, more detailed low ISO landscape prints then an 18 MP one. No if's, and's, or but's.
Have you used the TS/E to produce a 3 shot landscape which you can easily merge into a pano which is close to a 36MP equivalent? For landscapes I have used this quite a bit. Not in every situation of course, but it works well, is quick to do the 3 shots and the stitching tends to be very clean just because of the way it is taken. No need for a pano-head...

I came across a photographer at the weekend, IIRC using a 5D. He shot a single photo using both 3 shot exposures and multiple focus distances and ended up doing focus stacking and HDR in Photoshop. I think the single shot was made up of 33 individual pictures. Again, does not cater for every scenario, but does illustrate that there could be some solutions that could work without the need for a higher res sensor. Horses for courses...

Ultimately, Canon has to chose what it thinks will be best for the majority of it's customers (current and future), and there will always be fallout. Given the D3X and the D3S, I am suprised that Canon has concluded that 18MP is the ceiling, but I guess people will decide when the dust has settled, the reviews are in, and we've hand hands-on experience with the new bodies.

Reason I ask is because there's a Lightroom (6 hour) short course running on Saturday from a well-known and respected educational insitution. I've already completed 4 photography-based short courses before and am currently (almost finished) two more photography short courses. ALL the short courses I've done have been over $600 each which certainly adds up (6x$600-$650=NEW body and 2 lenses). I'm also doing a photography course next year (not a short course, goes or 3yrs).

But the man running this short course is one of the selection 'educators' who puts together the offical Adobe Lightroom book 'tutorial/manual thing every year or whatever it is they release the book. So what do I do? There is really a lot to learn about Lighroom?[/i] I don't have it now, but plan to get it next year when I get a Macbook pro.

It's not just a sit there and listen/take notes course either. We each sit at a workstation and he teaches us how to use lightroom. Spots are very limited and they only run the course once a year. I'm totally broke and I have to enrol and pay a few  thousand dollars for my course next week. Need help. Lighroom really worth doing a 6hr course? I know I'm going to regret not doing it but I don't even have Lighroom and I don't know my way around a Mac. :o
In addition to all the other great suggestions posted, you might want to consider refurbed mac or pc and a starters guide/course to using the Mac or PC if you're not familiar with either of them.

Everyone is different when it comes to learning. If you respond better to a classroom than you do to reading books, watching videos or surfing the web, then you should consider some alternative courses as the price seems very steep. Also if you've little understanding on the Mac, then heading straight into a LR course may be biting off a bit too much in the first go. I would lean towards the advice of others - once you have an understanding of the Mac (and the mac itself!), grab a eval copy and a $30 book and see how far you get. If that fails, well then you can still do a course and have the book as a reference afterwards

Finally, learning any computer stuff is like learning to cook or a foreign language. Some people will struggle, some will pick it up very quickly and everyone else will be somewhere in between - I consider LR intuitive and quick to pick up, but ask me to tell you my name in Spanish and I'll struggle...  :D

EOS Bodies / Re: Meeting Canons reps
« on: November 23, 2011, 04:08:12 PM »
Ah but this is not opinion on new products, it's clear that the reps have a company philosphy on the megapixel race, and the 24 - 70mm IS is a technical point.
Company philosophies can change on a regular basis. Canon would not be telling their reps to spout on about MP race when their top of the range is a reduced MP. However, should they launch one then they can say "it fits a certain segment of the market..." and they are responding to needs.

So yes they are keeping the party line. I believe that. Don't believe they have any knowledge of what is coming...

Canon General / Re: Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:55:44 AM »
I think if you asked him why did he get the Sony, it wasn't for 24MP....

Actually, I think that was the start of it. Sony came out with the A900 and that had 24MP vs the 21MP of the 5D Mark2. It was not long after that when he sold all of his Canon gear. The qualitative difference between the two in prints was irrelevant giving him 3MP extra for no IQ difference. Oh, and no 5D Mark2 banding.
He's a millionaire. He's also compared a G9 or G10 on an A4 print to a MF back (forget which one), and challenged people to tell the difference. Money spent on camera equipment keeps him happy, keeps up the visitors coming to his site. He goes on trips with his friends and spend over $10K on the trip, so I really don't think that he's a good comparison to anyone on this site (apologies if there are a couple of millionaires who hang out here for kicks :D ).

