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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: White residue on 1DX top dial?
« on: March 30, 2013, 09:07:53 AM »
My 1DX is exhibiting some sort of white residue buildup on the top dial, but it stays clean on the ridges where I touch it the most.

Perhaps its the same thing that happened with the T4i's:
Phenomenon The front rubber grips of some EOS REBEL T4i units produced in certain lots between May 31st through June 27th, 2012 may turn white after a short period of time. We have determined after inquiry with the rubber manufacturer and analysis, that the white substance is zinc bis (N,N’-dimethyldithiocarbamate).

Hit up the link below for full disclosure:

Sensor area is the only fair comparison for sharpness and detail, MP are a comparative distraction and causes so much confusion.

Confusion ........... CHECK!

I have a question for you though because you seem wicked technical, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to dumb down the answer for me as much as possible.

I used to have a Canon ELPH 230 or 320 or something.  Its been a while but this was years ago.  When I would download images from this into Photoshop and looked at the 'Image Size' or 'File Info' it would say like 180px per inch or something like that.  Where as now it seems everything is 72ppi.  Is this kinda what you are talking about.  Was that a better camera than my DSLR strictly in terms of pixels or something?

Thats a concept that has boggled me.  I wonder if that is why my images arent tack sharp.  Maybe it was just easier to get crispy pics before with the little camera because of the pixels?  Anyway ... hoping you can shed some light on the subject.

This is unsharpened OOC from a camera with no AA filter over the sensor, and two 100% crops from different areas of the photo. My two-week-old baby girl and my 100-year-old camera :D  she's such a good helper.

I have to know ... what camera?

What was your AF point in this image (if you used AF)?

It was the face of the plier part.  I used AI Focus, and I didnt use the Live 10x for everyshot I took but I did try a few times to do that.  Hard to recompose when I did that tho.

Ok, here is another go.  This time taking into account some recommendations from the crew here:

200 Shutter
100 ISO
10 Second Timer (not cable release)
Canon 430ex II through a diffusion umbrella positioned 3.5' away at a 45 degree angle high right at 2 o clock

not hard with a good FF and good glass
- Amazing shot.

This is what I am chasing.  I watch the KelbyTraining stuff and see these photos they have on their card after a shoot and my jaw hits the floor.  I mean, comparing just sharpness to sharpness its night and day different.

Is it the Full Frame?  I mean is that the real key here?  If you spend 5k you get an amazing image, but if you spend 2k you get really good, but not amazing?

This was shot handheld with a G10 P&S, but I used flash to give me some contrast. Look at the light, your image has very low contrast.
  - Now I am totally DEPRESSED!

So, lets see if I get this right.  Try my test again.  Use a Flash, Use F8 and a High Shutter like 1/500 and lock it off on the tripod and it should be amazing by comparison.

Is there anything in camera I should be doing?  Because of video when I shoot Jpeg I shoot typically ProLost settings.  But I can use a different Pic profile or maybe just neutral.  I would think neutral would be good if the image was truly sharp.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.  I took this the other day and you can see its not tack sharp.  Yet it was locked off, continuous light but good light, and the 24-105.  So, I am fuzzy on how this looks so fuzzy.  To me it just looks softer than it should.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Chasing Tack Sharp ... Just can't get there
« on: March 20, 2013, 09:32:05 AM »
So, a friend and I have been on this quest to shoot a photo like we have seen online countless times or in video training etc.  Its where you take a picture of a person and even when you zoom into it at 200% the clarity of the image and sharpness is just off the charts.

We have tried everything to replicate this level of sharpness and just cant.  Locked off on tripods, cable release, etc. Its just not working.

Are we expecting too much out of our gear?  We are both rocking Canon APS-C (7D, 60D) with good glass 100mm F2, 50 1.4, Zeiss 35mm F2, 25-105 F4.  It just feels like we are missing something somewhere because our expectations are to take pictures like scott kelby or joel grimes or someone where the sharpness even zoomed in is amazing without a bunch of post processing.


Check out my Flickr page if you'd like to see some shots taken during my trip to Disney World.

Holy Toledo!  Those are the shots I want when I go!

Ok folks ... new question.  Should I buy a FF before I go if I want these or is it all about the glass and the talent?

most of my favorites were with the wide lens and most were at either 10mm or 22mm
- That is so cool - I wouldnt have thought wide would be important at all.  But the proof is in the pudding you know.  You shot those and loved em.

I would put a UV/clear filters on the lenses you bring.
- I would love some recommendations in this department. 

dessicant packs, as you will be going in and out of A/C and heat and lots of humidity
- Genius.  I didnt even think about the A/C.  I'll bet that is actually a pretty big deal too.  From 95 to 70 and back again.  I'm also guessing lenses fog?  I hadnt thought about that either ... but I should have.

Some great stuff and thanks for the pic links too!

... and a sweater.

Holy Toledo!  It was sweater cold?  I would love that :)

Quote This is a great site I read before I went. All I carried was a T3i and one lens everyday. The 50mm 1.8 or the 28-135mm. I was mostly there for my kids so I was already carrying a bunch of stuff around.

Awesome.  Appreciate that.  I thought your video was great and it seemed like you were having alot of fun :)

and the hassle with the rides and the heat made it unenjoyable to have a dslr with

Honestly, we have talked about that.  I have these visions in my head though of having these amazing photos of the castle at night etc.  Maybe all thats overkill tho.  Maybe THIS is what the G series Canon's are really for!

So here is the deal ... heading to Walt Disney World sometime in 2013.  We'll fly, we'll drive from hotel to parks daily, we'll spend all day at the parks and we'll drive back to the hotel exhausted. I've been to WDW before ... but not ever felt gear prepared. 

Do we go on water rides ... Yes.  Do we go on roller coasters ... Yes.  Do we bake in the ridiculously hot sun for hours ... Yes.

Here are the big things.  I am pretty sure I need only to take the body and a couple lenses.  But, what bag should I put these in to carry all day long in those conditions?  I have a big bag that wont be going with me.

Looking for advice on what to take (or buy and take) gear wise as well as something fast and friendly but comfortable for the conditions to put it in.  Also, I own no filters.  Is that a biggy?

Stuff I have (open to taking or leaving) 7D, 24-104, 50/1.4, 100/2, 18-135/Depends

Considering this is one of the most photographed places in the world ... I thought it might be nice to get some advice from those who have done it ... or even similar activities.

Cheers :)

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