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im happy with my YONGNUO yn 568 ex, cheaper, does a great job, my friend has the 600ex and i get the job done first, end of story

ok i missed your post obviously, allot of responses with work arounds or jokes lol

So your saying time code on a 5dmkiii is actually false and no less then a marketing scheme, which means it does nothing but tell me about a start and finish time of a video, but yet is useless since i dont even see the current time lol

Japanese thinking can be very confusing


Why are you answering this thread if you do not know?  lol

Are you one of those people calling your self professional because you got a expensive camera with time code you never use or need to synchronize anything for film or TV?, well let me tell you that its not a thrill to work for other people unless you love it and do what you like, if you are told what to do its not at all fun, why the hell wanna be professional exists beats me, but whatever we all did this before i guess.

Listen the 5dmkiii dos have a problem with time code, any changes you make to it are un responsive unless you shut off the camera and turn it back on, this is another bug on canons part, why we have to wait until april for a update is just a scam, canon seems to be obsessed with competing with their own higher quality cameras rather then the market itself, i hope they stay in tune and do not fall off a clif.

so why do you think time codes exists?


thats really cool you warned me about that one, i will pass on it then,.......just kidding of course,

Based on what i read and see on this unit it appears to be the best all around unit, none of these hand held units seem user friendly though, i think i want both the  Giga T and the triggortrap ios app and cable to learn how to set up star trails and other cool things faster, this way when i am going to do longer shoots ill be familiar with some of the techniques some of you mention on this site.

And Seriously,  thanks

I am a "pro" wedding videographer and shoot almost every wedding ceremony with 2x 5D mkIIIs, a 7D, a 60D. and a T2i. For the last two years, I have not once need to manually sync, or worry about free running timecode, or synced time code. I use "Plural Eyes" now made by the company "Red Giant" and it has never once failed me. The plugin uses the audio tracks, dirty or clean, to match the video clips up. I have many starts and stops on each camera throughout the ceremony and plural eyes has no problem auto syncing them up and keeping each camera on it's own track. I think it is around $150 but is totally worth it. many people do you have shooting with you, with that many cameras, or is that not all video..some for stills? many extras to you have shooting a wedding?
the question is about shooting multicam PRO footage and importing into a PRO sequencer where the clips line up to the exact TIME CODE recording during session for both online and offline PROFESSIONAL editing, same process used in film and cinema, PROFESSIONAL standards require TIMECODE, if you you want entry level equipment that does not REQUIRE to be up to those standards like the minimum of 100mbs, Timecode - digi clock, SDI connectors then a pro-summer camera would be priced at the correct range for you.

You can make pro looking videos, even money doing them but PROFESSIONAL level work requires PROFESSIONAL equipment up to  par with networks,  i think someone does not understand what PROFESSIONAL means, and yes anyone can buy PROFESSIONAL sony, canon, Panasonic cameras with TIME CODE and all that syncs with TV networks and up scaled hardware software for Hollywood Suites.

Anyway, i a not trying to sound PROFESSIONAL, i like to work with my clients as their friend, i tend to make them more then happy to pay me, its working out nice.

I guess ill fiddle with the TIMECODE on the canon 5d3 here, as i mentioned before it seems un stable, but this time ill try using the canon "EOS utility" software and see the camea settings and live mode as well as reading the manual.

 besides ti,e lapse what can you use the "Giga T Pro II" for, it seems to be capable as a remote trigger, i guess you can trigger it from a distance or did i mix up another product here, what else can you do with this?
Hähnel Giga T Pro II - How-to instructional video

Seems cool

hold on guys, now i don't know where i misled the post to the point where i was talking about syncing things manually in post, that i can always do, but when you shoot with video cameras in Broadcast your cameras time code needs to be set up and you do NOT have to hit record at the same time when you have time code, especially if the time code is synced spot on 100 hours to the clock.

