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And it goes:

"I just came back from my pro photo retailer. I went there to preorder a D800 plus 24-70 and 70-200.
My main equipment got accidentally trashed so have to start from scratch, as only my old backup equipment survived. While I do posses some analog Nikon stuff, in the last 10 years of DSLR have always been with Canon. But I have had enough of basic incremental upgrades and ridiculous AF in anything but the 1D series. The new D800 is the 5D3 I was expecting for all those years. I do photo and video at 50/50 rate.
So, while talking with the shop owner this morning, exposing him my situation and my decision to switch brands, he told me off the record, that the Canon rep had told them a couple of days ago that something WILL be announced by the end of the month. This is confirmed. What exactly? They weren't given further details, but they were told it was "5D related and better than the 5D2". He also told me that it won't be a direct 5D2 replacement, as the 5D2 will remain on the line up. "It will be a camera between the 5D2 and the 1Dx" (those were his words).
I trust my retailer, they've been in the business for over 30 years, it's the pro shop for a area of 1mill people, and I got this info only when I talked directly to the owner, after 30 mins chatting with his employes. It's hard to say how accurate the info they were given is, maybe it will directly replace the 5D2 after all. But I can tell the Canon rep has advanced him this in order to prevent people like me to switch (the shop sells all kinds of brands, plus Profoto studio stuff and such).
After this news I've decided to postpone my decision for a few weeks.
I still like everything in the D800 and I don't mind brands at all, only fear to lose "tactile memory" and the white color on the lenses, for the rest I don't care. I will attend the D800 presentation next week and wait till the end of the month. I can get away with a 20-25MPx 5D3 as long as it includes everything else the D800 has.
Let's see what happens."

Cheers, Pedro

to follow the thread:

One paragraph in his conclusion says similar things which have been discussed here as well

"Of course one difficult situation Canon has put me in is that they’ve finally built the camera I hoped I was getting when I made the leap to get my 1D Mark III, but they’ve priced it to be as insanely expensive (yet still cheaper than a 1Ds Mark III). I have a fear of ending up with the state-of-the-art promise only to be disappointed with a nightmare performance like I had with the Mark III. Fortunately, I’ve been assured by Canon that I’ll get a better chance early next year to give one of these cameras a test drive to give you my honest opinion on this camera. From everything I’ve seen so far I’m afraid I need to make a lifestyle change so I can start saving for this camera, but I’m also so pleased at what I’m seeing that I might be putting both my 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark II on the market to help pay for it."


On 1001 noisy cameras we read what has been around for quite a while. But if NL put it again, maybe there is something to it...  CRguy: Any news? 8)

February 07, 2012

Rumors: Canon 5D Mark X coming February 28 for $2700

A new testable rumor at suggests that the Canon 5D Mark X will be announced around February 28 with a price of $2700. The rumor also rumorizes two lenses, one of which we saw announced last night, the other being a 35/1.4L. [the rumor was written before last night's Canon announcements] (via Foto Actualidad).

With the Nikon D800/D800E now officially announced, it will be interesting to see whether the 5DX has "accidental leaks" left and right so as to grab some of the headlines and discussions away from the D800.

They are referring to a post.
Maybe just shares what we've seen already via CR...  :-\

There we read:
"A tipster recently sent me word that the Canon 5D Mark II would remain in Canon’s lineup in the near future.  However, another new DSLR model would be released soon (instead of a 5D Mark III) and would be a step-up from the 5D Mark II."
read more here, it has been discussed earlier at CR. A confirmation?

EOS Bodies / The next 5D: Someone posted this on Dpreview
« on: February 06, 2012, 03:42:44 AM »
Just stumbled upon this at Dpreview

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

"Just got back from a trip to Osaka's Nipponbashi electronics district. Went to my favorite independent camera store to sell my old Olympus E-PL1 after purchasing a new E-PL3.
Got to talking about upcoming releases such as the Fuji x-pro1 and Olympus OM-D. Out of curiosity I asked him what they current trade in value of a Canon 5D Mark II was since I haven't been using mine that much due to a back injury plus hernia that I've been struggling with since November and have been toying with possibly sticking to a lighter system.
He told me ¥100,000 to ¥120,000 "depending on...."
I cut him off and said "condition" but he shrugged his head and said "Yes...and new camera specifications".
When I asked him when a new camera was coming he just smiled and held up 3 fingers...MARCH.
He also said he was not sure if the new camera would called a "5D Mark III" or whether it would have a different name. He said he expects an announcement in about "7 to 10 days".
I know a lot of people are going to jump on this post and make comments like "yeah sure, and a friend of a friend of a friend of mine said blah blah blah", but I am confident that this is accurate because I have been doing business at this shop for about 7 or 8 years and the sales clerk who I always do business with (or just chat with) used to work for Canon. I imagine he still has friends there (that's why I don't want to say which shop it is).
Anyway...we'll see if this information is correct very soon."