I think equating him to pursuing IQ because he can afford a Phase One and therefore he would buy the Sony on the same basis is flawed based on his wealth. It's kind of like me spend £50 on an eye-fi cause I wanted to and that's within my disposable income range....

Canon General / Re: Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?
« on: November 13, 2011, 07:49:03 AM »
I'm curious. As a pro, have you relayed your concerns to Canon? You must be on CPS, you must have a contact allocated to you. Did you outline your needs and your impending switch away from Canon? Would be interested in whether they listened / how they responded.

Stu_bert sadly CPS isn't that responsive, caring or communicative! It is however well worth the cost of membership for the fast repair turnaround, and having all the micro calibrations checked every year. In all my years as a working pro I've never had any contact of any kind with a camera manufacturer, and the few times I've tried reaching out to them it has lead to a stone wall.  ::)

AG, the tone in your posts is interestingly arrogant, care to share your website so I can see how that kind of attitude translates in pictures?
Macfly, that's a shame. Listening is not that difficult to do in the age of the internet. You'd have thought that they would at least tap into their Pro membership to get some decent feedback. Sure everyone is different, but given they already have the channel you'd think they would use it. Thanks for responding...

Canon General / Re: Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?
« on: November 12, 2011, 11:46:00 AM »
The title of the thread caught my eye, but the content is a yawn. My NEX7 is on flood-backorder, so I have no comment on the sensor yet, but I am confident it'll blow the G12 into the weeds, and that is all I'm expecting and asking of it.

Re the comment " Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?" I think it'll be interesting to see if all those prosumers who've endlessly brayed for low MP's have managed to get Canon to clip its own feathers. The other pros I've spoken to, like me, are passing on the new EOS. We're all waiting to see what the 36mp Nikon is going to deliver, because those of us who can and do light our pictures want high MP's, and maximum quality at 100-1000 ISO. Much above that doesn't really matter to us, and we're all stunned that Canon has thrown us into Nikon arms, especially after showcasing a 100mp sensor a year or so ago.

I'm curious. As a pro, have you relayed your concerns to Canon? You must be on CPS, you must have a contact allocated to you. Did you outline your needs and your impending switch away from Canon? Would be interested in whether they listened / how they responded.

At the end of the day, no one body will suit everyone. The 1Dx does not work for you. I can't tell if it will until I see the reviews and get to compare it to my current equipment. Would a 30+MP be more attractive to me? Depends. It's fun to guess, but really will many people make a single decision here until all the major announcements of next year are over and the reviews are in? Some will, based on the fact that they have too much investment in glass (not sure I concur with that view) or because the 1Dx does fulfill their needs. I'll wait and see what materialises before I decide who is listening and who is not....

Canon General / Re: Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?
« on: November 12, 2011, 11:37:14 AM »
Tempting but people who get excited about this camera in my estimations are pure number people and not as concerned about quality... Crap in, and crap out... I need my photos to look stunning in print, and if i cant count on it in print, what else is there for me to get excited about?

The principal behind the Luminous Landscape website seems to be fairly excited about the A77 and that's someone that owns and uses an 80MP MF back. Are you saying that someone who shoots professionally with an 80MP MF back is not concerned about IQ?

He's a millionaire and can have any equipment he likes. Photography is a passion he has that also occupies his time. He shoots with everything from a panasonic (forget which one) to a Phase One. But I am not sure how many he sells based on his compact or dSLRs. If you look at his site, he tends to favour disruptive technology over the more evolutionary, and in this respect the EVT of the Sony appeals to him more.

But he is also tired of lugging around copious amounts of equipment, so there are times he favours the Panny or his Leica M9, sometimes he goes dSLR, sometime MF. Wish we all had the money that we could do that.

I think if you asked him why did he get the Sony, it wasn't for 24MP....

Site Information / Re: Images downloadable..?
« on: November 12, 2011, 11:30:12 AM »
Not paranoid at all... protecting your IP is always worth while doing and knowing the risks means you can chose how to balance them. There's no easy answer, it depends on you. Pros and Amateurs are split on how to handle the trade off between presenting something which appeals and wins business, competitions etc, but not too sufficiently good that someone could make money from it. Most stock photos will watermark the stuff on their sites.