What i want to do is set up the time code on the camera so when i hit record on camera 1 while camera 2 is still not recording when i bring the material back to post and drop it in premiere it spots dead on the TIMELINES Sequence time code in Premiere, no need to drag sync anything manually by lining it up etc, this is what time code is for., Or for example if camera 1 starts and stops recording all day long while camera 2 starts and stops a few times again dropping the files into Premiere with time code means on the time line they will place themselves where the start and stop of the recordings took place, with time code synced to the same clock can not go wrong., like our computers are synced to clocks on line etc.

Ly problem with the 5d3 has been that i set up the clock, display recording in time code and do NOT see any difference when shooting video, then i change that setting to display recording time and i still see no difference in that mode, i only see a difference if i shut the camera on and off while changing settings so is my camera broken or can you guys confirm its the way canon programmed their cameras poorly for time code so you can only have it externally on a ninja/hyperdeck etc etc.

thanks allot for all that info, do you recommend time code, because we will shoot on mono pods exactly how you described , and we want to import the video into Premiere as a multi camera set up so when i edit them they are synced up in the time line,

Would you happen to know a great set up for two 5d3s, format, time code settings, etc,
i am puzzled with the 5d time code for recording video, i tried changing it on both cameras and i cant get them to match

I just wanted to know if anyone here shoots along with other 5d3 users and has allot of experience setting several 5d3s up for a multi camera shoot,

A friend and myself are about to shoot a bar mitzvah and want to using he multicam features in Adobe premiere, i wonder if anyone can share tricks to set up a multicast session, we plan to use a bunch of flash and SD cards (auto swap mode) unless anyone suggests other wise, i assume ALL-i compression but e have hit walls with tacky  obstacles while recording video already, for example some videos are only 1 mins long while others are 5, i have no idea why the camera stops the video recording but i do get the 4 GB limit etc from time to time saying the camera split the files up .

any advise appreciated and thanks in advance

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Philip Bloom reviews Canon 1DC
« on: January 29, 2013, 03:41:23 PM »
no zebras, etc, boo

i got that TriggerTrap iPhone remote control cable for Canon DSLR cameras CL-N3 , i like their ios app, and this vodeo convinced me between this and ioshutter,  and i agree, wireless is useless IF I GET A WIRED REMOTE for a few bucks in china right?

what you guys think, is the triggerTrap a ok choice to go with IOS devices (i have an iphone and ipad), then maybe for longer time lapse i get a wired remote but i still need to find out which one of those are easy to program, please advise

i guess because i never programmed one myself i thought it would be easier with a iphone ipad etc, then again wireless could be worse sicne those units still look like they are telephones fro the 80s

any suggestions welcomed, i am new to time lapse, i own iphone and ipad so if that route is easier please do share your thoughts although i can agree its weird leaving your iphone hanging around till the battery die.

Then again i did look into cheaper wired timers as well as wireles ones, i plan to do ALLOT of time lapse so i am open to something worth investing in if its worth it, i will use it with the 5dmkiii.

thanks in advance

just my two cents, Canon is falling behind the tracks here, sales dropping like potatoes, the 5dmkii was the first full frame affordable camera, sold like the gold rush but these last 6 months alone we can all agree that its already a out dated by cameras with wifi allowing ipad iphone androids to control them, eliminating remotes, programing nightmares over with when it comes to time-lapse, motion detection you name it, unfortunately our 5dmkiiis are already not up to par with 2013.

I say the best camera to date by canon this year will be the 7dmk2, full frame, faster then the 5dmk3, unlimited video recording, HD (no need to go out), this means you can record at least 1hr plus on a 32GB CF card at ALL-i 4:2:2, hopefully that is what this new breed will introduce, plus a IOS android app to comunicate with your camera any where in the world with its own unique IP.

I imagine the 5dmk4 will have the same but 4:4:4, the C300 will become full frame and the C500 will have even higher standards., something we will hear about by the end of 2013 (does not mean it will be here but until 2014) if you want to talk about rumors canons next surprise is a IOS app that does more with their products then the cameras own system.

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