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EOS Bodies / Re: New camera body or new lens?
« on: February 22, 2015, 12:39:30 PM »
That camera and lens are perfect for portraits, I'd actually suggest investing in a low cost off camera flash and investigate use of light reflectors.  Also if you haven't already, shoot in RAW and get a copy of Lightroom.

Once you've had some income, consider your options from there.

Good luck !

Please re-read the actual translated text. The essence of this patent is the use of variable diffractive index elements, not the list of examples.

Hi Keith, great site, visit it daily - I'm up the road in Sheffield ;-)

Could you explain your comment to us mere mortals ?

EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS & Others
« on: February 20, 2015, 10:07:15 AM »
The zoom is clearly a lens for a compact camera or such, the 50mm f1.3 could well be the fabled 50mm f1.4 and labeled as such

EOS-M / Re: 11-22EF-M or 10-18EF-S on a EOS-M
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:00:26 PM »
Cheers all, same here, checking 11-22mm prices regular now ;-)

GAS meets EOS-M

EOS-M / 11-22EF-M or 10-18EF-S on a EOS-M
« on: February 15, 2015, 02:39:44 PM »
I've been pondering getting a 11-22EF-M, but then it struck me that the 10-18mm EF-S is about 20% cheaper in the UK, has anyone used the latter on an adapter ?  What's the performance ?   I've not got a crop body DSLR so the 10-18 wouldn't be much use other than on the EOS-M - I'm thinking a native  EF-M solution would be better for numerous reasons, anyone have a different opinion ?

Canon EF-S and EF-M Lenses / Re: Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:20:37 PM »
Still available on Amazon... 

Adding to the above, I had this lens on a 450D, was really impressed with it, had some amazing photos.  Only sold it on after I upgraded to full frame - I'd love a FF version as good as this, 24-135mm f4 please

Lenses / Re: Advice on Canon PRIMES
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:51:04 PM »
Get creative, buy a lensbaby, the Sweet 35 optic, the fisheye optic, add the macro bits and the plastic/singleglass/pinhole optics too...

Cost ?  A lot less than a F1.4 prime, a lot lighter and a lot of fun.

Lenses / Re: An EF-M f/1.2 Lens?
« on: February 08, 2015, 01:34:04 PM »
I'm in the more lenses for the EF-M camp, this ties in with the talk a few days ago re a new 50mm, it mirrors Fuji with their fast 56mm prime, it pushes the EF-M into Fuji's market, makes a we've arrived statement and opens the path for multiple cameras in the EOS-M range.

EOS Bodies / Re: 24.2 MP Sensor on Rebel - Sony Senor in Canon?
« on: February 08, 2015, 06:00:09 AM »
Nikon buys them. Nikon puts it in their entry level DSLR. Their cameras are profitable.

Maybe you missed today's news

As said elsewhere, Nikon has a different crop factor, albeit the 1.5 crop sensor could be used in a 1.6 crop camera with pixel loss around the edge.  Canon has the scale of "sensor requiring" business behind it to be able to afford R&D on its sensor business, where as Nikon is a small brand of Mitsubishi thus will be competing for R&D from the parent against much more diverse range of markets, notably cars, aircraft, space, banking etc...   Canon's key competitor will be Sony, just as Apple competes with Samsung...  I note that Apple has done just about everything to rid the iphone of Samsung sourced parts, go figure.

EOS Bodies / Re: Full Specifications of the EOS Rebel 760D
« on: February 05, 2015, 06:58:08 AM »
Why on earth would Canon give up on sensor production and use Sony ?  It's clear to me that the 24mpx sensor will be the new baseline, used in the 750D, 750D, M3 & probably the replacement to the SL1 & 1200D.

What's less clear is where the 80D will fit, I'd now expect a cut price 7DII using the same 20mpx sensor. 

Lenses / Re: A New Nifty Fifty Coming [CR1]
« on: February 04, 2015, 01:33:13 PM »
Thinking about this, my money is on a EF-M 50mm pancake.

Why ?  Firstly the tiny filter size, second, the 40mm pancake is already the replacement to the nifty fifty, third, the EOS M3 is launched soon, lastly, I don't believe that Canon would tool up for another cheap prime especially with the 24mm & 40mm pancakes and that the next EF 50mm will be something more akin to the 35mm IS, which notably has a 67mm filter size - rather larger than the one in this rumoured 50mm lens.

Canon General / Re: Photographer Petitions Canon for Left Handed Camera
« on: January 28, 2015, 07:59:12 AM »
Slightly different here, I'm almost blind in my right eye, making use of right handed cameras a tad uncomfortable with my nose slammed into the control gear to the right hand side of the camera.  I'm right handed but would probably find a left handed camera much more comfortable to use and be able to actually use the rear controls on the rear without pulling the camera away from my face.

So yes, let's have a range of left handed cameras !

EOS Bodies / Re: NEW CAMERA - EOS 80D?
« on: January 09, 2015, 10:00:11 AM »
Definitely either the long overdue 750D or perhaps the SL1 MkII - I suspect the former though.  Pushed upmarket with a spinning dial like the EOS-M, sensor from 70D, small top LCD to give it a more semi-pro look, plus adds cheap near field wireless to the entry level range of DSLR's.

Move along, nothing exciting to see here

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Is Leica really worth it?
« on: December 31, 2014, 06:30:23 AM »
Whilst I accept that some photography gear will provide a better image than Canon/Nikon/Sony/Pentax DSLR's, there will also be a niche market also for products such as Leica that to my thinking don't offer anything significantly more than the rest of the DSLR market runners, but fills a niche that some people buy into for what ever reason. 

People look at me in amazement that I've spent £2k on a bit of glass, or £700 on an iPhone rather than a £400 Andriod, we shop a lot at Marks & Spencer's and Waitrose rather than Aldi, ASDA or Lidl, I've had BMW's and Audi's, all of which are my choices partly because I appreciate the small gains in quality but also because I've bought into the lifestyle hype - don't get fooled by the hype, Leica's a great bits of kit, but will they improve you photography ?  That's very subjective and something only you will know once you try one ;-)

Lenses / Re: buying advice: get a 135mm f2, or use existing 70-200mm f2.8?
« on: December 27, 2014, 05:34:36 AM »
I bought my 135L when I had a crop body, used it lots on both the 450D and 6D for portrait and in preference to my then non L 70-300 also used it with the 1.4x extender for Airshow shots with excellent results.  Upgraded my 70-300 to the L and seem to use the 135L less but would be reluctant to get rid, it's a lovely lens, lightweight telephoto and an unexplainable look to the images - rent one if your unsure.

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