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Hi everyone,

Tested my 16-35 F/2.8 USM II and my 50 f/1.4 on the 5D3 wide open at low light and 51k ISO. The 50 f/1.4 had the edge exposure value wise. As I took the pictures at about 20mm I thought I could gain some aperture using a Sigma 20 F/1.8. I read the reviews at photozone.de (see Nikon part). They were not very flattering. But due to the price I just think, why not? Is there anybody out there shooting either the 20 or 24mm siggy?

Thank you for any advice

EOS Bodies / From NL: Big Product launch invitations
« on: June 26, 2013, 05:20:46 AM »
From NL, what might this include? Hope it hasn't been posted here yet.
"We're told (thanks) that Canon have been summoning inviting some people from dealers for a 'big' product launch within the 6-8 week timeframe. If so, expect to see some more serious leaks within the next couple of weeks. No details of just what was meant by 'big', since in PR speak that could be anything!"


I do some nightphotography on my 5D3. It is still amateurish because one always can improve.
After having seen this tutoring video

Curves and Levels - Easy 123 - Photoshop Astrophotography Tutorial Small | Large

I am keen to do this myself. It is about curves and levels in Photoshop to enhance the data. My version is CS 2.

But there arise a few questions:

I downloaded deep sky stacker. stacked seven colour pictures: copies of the same photograph to give it a try.

This guy in the video starts with a greyscaled stacked picture. Others I've seen worked at RGB mode.
How is he getting a greyscale type of stacked photographs as mine turned out to be colour? It never looked like his in the beginning. Here's my slightly enhanced original picture

Z96A3724bMASTER by Peter Hauri, on Flickr
I guess it kinda deals with RGB channels. But I have no clue how to do it, even my curves and levels don't react the same way as his.

Is it a presetting in PS which he applied without mentioning it?
How can I do it in CS 2?

Thanks for any technical help.

Just another question: at what ISOs are you taking nightsky photographs for stacking purposes?

I currently take them applying 600 rule at ISO 6400 to 12800, f/8 with a 16-35 USM II lens.

Cheers and thanks in advance, Peter

EOS Bodies / 70 megapixel full frame sensor
« on: April 09, 2013, 05:36:11 PM »
Hope it hasn't been posted before...found it on the web.

EOS Bodies / Testing my new 16-35 at ISO 51k and 102k
« on: March 24, 2013, 07:34:57 AM »
just bought an excellent 16-35 F/2.8 L USM II second hand and tested it at insane ISOs yesterday...
My youngest son liked it...After a few tests in the past six month I guess, if you wanna get a decent b/w, 51k for the 5D3 is the limit with a light source like this. But I am more than happy, to be able to push things that far. Everything done in DPP, NR at about 14/18.

Z96A3565bBWKLEINALT by Peter Hauri, on Flickr
ISO 51200

Z96A3556bBWKLEIN by Peter Hauri, on Flickr
ISO 102400

Reviews / 5D3 Nightshot at ISO 102400
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:05:30 PM »
Last saturday I was taking my 5D3 to the extremes. I took a picture at 1.3 sec, f/8.0 using my knees as a tripod, huddled down on the street. I know it is noisy like an old B-52, but I kinda like to take it to the limits... 8)

In case you did that, I would like to see your 102k pictures!

Cheers, Pedro

Z96A3506bTLKLEINBW by Peter Hauri, on Flickr

EOS Bodies / What if the rumored 5Dx is actually a 4D?
« on: February 14, 2013, 04:25:08 AM »
Hi, returning to CRs post a few days ago:
<div name=\"googleone_share_1\" style=\"position:relative;z-index:5;float: right; /*margin: 70px 0 0 0;*/ top:70px; right:120px; width:0;\"><g:plusone size=\"tall\" count=\"1\" href=\"\"></g:plusone></div><div style=\"float: right; margin:0 0 70px 70px;\"><a href=\"https://twitter.com/share\" class=\"twitter-share-button\" data-count=\"vertical\" data-url=\"\">Tweet</a></div>
<p><strong>A new EOS-1 body in 2014<br />

