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Reviews / Re: Review - Canon EF 135mm f/2L
« on: October 26, 2014, 02:13:50 AM »
Definitley not just for people photography, it is my go to lens for product bottle photography.. so damn sharp at F18+.
Although the bottle shot is half finished btw, still some retouching and the right reflect to even up to the other two. It give you an idea of how close you can get without a macro lens.
Prefer it to the 100 macro as it compresses the image a touch more for a graphic look.
And of course great at candids, pets etc.
I think it’s pretty versatile and renders sharp and OOF really beautifully, sharp when it needs to be and creamy on the background. Although for me slightly more specialist due to the focal length as I tend to use shorter 50 & 85 much more in my work, this is one lens that has stopped me swapping to Nikon (D800) which would no doubt produce better files for my product shoots.. but with a lens as nice as this MP and DR are not everything ;)

very nice pics

Lenses / Re: Tanzania with minimal gear
« on: August 26, 2014, 11:37:33 PM »
I used Abercrombie and Kent. I've heard good things about Micato, but they are more expensive.

I've read reviews on both and A&K gets the nod, but they are both very expensive.

Lenses / Re: Tanzania with minimal gear
« on: August 26, 2014, 10:20:06 PM »
What travel agency did you guys use for your Tanzania Trips, looking to honeymoon there in January.

If I was redesigning my site for a portfolio, this is what I'd be using: http://demo.herothemes.com/?product=moda

That said, it depends a lot on what you want. If you're just showing off your work, there are a dozen ways to do that. If you're trying to make a business out of it, you'd need a completely different approach

That is an awesome theme. Pretty much checks all of the boxes for a photographer.

In this thread please post some of the best wordpress themes for photographers, paid or free.

I would like this thread to be a good resource/quick reference for anyone looking for a good theme that can fit their needs without having to do a million google searches for that perfect theme.


Test shot. Ended up too far away and the trees got in the way. Used 24-70 2.8 II

If you're not going to print this very large, you could use a wide angle 14mm / 16-35, etc. and put them in the middle of the frame (to avoid distortion), then crop out the bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the photo, but given the type of photo (dramatic shot of a special memory), it needs to be high-res for a big print.  If distortion is not as much of an issue, you can get close, tilt up and have the arch & railroad converge.  Google ultra wide angle wedding photos or something like that for some examples (like this - scroll down to the three 16-35 examples).  That way you still get the full frame.

Another option is to use the TS-E 24 and the shift function to shift, rotate, and shift again for a full panoramic effect.  Or simply use shift to correct the verticals and you still have a great full frame shot.

A third option is to stitch, like you say, possibly using the Brenizer effect with a longer lens.  A lot depends on how far you can get from the arch - and if that's not the limit, communication with the couple will be an issue.

Just my 2c - there are plenty of ways to shoot this - I'd recommend trying at least 2 to 3 ways and letting the couple pick out their favorite.

Those 16-35 shots are perfect. It was good enough to get the height of the object into the scene, the only draw back is that he had to be very far away.

My goal is to get the full height and most of the width of the train tracks, but also close enough to get good detail on the couples face.

I would like to do an engagement photo at this location with the couple standing in the archway but I would like full view of the train tracks behind it. Should I rent a super wide angle lens like a Canon 14MM or 17mm TS-E(pretty tall tracks) or should I use my 24-70 2.8II and shoot multiple frames and use some type of pic stitch software (if so please recommend which one)

Software & Accessories / Re: Apple to Cease work on Aperture
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:56:38 PM »
This sucks!  No more competition for Adobe.  I have a bad feeling about this.

There's still Capture One and Pixelmator

Lenses / Re: Tanzania with minimal gear
« on: June 22, 2014, 09:41:10 AM »
I may be naive but it seems like you can have a one lens solution in the 28-300L lens.  It seems to be a perfect fit.  Wide and long.  Although heavy at 3.7 pounds.

I considered it, but it's definitely too heavy for me. Even the 100-400 is probably too heavy (at 3 lbs.)

I want something I can hand-hold all day without killing myself.

just lift bro


Just like the big brother 24-70 II, the new 16-35 f4 IS MTF charts look awesome.

My 16-35 II & 50L are on ebay.

I'll hold off until I see some actual reviews of the 16-35 F4 but I suspect I'll be joining you in putting my 16-35 II on ebay as well...  (Especially since I take alot of video with that lens too)

Why trade in the 16-35 f/2.8 for the f/4.0? Wouldn't you guys prefer the faster aperture?

My wedding photographer is 8 hours, 800 edited pictures that I have full rights to have printed as I choose, 2 shooters and a printed book (about 50 photos) for $2000. He has done two different weddings I/my fiancé have been in and he does excellent work. One of them was even cheaper because he was a preferred vendor for the location.

I'm in New England so not exactly a cheap area of the US.

Honestly, that hardly even seems worth it.

That's $2.50 per picture.

Is the "8 hours" total time (event + editing) or just event?

It isn't a per picture price, it is an hourly rate of $250. Deduct the actual costs, a 25 page book for $200 (you can get them for less than half that too) and farmed out RAW editing for $250 (or do it yourself for the time, batch processing is a snap) and you are looking at $193.75 an hour. I am sorry but that is good money.

I agree

6-8 hour event.
2-3 shooters
raw files only, no editing needed.

Shoot for that day and be done with me.

Do clients typically have specific gear requests?

I am always wary of file only shoots, invariably the end result is not what the customer actually wants. However, two shooters $1,500, three shooters $2,100, the third shooter shouldn't cost you more than $200.

Clients don't normally have gear requests, well I have never had one, but getting a feel for what they want and expect, and the venues needs from a lighting point of view, can mean rental makes sense.

One of the preferred vendors of the facility had a vendor that has done many shoots at the wedding location offered a price of $1700 which I think does include some editing. We saw a photo book of his work and it was pretty good stuff.

6-8 hour event.
2-3 shooters
raw files only, no editing needed.
South Florida shoot.
Shoot for that day and be done with me.

Do clients typically have specific gear requests?

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