To follow the thread:

EOS Bodies / From NL: Wait for 5D3 could be longer
« on: January 31, 2012, 10:45:23 AM »
As read over at NL
"31st A suggestion received (thanks) not to expect deliveries of a 5D3 until October.
Whilst we've had numerous suggestions that it would be after the 1D X, this is the first for a while that's pushed it back towards Photokina (from an August announcement?)"

BTW: It is not the first time we read this at NL. Even last year after the 1Dx announcement the suggested a long wait for a 5D3...

This leaves space for a mystical 3D or a downstripped 1Dx type body for February ... Or will the 5D3 mentioned at NL materialize as the high MP cam?

Just read this and wonder, if that is a feature that is likely trickle down to another camera body?

Well, I am not tempted. I am waiting on whatever will be announced after the "Out of Africa" momentum ;-)

Therefore I just post the Link

Link Removed by Moderator.

We do not advertise scams.  Google also picks the links up and boosts the scammer in the search results when a busy site like CR links to them.


"It was hinted in XML files of the DSLR pages on Nikon EU websites.
Check out the flash banner
akay > D800
Jan 1, 1970 01:00:00

D4 - D3x - D300s - D800 - D700
Also, the folder these images are contained in is called Jan-Feb launches. For example
(of course it's 403)"

EOS Bodies / EOS 3D & 5D Mark III Mentions
« on: January 01, 2012, 04:09:27 PM »
At we read:

1st New years greetings to all visitors! I'm minded to believe that we will finally get to see a replacement for the 5D mk3. We've had suggestions that the 5D2 replacement will not be a particularly high megapixel sensor and that the success of any high MP Nikon D800 will influence the arrival of a high MP EOS camera, but not this year.
See also latest on the 3D
As yet though no firm specs or price suggestions for the 5D2 follow up.

An 1Dx-ish 5D3 by fall would be great...


equivalent in US$: 12,222.39 USD

almost 2x the US price !!!

Well, anyway, it's not my price tag, LOL.

not even the lowest offer:

10,823.77 USD

dealer info concerning the lower price: final price not calculated yet... ::)

I wonder how much they will ask here for the 5D3.
As the rumored 36 MP D800 is expected to be a 4k USD cam...

So, enjoy your shooting with a real cam this weekend !



EOS Bodies / From NR: D800 commercial was filmed in Chicago
« on: December 09, 2011, 05:35:05 AM »
Some movement in nikonlandia

does that sound promising for upcoming canon upgrades?  8)

EOS Bodies / A Canon Move into MF: Not in the near future (from NL)
« on: December 01, 2011, 11:35:58 AM »
Just read it over at NL. So, the 18 MP 5D3 becomes even more likely  8)

EOS Bodies / Workflow vs MP count. Wedding Photographers?
« on: November 28, 2011, 09:21:56 AM »
At dpreview somebody talked about workflow in relation to MP count. According to the photojournalists the 1Dx would provide fast workflow, so the nikonians hope for a D4 at 18 MP.

What is the wedding photographer's perspective on MP count vs workflow concerning the 5D3?

Here's an excerpt from the thread  over at dpreview:
"bobn2 wrote:

ScottMac wrote:

Obviously, from canon's 1DX spec, 18 Mp is the max (currently) for high iso IQ.

For Canon, very possibly, but they have different constraints.

I do agree if the D4 was 24 MP and 1080 HD, and the high iso IQ was as good or better than thr D3s, it would bury Canon and bury the 1DX. But it's not going to be 24 MP and even in a dreamworld it would never be 2 to 4k, it would be $8,000+.

There is no evidence or reason behind those statements. Since 24MP will 'bury Canon and the 1D X' that's a very good reason for Nikon to do it.