</strong>The latest we <a href=\"http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/cameras/Canon_1D_Xs.html\" target=\"_blank\">and others</a> are hearing is that a large megapixel camera from Canon won’t be coming until 2014. This coincides with information that Canon <a href=\"http://www.canonrumors.com/2013/01/canons-roadmap-for-2013-cr2/\" target=\"_blank\">would be releasing 3 DSLRs in 2013</a> and none of them outside of the APC-S segment.</p>
<p>Prototype cameras with sensors beyond 40mp do exist and are in the hands of very exclusive testers. However, we’re also told that a few lenses in the lineup will need updating before a large megapixel camera hits the market for Canon. No specific lens was mentioned, but I would imagine a full frame ultra wide zoom is one of those lenses.</p>
<p>From the same source as above, 4 new EF lenses will be coming in 2013.</p>
<p>Canon’s announcement date for a new EOS-1 may be dependant on when Nikon announces the rumoured 36mp D4x, Nikon cannot have two such cameras on the market while Canon remains quiet in my opinion.</p>
<p><strong>EOS 5D X?<br />

</strong>A faster update? One suggestion from a known source is that Canon has loose plans to replace and/or update the EOS 5D Mark III quicker than the previous iterations. Could we see one some time in 2014? I would think a direct replacement would be unlikely, however a small, high performance & higher megapixel DSLR would probably have a place in the market.</p>
<p><em>*Notice how I didn’t say “EOS-3D :)”</em></p>
<p><strong><span style=\"color: #ff0000;\">c</span>r</strong></p>

as seen at

So, concerning the last paragraph of his part of the original post, what if the rumored high MP body is actually a 4D?
CR guy: - any additional thoughts? Is it likely to happen?

So the 5Ds could maintain a relatively "low" MP count within its segment as a higher priced allround cam. If my memory isn't too blurred, Canon kinda hinted that after the 5D3s announcement. Not sure what the original message was, but somewhere along the line, that they consider to stay at these MPs in relation to the feedback of some photographers. I would happily embrace such a decision. So a 4D could be the 1DX equivalent at high MP and DR. Well, time will tell. Cheers, Pedro

My 5D3 is a great cam. Coming from the 30D I set its AF by suggestion of my brick and mortar dealer on the center AF point. In 90% of the cases it works great.
But compared to the 30Ds center AF point which was quite snappy even at very distant and dim light in moonless nights, the 5D3 AF is struggling a bit. Still being in my learning curve since August, what are the mistakes by my side while handling my gear.
AF on the moon: no problem.
AF on Jupiter: mostly no problem.
AF on some distant, dimmer light at full darkness...not always working.

Guess I've read about slight issues here, so thank you for any help
Cheers, Peter in Switzerland.

Reviews / 5D3 shooting my cat at ISO 51k at 6:30 a.m.
« on: January 11, 2013, 07:55:55 AM »
Hi, I know it has been done before. But this morning I was shooting my cat at ISO 51200 in an almost dark bedroom at 6:30 a.m. today. Canon 5D3, Canon EF 50 F/1.4 @ F/1.6, 1/40 sec. While a small amount of ambiental light fingered into the room I manually focussed at the animals ears which I saw better than it's eyes, therefore the face is slightly out of focus. Photograph above: no NR applied. Photograph below: NR value in both Luminance Noise & Chromniance Noise: 14 out of 20 in Canon's free software Digital Photo Professional. This goes way beyond my wildest enthusiast amateur dreams! Watch it in full mode, although due to reduction in post for webupload the difference is less obvious. But the pic without NR looks as grainy as back in the filmdays...But that's quite awesome at these ISOs! 8)

BildpaketKLEIN by Peter Hauri, on Flickr

Hi, although my bank account is set up for saving, just a question towards the professional and more advanced photographers out there: As how important do you consider the additional 2mm on the wide end which will be offered by a rumored 14-24 f/2.8 L. Does it make a big difference or what would you do? What are the probable advanteges on the wide end?

