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Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom for iPad Coming Soon
« on: January 18, 2014, 10:01:02 PM »
Well, all the great thinkers out there that cant see the forest for the trees, and find that subscription software is a "great deal"- the chickens are coming home to roost. You guys made you own bed.

Subscription ipad sofftware....lol

Let all the photo sheep go ahead and purchase this.

EOS Bodies / Re: Patent: Microadjustment Automated
« on: January 13, 2014, 12:55:15 PM »
this would be the most greatest thing ever.

Ill do whatever it takes to get the job done, but I truly despise just setting up fOcal- distances of 13 feet away from target, have to purchase long usb cords, need great amounts of light, etc. Its a pain in the ass (sometimes). I went full frame in November, and i have yet to be able to enjoy its benefits because of the ludicrous amount of time and particular setup needed to adjust lenses. So for my Ive been so disappointing by the lack of sharpness, overall image quality vs my crop cam, etc.

however canon can make this easier, would get my money. The current situation is truly horrible for pros and consumes alike spending thousands on gear that may or may not work well together.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Is the 7d still a good body?
« on: January 06, 2014, 12:58:10 PM »
No. Get a 70d. Thats all folks.

I  urge caution. Yes, the 6d iso performance is awesome. but that autofocus...it is very, very suspect. Try before you buy.

Rent rent rent before u buy.

im beginning to feel the af deficiencies is not worth it relative to the iso gains compared to 70d/5d3. Also, for portraits, while I  can work with the 9 points, its soooo not close to being flexible enough.

my 2/c

If you can't get decent pictures out of a 6D then there is some serious wrong with you as a photographer!!

+1, and I'd even expand on that: you can't get decent pictures out of any *Rebel* then there is something seriously wrong with you as a photographer.

Post like this are ridiculous. Also considering that my rebels have been super reliable, yet 7d/6d have been nothing but trouble in the Af department. My Xsi focus put these higher level bodies to shame...and im ashamed to have to say that. :(

EOS-M / Re: 22mm f/2 focus noise?
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:49:35 AM »
Ive never noticed a peep. If its the same noise that occurs when the M is powering down (retracting) then likely nada to worry about.

Not to cut into the AF conversation, but ive finally gotten a chance to take some test shots with a replacement 6d. The first ones AF/sharpness was atrocious. Much better, but its not 'there' yet. I havent AFMA'd though.

The screen is a 1:1 screen shot, non- developed, adobe bridge 100% raw file preview. Reference 24-105.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 6D + 24-105 L combo not that great?
« on: December 28, 2013, 02:01:36 PM »
I feel this guys pain. I haven't worked this hard to get consistent sharp pics since my 7d debacle.

Im on my second 6d body, and its performing much better then the junk canon first sent me. Its not 'there' yet though...i still feel like its not as sharp as its supposed to be, buti haven't AFMA yet. It is however showing much better baseline sharpness with my reference 24-105.  Reminds me of my Eos M images with the 22/f2.

Im still looking for how these images will ultimately better than what my t2i can produce at iso 100. Ive seen plenty examples from others online, but as of yet i haven't experienced them with the 6d.

Here's some cropped, 1:1 eyes from my t2i. Can i realistically expect "better" from full frame?

The eos M already kicks out great images (a bit noisy, but manageable) so its more in terms of getting used to the touchscreen vs say, a g12/15/16

For me, the M does not replace the g12- even though it takes better photos. the g12 is much more practical to stash in a large pocket or in areas where its tight- not so much for the M. Even today, i carried the M +22mm, and my g12, which i can use for zooming in if i need to.

When traveling abroad, or city adventuring, i always carried one camera with me- again, the g12. i can walk with it in my hand (or swinging a bit), its fairly durable, where the M feels like a good ping would jam something up. Add the invaluable swivel screen, and you have a pocket warrior that just rocks.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon EOS 7D Firmware 2.0.5 Now Available
« on: December 11, 2013, 01:37:28 PM »
I 'll wait and see first. 
  • If it really only fixes the bug listed in the descirpotion, I don't really need it.
  • If there are hidden changes, I would like to learn about them.
  • If there are hidden changes that cause compatibility issues with third-party gear I will skip it. See Nikon D5300 and DF issues with Sigma lenses and third-party batteries following Nikon FW-Updates. Those impacts were also not documented. I know, that is Nikon and here we talk Canon ... but still!