My balance of not too high a resolution (max 1024x768), 72 to 100 dpi, jpeg compressed for the web (60%) is what I aim for. I normally add a sig but no watermark. I'm sure there are others on this forum who will give you ideas on what they do, and then you can chose what works for you.

Site Information / Re: Images downloadable..?
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:59:36 AM »
Yup, even on sites which block "Save Image As", the fact that the image is displayed on your browser means it can be "copied", either "brute force" by screen capture, by saving the web page, or looking through your browser cache. Flash, Macromedia and the like make it more difficult but not impossible.

People use various combinations of techniques to protect their IP - lower res images, lower IQ, watermarks, signatures etc.

Lenses / Re: Changing lenses quickly or safely in the field
« on: November 09, 2011, 04:54:29 PM »
I'm curious. How many of you switch off the camera in-between swapping lenses?

EOS Bodies / Re: Cinema EOS Development Opinion
« on: November 05, 2011, 11:37:13 AM »
I cannot see Canon producing something with better specs than the C300 or the 1Dx unless they are priced to match that. Now of course the dSLR version is almost certain to not have the "addons" that make the C300 a complete system, and it is interesting to note that when you add these to Scarlett it brings the price closer to a C300 (specs aside).

I can see the "C3" dSLR having better video features that the 1Dx, but not better quality stills. I also concur with the view that there will be something around the $4-5K mark and then a MK III around the $3.5K mark. I would (happily) be stunned if either of these offer 4K video.

I can also see the C300 as more than just a release of some HW - they are cultivating relationships, building out the underlying support infrastructure which the film & TV studios would require. One assumes that Canon have done their research reasonably well, and the C300 fits the bill. Whether that is $16K or $20K, which if you subtract the "extras" might equate to a $8-10K body only. They will be working on the replacement which may well see alpha testing late 2012/early 2013.

Imagine the reaction if Canon released a better spec body, for half the price less than a year after releasing the C300? Ditto releasing a MK III which has better MP, better ISO and better video than the 1Dx...

Ultimately, frustration aside for all the readers here, one assumes Canon looks at their Video / Cinema line and their dSLR line and wants to keep them both. A dSLR which does better than a Panny GH2 for video, better than the MK II for stills and equal to AF to the 7D would be great as it would allow us all to stop carrying around multiple items and do it all in 1 body. Having played with a 7D mainly for the video (& sold it to a friend) then I would love it in a FF body and same / better features than my 1Ds. Just not sure if the 1Dx will fulfill that or whether I will wait for the C3 / MK III.

Finally, I think that the Canon tech for this generation has now been defined by the C300 / 1Dx. I don't see any "leaps" until 2013, and so my buying decisions will be based around these "limits"....

EOS Bodies / Re: RED - Scarlet.....
« on: November 04, 2011, 08:19:21 PM »
So the difference between Red and Canon is? ???

If canon charges you $20K for a Camera, you're actors won't have to wear special makeup(see post about the hobbit above) to account for sketchy color.

I think the point was more about companies misleading the public and other companies with their announcements, but yes I wrote the reference about The Hobbit...

Point still remains that Mr Jackson considers even this to be outweighed by the benefits of the Epic....

EOS Bodies / Re: RED - Scarlet.....
« on: November 04, 2011, 06:34:37 PM »
RED's folks say their servers got hacked so Jannard had to come out and demo, as the piece said.  Conspiracy theory time!

That is such bullS___.

First of all if you are having a demo in front of an audience, even if you are showing them
a presentation hosted on your website you use a local copy right off a laptop or desktop computer.

Also if you are presenting a camera that is 2k or 4k you don't show internet footage.

The truth is that Red did not know what was coming from Canon so they had to improvise.

Red unfortunately has a reputation of unstable cameras that crash. On top of that it is not very
reassuring that the scarlet X is being built around reject processors from production of the Epic.

Maybe they do, and maybe that's why Peter Jackson needs soooo many for the Hobbit  ;)

Somewhere along the lines however, the positives for the Epic must be outweighing the negatives by a long chalk for him to be using them on a major production....

Does a small company like Red fear the 800lb Gorilla, Canon? Of course they do. And has Canon just released the spec of a camera (1Dx) with a few sample shots and lots of "well crafted" prints of capabilities but won't ship anything till Mar/Apr/May 2012? Yep, sure has... Might that be because Canon worried about Nikon and Sony??? Yup

So the difference between Red and Canon is? ???

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