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Technical Support / Landscare photography and bicycling
« on: July 13, 2014, 10:27:20 PM »
I will be going to Colorado for vacation (Grand Mesa) and will be doing lots of bicycling during the week that I am there.

Purchased the new 16-35L specifically for the purpose of taking some great (I hope) landscape photographs.

But wondered if others have experience about the best method for holstering my DSLR/lens.

My plan is to bicycle, stop when something catches my eye to take photo, continue.

Does anyone else have any experience with this ?

First time poster.  (Have been a reader for some time, really enjoy all of the discussions !)

I must state from the first that I'm not a terribly accomplished photographer at this time (still learning).

Ok, this is an unusual photography question.  I want to make a "domino picture" of my Uncle John.  This is accomplished by arranging double nine dominoes such that they represent different levels of light and dark.  The guru of these types of "pictures" is Ken Knowlton.  Some examples are shown at   

I took a black and white picture of my Uncle John, did a quick "adjust contrast" process within Adobe Elements, and imported it into an image processing software called ImageJ (

Using an add-in, I was able to break it down into an grid of squares (see below).  Using a cursor to highlight each box, I can measure the light intensity of each box (levels from 0 to 255).  I plan to convert the intensity of each box into a domino type (from NO dots to a full 9 dots).

I was thinking to measure the area ratio of an individual dot to the full area of the domino square and use this ratio to figure out how many dots to use for each square in the photo grid.  But when I measured the area of a single domino, it is only about 3.3% of the total area.  So even with 9 dots, the maximum area ratio (area of 9 dots/full area) is only about 31%.  So how do I assign the intensity to the number of dots on the domino ?  (and make it look right? 

I'm not sure how the eye perceives light intensity levels (linear?, logarithmic?).  Can anyone help with this?

Also, is there an easier way to do this?  (It's a LOT of grids to be manually measured !!)

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