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Software & Accessories / Re: Canon 250D & 500D Lenses
« on: December 23, 2012, 06:56:37 AM »
Cheers for that, presumably the 70-200 @ 100mm vs the 100mm macro ?  Or are you talking specifically about the image quality in general ?

Software & Accessories / Canon 250D & 500D Lenses
« on: December 22, 2012, 07:21:55 PM »
I've had a interest in plant and flower photography over the last few years, which has kinda led me into getting a 50mm f1.4 plus looking forward to some striking images with my Xmas gift, a lensbaby.  But I've also been playing with the idea of close up / macro photography - the idea of a macro lens is nice, but I'm wanting to get a feel for the close up lenses made by canon, in particular with my current lens kit.

I'm pondering a 58mm 250D or 500D to use on my 50 f1.4 and 70-300 IS or a 72mm 500D for use on my 135mm f2 L and wanted to get a feel for the handling - are these kinda lenses easier to use on a prime or zoom, I'm aware that image quality may suffer, but I've not got a high end camera...   I mostly use my 50 & 135 for flowers and plant life photos and most shots are taken in shade illumination.

Thoughts ?

Portrait / Re: Food pics - help required
« on: December 17, 2012, 08:14:17 AM »
Re the DOF problem, rather than a costly tilt-shift lens, you might want to explore the cheaper options for tilt shift, either through second hand 70's relics with a EF convertor or via a Lensbaby solution - go read up and see if that fits your problems

Not convinced yet - BF on the Japanese page is listed at 28mm, so it's just as likely to be a standard EF lens too

Given the current thinking, I'm imagining a 50mm f2.0 IS in a similar style to the 24/28/35mm lenses, no more, no less....  Except perhaps a 50mm f2.0 EF-M

As for the 50mm f1.8 - that will carry on regardless with crappy build, great in low light and a very low price.

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 50 f/1.4 IS in 2013 [CR2]
« on: December 12, 2012, 05:48:36 PM »
Very sceptical on current form - I'm thinking more like a 50mm f1.8 IS is more likely, sharp at f1.8, priced at about £600 retail, with an 85mm f2.0 IS at a similar price in the new style lens package seen on the 24/28/35mm lenses and a trio "cheapo" 35mm, 50mm & 85mm f2.8 non IS for £200 retail each in a build package not too dissimilar to a 18-55mm kit lens.

Third Party Manufacturers / Lensbaby - any users out there ?
« on: December 10, 2012, 04:02:03 PM »
My wife was lost for a gift to for me this Christmas, after a discussion over lunch, we went and ordered a Lensbaby Composer for me...   

Any users out there, any tips for a beginner ?

Lenses / Re: 100mm 2.8L vs 135mm 2.0L
« on: December 10, 2012, 11:30:27 AM »
Thanks for the reply, some real world comments on macro would be good too....

Looks like I'm getting a lensbaby composer for Xmas from my wife, that opens some additional macro possibilities too ;-)

Lenses / 100mm 2.8L vs 135mm 2.0L
« on: December 09, 2012, 05:35:01 PM »
I'd like to start doing macro photography, I'm not into faffing with flash, tripods and such, I like to handhold and shoot...  I have a 135mm 2.0L and was pondering if I got a 100mm 2.8L macro, would I still use the 135mm ?  It's currently one of the three lenses I use most.  I'm aware of focal length change, but what about the look of the images ?  The colour and soft focus areas, Is there a difference to the look when used as a normal telephoto at similar lengths to the 135mm ?

Lenses / Re: Recommendations for three weeks in the Middle East
« on: December 09, 2012, 07:05:33 AM »
Given your current kit I'd be tempted with a f1.4 24/35mm prime for inside places with poor light (churches) and perhaps the 8-15mm for really tight spots in the streets of historic towns

Software & Accessories / Re: 5diii and IPAD 4th Generation
« on: December 08, 2012, 06:14:25 AM »
Just to add, my original iPad imports Canon Raw files

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D hands-on reviews by many websites..
« on: December 08, 2012, 05:17:18 AM »
Good to see all the people slating the 6D and saying the 5D2 was best have now gone back under their rocks - the 6D was always going to excel over a camera that was 5 yrs older !

Lenses / Re: New EF-S Lenses Are Coming [CR2]
« on: November 21, 2012, 03:26:26 PM »
A Pro APS-C camera ???  Not really thought about Neuros concept of a 1D style body, but I'm thinking a step up in AF (45 points ?) pixel count (30mpx) and low light performance in a 7DII sized body, with a lower priced clipped version, a 8D perhaps (20mpx) ? To mirror the 5D/6D duo !  That way, they could realistically drop the 60D and look at a revised line up below, moving up the 650D replacement into a 60D price with the mirrorless range filling in below - a 1000 series as mirrorless EF-S perhaps ?

A Pro APS-C would hopefully also to me a range of "L" EF-S lenses -
- Fisheye 6mm - Fixed f4.0
- Ultrawide 8-20mm f4.0
- Standard 15-45mm f2.0 < been talk of f2.0 standard for a while
- Standard 15-85mm f4.0
- Tele 45-135mm f2.8 < a 70-200mm for crop, in white perhaps ;-)
- Tele 45-135mm f4.0

Lenses / Re: Will canon make an 85f2 IS?
« on: November 11, 2012, 07:08:04 AM »
The trend is clearly to introduce a larger gap in light gathering ability between the non L and L primes...

We currently have the 24/28 f2.8 with IS, the 35 f2 IS is also out soon, with the older lenses being phased out - The new IS lens are expensive now at about £600-670 but I'm confident that this will ease back to the £400 mark in 12 months, once the initial demand has been serviced.

As for what's coming, a 50, 85 & 100 are pretty obvious contenders, the current trend though will likely serve up a 50 f1.8 IS and f2 versions of the 85/100 - why ?  Because DSLR's have much better low light ISO performance than ever before and whilst the really picky people on here will insist that lower f numbers are essential, the majority of us couldn't really be able to tell the difference in 0.2-0.4 of an f-stop and would actually benefit from a new lens with sharper optics, image stabilisation and better handling than an unnoticeable outside of the lab improvement of bokah !

I'd like to think we will also see a 20 & 14mm IS non L option soon too...  but again based on recent trends expect these to be f3.5 - not that different to the Zeiss prime lenses that get so much praise. 

What about a non L - 200-400 IS ?  For about £800 and compatable with extenders !   Come on Canon ;-)

EOS Bodies / Re: 450D to 6D
« on: September 24, 2012, 02:35:59 PM »
and what do you know?

Have you considered renaming yourself as troll ?  I'm personally getting fed up of your nasty attitude and tripe quips.

EOS Bodies / Re: 450D to 6D
« on: September 24, 2012, 07:30:59 AM »
Whilst I'm comfortable with second hand glass, I'm less comfortable with a second hand camera, especially one as old as the 5D - which is at least 5 years old now - the AF on the 6D is fine for me, the flash sync isn't an issue, nor is the framerate - although I must say I'm tempted with the DigitalRev option of a 5DIII ;-)

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