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EOS Bodies / Re: 7D now marked as DISCONTINUED at Amazon
« on: July 28, 2014, 06:40:56 AM »
It's getting painful reading everyones post on the  continuous saga of the 7D Mark ll.'s release date. Relief Date for me.
I'm still enjoying my 7D. Did everyone else's suddenly die? Or explode? I'm going out and take some pics later today.
My wife will be using her 70D and me with my discontinued 7D. As long as i'm not discontinued, I'll be fine and so will
the pics from my 7D if I follow the rules of good photo shooting that I have learned since I bought my 40D in March 2008. 

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II [CR1]
« on: July 13, 2014, 12:30:36 AM »
All Canon has to do is make this new 100-400 take sharper pics with improved coatings, better IS, faster focussing and zoom. They will sell a ton of these as the old 100-400 sells well as is. My 100-400 suits me just fine and is on my 7D  when I leave the house and I know BIF pics are on the menu.  ;D

CR3 makes this a real possibility. Better Dynamic Range and Dual pixel focus with swivel screen like the 70D makes
the 7D ll a possible purchase for me. I really am impressed with some of my pics taken with my 7D so will wait till
the reviewers declare the 7D ll a necessary upgrade. :)

Photography Technique / Re: Taking HDR shots
« on: June 30, 2014, 06:00:13 AM »
Leadfingers after you have your 3 exposures you can open them up in PS and Automate>Merge to HDR Pro. Try not to go to Extremes and over cook your images and you will avoid harsh results that some people like or that is the best they can do. I did one in PS CS 3 that turned out nice. I haven't tried Lightroom 5 or Elements 12 or CS 5 because I
don't do very many HDRs. If you have a program that can merge exposures then use it or treat each exposure as a new
layer and drag one on top of the other holding down the Shift Key to keep them aligned. Good Luck!
Try a web search "Merge to HDR" and you will have enough information to become an expert in HDR.

I didn't upgrade when PS CS6 was available. OOPS! I was able to buy Lightroom 5 and PS Elements 12. I used Elements 12 today to print a 4X6 print and I am quite happy with it. It cost me almost $250.00 to buy. I wonder how long at 9.99 I will break even. I can still use my PS CS 5 if need be. Worse scenario would be me using DPP to make a TIFF of my pics and use Elements to resize and print my pics. I will have to learn how to print using DPP then if I can't buy Elements or Lightroom, I won't care. ;D I figure it will take about 23 months to break even.

Get the 70D now and don't worry about the 7D ll when it comes out. In the spring of 2010 the 7D cost $2,200.00 Cdn
Body only. I bought mine late July 2012 just before the firmware 2.0 was released for $1,549.00 Cdn Body only. If you save money put it towards a 100-400 vs ll when it comes out. A guy I know has the 70D and 100-400 vs l and takes great pics of birds with this combo using a Better Beamer on his flash. The 7D ll may blow the 70D away when it comes out. But that's just another rumour. Buy the 70D now and you will know it pretty well before your trip.   

Lenses / Re: What was your first L lens?
« on: June 07, 2014, 03:47:43 AM »
The 70-200 f4 IS USM and a 1.4 ll Extender came first and after buying a 2X ll Extender I researched and bought the 100-400 L. The 70-200 hasn't seen any use and the 100-400 is mounted on my 7D when we go out to shoot BIF. My wife wants to try the 70-200 on her 70D, so I'm sure she will use it a lot. Maybe not with an Extender. My next L might be one of the 16-35's depending on the reviews the new f4 gets and if I go FF. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 50d just died, trip in a week, what should I do?
« on: June 06, 2014, 03:40:19 AM »
Sorry to read that your 50D won't start up. As you probably have CF cards you might be better off to buy a 5D Mark lll.
That would be your best Full Frame option for weddings, BIF, sports and movies of those activities. No sense thinking about what cameras are coming out next. Put the money you were going to spend on the Tamron and borrow the rest if you can. You'll be working weddings to pay off the 5D lll but you'll have the best camera to do so as the 1DX isn't a
possibility for most of us. The 16-35 2.8 may be a future purchase as well. If the 5D lll is just too much now then get the 70D. Good Luck solving this dilemma.

Get the 7D. I think it is the best option and value. You may not want to shoot sports now, but if you change your mind
The 7D has 3 C (custom settings) that save time and the other cameras lack. 7D may not be the best choice for video.
I use C1 for BIF, C2 for flash and C3 for landscape. You could set  one C mode for video. Good Luck.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: should I buy a 7D now for Cad $690
« on: May 23, 2014, 04:44:51 AM »
If you don't have the money for the 7D ll when it comes out buy your friends used 7D and you won't regret it. My 40D
started giving me Error 99 after every shot. I went online and tried everything that was posted. I even replaced the
backup battery. I cleaned all the contacts on my lenses and body to no avail. My wife got tired of watching me re and re
the camera battery and ok'd me purchasing the 7D body only for about double what you will pay for used. My 17-85 lens that came with the 40D gained a new life on the 7D. I am getting better pics with the 7D than I could with the 40D. As long as you work around the weaknesses of the 7D you will be happy. I use Auto ISO and Auto White Balance without too many problems. Someone I ran into that had a 7D said I could use everything I have for the 40D with the 7D. He was right. I bought two faster CF cards with more GB and keep my others as spares. I won't be upgrading when the new 7D ll and 100-400 ll comes out but if I ever wear out my stuff then I will upgrade then. 

Lenses / Re: The Next \
« on: May 20, 2014, 03:05:17 AM »
So Canon is going to release 2 unicorns at Photokina. At the end of summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere, means
poor timing. I will get to read the reviews with envy. What I have will have to serve my needs till the prices reach a
level that my Banker can accept. Oh Well!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Advice on a upgrade from the Rebel XS
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:07:08 AM »
I think you will love what the 70D will give you that your Rebel cannot. When I upgraded to the 7D from a 40D my17-85 kit lens gained new life. The movies that you'll be able to take will make up for any lack of lowlight performance you may experience. It will serve you well until you can afford to buy Full Frame and by then new models will be out with even better performance than the 6D and 5D lll have now. Good Luck in your decision.

Lenses / Re: New EF-S Ultrawide Coming? [CR1]
« on: May 06, 2014, 05:57:46 AM »
I would like to see a new 17-85 f4 IS STM come out. If it still had 67mm filter thread, all the better. If they fixed the
Chroma aberation problem and the tape that wears out then Canon would be on to something. 17-85 is a nice zoom range on APS-C.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Advise Please
« on: May 02, 2014, 05:44:46 AM »
After going to a store and trying a camera and finding one you like go home and do a search. Enter the camera's name
and add reviews. You will find pages and pages on the web. I even add complaints after the name. That can bring up
some interesting information. As you might want to use this camera for a few years, the research ahead of time might
save you some grief. Good Luck making your purchase. I have been a Canon user since the 70's and am leaning in that
direction in my advice.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: New User looking for advice..
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:54:16 AM »
I took this pic with my 40D and 100 2.8 IS USM L Macro lens on the day I purchased the lens. I wanted to try it out
and shot various pics with it. I like the lens for shots like this.

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