Bob, generally, I agree with most of what you are saying about the D800, but there is one sidepoint where I disagree somewhat: D4.

I was talking to a group of fellow PJ shooters just about a week ago (during a longer break in a TV show). Usually among those people there is very little gear talk (and if so, most often about things like better batteries for flashes or some useful cabin bag for hauling around your gear). But we ended up talking about the announced 1D X. Mind you, over here, almost all of the bigger magazines and agencys working with news and/or sports photography has switched to Nikon in the past three years. While freelancers on a budget for the most part has remained with Canon - switching is expensive.

Of those (two) present using Canon, they were happy for the transition to 24x36 in the 1D X, was longing for Canons 200-400 (Nikons 200-400 is a beloved lens among sports and PJ shooters) - and were more or less relieved that Canon had not upped the MP count any further (they both had 1D Mk4 with 16 MP). And among the (five, aside from me) present Nikon shooters several expressed worry that Nikon would go overboard in the MP departement, the common ground seemed to be that 18 MP was a nice number. And these people were not (as so many in these forums) worried about noise levels - it was all about workflow. I have said several times before, and I am aware I am a small minority in this, but I personally would actually prefer a 12 MP D4 for that reason alone ...  One of the others sort of agreed to that, but 16-18 MP seemed to be where the others felt was a good level. I mentioned 24 MP and that evoked very little enthusiasm, one guy said (and he does not follow rumour sites ) he rather had "a high res small body, like a 5D on the side" - this seemed to match others opinions pretty well. After that the discussion drifted away for a anecdote about a 5D dropped into the ice of a nearby hockey rink while rigging roof mounted cameras - PJ shooters never tire in telling such stories 

Ok, this was a small group of photographers, and I am aware there are other audiences for a D4 then people like these, but ... I am not all that convinced a 24 MP D4 really would be such a 1D X killer - at least for that particular reason. Other things seem to weigh heavier on press photograpers minds: One of the features of the 1D X which received most attention during our chat - and this I have heard from more working photographers - is the Ethernet socket. That is a feature which seem to capture the interest of PJ photogs a lot more then higher MP count. (It sure captures my interest!)

The other big issue discussed was if Canon finally would include the in-camera image editing Nikon has had for a while, and how this functionality could be improved. Many people send images straight from the camera these days. Again, it is so much about workflow, that truly is the big issue in this world. One recurring subject among pro sports or PJ shooters is the frustration - and there is a lot of it - about the clunky WIFI solutions - this summer I heard one Mark III shooter exclaim in pain and frustration that he did not care one bit (ok, he used other, non-Dpreview-compatible words ...) about a new camera, just give him a smoother, more reliable and more useful WIFI setup ...

I have no problem seeing a 36 MP D800. I was sceptical of that rumour at first, but after thinking it through, it started to make a lot of sense to me. But as for MP count in a D4 - I for one really do not want it to be a 24 MP camera. Possibly 18. Actually rather 16. And quite frankly I would be very happy with 12. And this from workflow alone! It is not about noise, I have no doubt a 24 Mp camera could be as good or somewhat better then a D3s, but I really, really, want a fast workflow. The main stress of todays sport and press photographers is not image quality constraints, it is workflow constraints, or simpler put: stress connected with delivering images fast enough.

Things like in camera editing, camera connectivety weighs heavy on many photographers minds. Imgage quality in general is of course important, but most often even there from a workflow point of view - one recurring opinion about the D3s I have heard is applauds of its "workable" files. Many love it because you can get so much IQ out of those files with so little post processing effort - resulting in a fast workflow."

EOS Bodies / Form TheNewCamera: D800 18 MP rumor/D900 36 MP Likely?
« on: November 27, 2011, 11:29:10 AM »

Original source:dpreview

Rumors are coming from official french magazine "chasseur d'images". They are well known and quite serious, each time they wrote about upcoming gear, it revealed to be true.

D900 :

certainly 36mp,
no AA filter
60fps in 1080P, 120 fps in 720P.
No Flash.

price around 4000$ or more.

D800 :

30fps in 1080P, 60fps 720P (this, I hope not, why not full HD ?)
price around 2500-2800$ 

If Canon 5D3 has to match with the D800 they hopefully keep to 21 MP or don't pass 24.
We will see whatever will materialize.

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