Exactly what i was goign to post.

So now we have to be wary of all canon updates...that just stinks.

The opteka batteries for the Eos M are SOOOOO much better than the canon brands that its just sad. Usability would drop significantly if they implemented a block.

Lenses / Re: IS Versions of the 50mm, 85mm & 135mm Coming? [CR1]
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:42:04 PM »
I would love to see a 85 mm with better optical performance even without IS.

Id like to see this as well, and hopefully it doesn't lose that super duper Af in the process. Its gotta lost that horrible purple fringing...its very bad

EOS Bodies / Re: 6d, canon refurb issues, and AFMA results
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:30:48 PM »
Unfortunately i dont have any lamps that could get me that kind of setup- so ill have to go purchase one from home depot  and ive ordered a much longer usb cable.

However i also made the decision to send the body back- canon will swap it ( after a 30 minute long tirade to sales and tech.) The insanity i went through with the 7d, i cant go through that again.

ill update when i get the new body in, likely by next weekend, an ill resume testing.

I appreciate the assist guys.

EOS Bodies / Re: Black Friday Special: Refurb 7D or 70D NEW
« on: November 30, 2013, 02:24:25 PM »
70d > 7d even just for image quality alone.

6d and action? Forget it. Even if the AF could handle it, the mushy direction pad makes switching af points very inaccurate. The pad feels better when it's broken in a bit.

Beyond that i think we all wish we has 5d3's...

EOS Bodies / Re: 6d, canon refurb issues, and AFMA results
« on: November 29, 2013, 02:17:12 PM »
It's hard to say.  I suggest you rerun the tests and follow the setup guidelines a bit more closely to improve your results.  Your light levels are below the 8ev minimum recommended.  I typically calibrate with light in the 10ev to 11ev range.  Your target isn't level in the tests either - it helps to level both the target and camera.  Your target distances are also outside the recommended ranges.  Suggested distance for calibration is 50x focal length, or in a range from 25x-50x.  You are a bit long on the 24mm side - 1.6m vs 0.6m - 1.2m recommended and short on 105mm side - 2.0m vs 2.6m to 5.2m recommended.  I also find that target print quality can greatly affect the results.  I've tried a few different papers and ink settings to get the highest contrast targets.

Using the recommended setup I achieve excellent result confidence with both a new 6D and refurb 6D on the 24-105L and several other lenses.  The results are pretty consistent on both bodies, within 1 AFMA at both 24mm (1,2) and 105mm (0,1). I also verify the autofocus with a LensAlign tool that I got before FoCal.   

Ive basically done the best that i could with the usb length that i have. its not that long at all. That would be quite a bit of light to hit ev10- and im in a white walled room with windows to the right of the target setup- how did you manage to achieve that level of light? (at night i blast the target with a small flashlight).

It was pretty disheartening to look at the raws from a demo 6d and find the images were immediately noticeably better.

Im takign it around the block to see what i get form some real world sceneariosn

EOS Bodies / 6d, canon refurb issues, and AFMA results
« on: November 28, 2013, 11:11:44 AM »
I recently purchase a 6d from canon refurb sale. Tested it out, image quality sucked. AF was totally off, even after focal and hand AFMA. I compared shots taken from a bh demo unit, with no edited settings besides raw. Immediately noticeably better. I prepare a whole folder for canon repair to look at.

The choice was to send it back or have them fix it. I've need a replacement for my junked 7d I sold a while ago. I chose to fix it. Jus got it back, took some shots, then focal. Here are the results.

Minimal info on the repair sheet - AF adjustments.

These are twice as good as the blur city it was originally. But it doesn't look great, especially not full frame great. Admittedly, the pictures do look a lot better and it harder to argue it, but look at those results...like soft. To less soft. In comparison, before it went back the settings came back -9 -9 for this sharp copy of 24-105.

I will not an do not conduct image quality test after image processing, so no I won't be running them through lightroom or dpp to see how much better they can get. I expect good images out of camera.

Lastly, every image I work with is viewed at 100 percent and similar settings, so there is no deviation.

What do you guys think? More details to come.

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