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EOS-M / Just got my EOS-M! First impressions...
« on: July 09, 2013, 07:19:23 PM »
* Smaller and heavier then I anticipated. Heavy enough that I wouldn't want to use just a hand strap.

* AF isn't as bad as I feared. Certainly no 7D or 5D3, but I think it will be usable for all the situations where I will use the M. It should actually be usable for street (I'll find out tonight). Note: I'm judging the single focus square mode.

* Already love the 22mm f/2. Sharp, great bokeh.

* Touch screen interface is nice. The UI could use some tweaks to increase speed even more. But I don't think it's necessarily a negative vs. a design with more physical controls (in this size/format). It's better and worse. I have a feeling that touch to select focus point will prove to be a big positive for this UI over a more physical UI. My only real complaint is that I've already had my shirt change something, and I'm not on the sensitive mode.

* I'm thinking I will end up wanting an OV for some uses.

* I don't like that MF is disabled in AF and AF+MF (until after you AF and only while you hold the shutter). I realize the ring is electronically coupled, but I want a custom function where I can set it to always work if the camera is on. For that to be practically usable I suppose we would need to be able to move AF off the shutter button. That's fine with me, it's how every SLR I own is setup, and that red dot button isn't doing anything useful in still mode.

* Is it just me, or does it get warm?

* So far I've only tried one well lit scene, but...ISO 6400 JPEGs look great. After Noise Ninja they have similar noise levels to my 35mm NPH400 scans from a decade ago. More importantly, they have similar structure, i.e. the noise looks more like a fine grain film, not objectionable at all. 12800 has objectionable noise but still seems usable after some NR in post. I imagine this could fall apart with a poorly exposed scene (typical of crop at high ISO), but with good exposure I'm impressed.

This seems a bit better then my 7D, or at least better in JPEG (haven't compared RAWs yet). Sensor? DIGIC 5?

For being widely criticized and panned, this isn't a bad mirrorless body at all. I think Canon could have a hit if they:

* Improve AF even further (70D sensor).
* Tweak the UI and add focus peaking.
* Add OV and/or EV options.
* And finally: more lenses! Give us some more great primes like the 22mm f/2.

I'm happy I jumped on the $300 deal.

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