As an enthusiast amateur I am on a budget and first considered the Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6. But it is a tad too slow for my nightphotography preferencies: nightscapes and milky way preferably during moonless nights.

So, maybe I'd go for a 16-35 instead which as equivalent to the Canon EF-S 10-22 on my former 30D expect the difference in speed (about one stop, but permanently). The price tag surely will be another argument, as it will be considerably higher than the one of the 16-35 f/2.8 L (CHF 1361.00 online over here).

Thanks for your advice. Cheers, Pedro.

Hi all,

I bought my 5D3 by the end of August still at a premium from a reatailer nearby.  While I am using it at every possible high ISO including 51k and 102k for b/w I just like to ask the experts here, what can be expected in high ISO IQ and sensor tech by the time the overnext 5D (whatever it will be called)
hits the shelves?

Is it likely to make ISO 51 k look like today's ISO 12800 or 25600? this would be like one or two stops better high ISOs.

Cheers, Pedro

I really like the 5D3, here's a nightscape at ISO 10.000 (slight NR)

Hi everyone,
While enjoying the nightsky skills of my 5D3 and working my way up in the learning curve, I just thought about a WA lens for my purposes. I know, there is a 16-35, 17-40 a Samyang 14/2.8 MF. And another 12-24 from Sigma (?).

But, how are the possibilities of some 12-24 by Canon to show up these next two years? Currently I am taking pictures using a cheapo Canon 28/2.8 and that works pretty well. But there's times I'd like to go as wide as 12 mm:


Cheers, Pedro.

Still enthusiastic about my 5D3 but...Did some night sky photography last night and detected in all the frames black shadows around certain star clusters, no matter what ISO setting it was.

Guess I've seen this in early reports about the 5D3 in March or April. So as I bought it exactly for this kind of photography...What can I do? Did I get a lemon? Serial number: 04230012696. bought the cam on August 27 from a retail dealer...


Thanks for your help. Cheers, Pedro.

Here's the dpr thread about it

Just picked up the 5D3 this week and got some time to fiddle with it last night.
Upgrading from a 30D I am overwhelmed by the results as I went for the high ISOs 6.4k-102.4k!

a) My first impression:
The 5d3 vs the 30D delievers about 4 stops better high ISOs in RAW, which to me  is a huge step!
51.2k without NR still seems to look better than ISO 3200 on a 30D, both exposed to the right.
ISO 12800 is a no brainer now! Even without NR, if well exposed.
Even a 102.4k image is kind of "doable", although with some heavy NR, but I am geared toward Robert Capa and Robert Frank Style photography, so there is no problem with some noise for me. I do everything in DPP and convert b/ws using an old CS2.
The 5D3 is absolutely worth its money from my point of view and a tremendous camera!

b) What will be the standard high ISO level after the 2 next bodycycles of the 1 and 5 series?
Is it likely, that my extended ISO 102.4k will be the ISO 12.800 or 25600 6-8 years from now, then we would talk about extended ISOs on a 5Dwhatever up to H1 204.8 (like 1Dx now) and H2 409.6k
A 1Dwhatever would even break the million mark by then going up as high as ISO 1.638.400!
Whoever will benefit from such a high ISO...  :o
Does all that seem likely according to porbable upcoming sensor tech improvements or is that too much of wishful thinking?

I am not too much into tech. So, what do you think? Any corrections and contrary/more realistic input is highly appreciated.

Anyway, the 5D3 rocks!  8)
Cheers, Pedro

Lenses / Likeliness of a Canon EF 14-24 2.8 anytime soon?
« on: August 26, 2012, 04:08:26 PM »
Hi, how likely is it, that Canon would release a 14-24 2.8 in the near future? Did Canon ever mention anything?
Cheers, Peter

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