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Technical Support / Alternating colour shift in sequences of photos
« on: December 20, 2014, 04:57:15 AM »
I have recently noticed this strange behaviour, it looks like the WB is changing between two values when shooting a sequence of photos; attached is an example, two crops from two successive shots from a single burst, from the same part of the frame, manual white-balance, and everything else identical (ISO, aperture etc.). This same behaviour shows up in most, if not all, burst sequences.

Does anybody have any idea what might be the cause or how to fix it?

I can't even imagine what would need to be broken to cause this issue!

EOS Bodies / New 1DX Firmware Version 2
« on: October 22, 2013, 07:43:13 AM »
Am I going crazy, or are they finally giving us a true Auto-ISO in M with exposure compensation?!?!?

That's a pleasant surprise!

Canon General / Hey Canon, I've got cash to burn, but...
« on: January 11, 2013, 02:36:42 AM »
...and I'm writing this to counter all the recent Canon bashing and flaming here, I can't find anything worth buying!

My 5D2 needs an upgrade, but the 5D3 doesn't have interchangeable focus-screens which I need for wide-aperture (manual) lenses (and the lack of improvement in the shadow noise is a bit of a let-down). The 1DX would be possible, too, but for that amount of cash I'd like 24 or 28 megapixels (with proportionally slower frame rate), everything else is great.

Since moving to full-frame the 70-200 is a bit short, but I don't want to substitute it with a less-sharp-and-inferior-IS 100-400, give me a new version already, or an updated 300 f/4, I'll take whatever comes first! And what about wide-angle, where is the 14-24 competitor, or even a 17-40 or 16-35 that's half as sharp? Where is the quality 20 IS USM to go with the 24 and 28?

And don't get me started on all the missing or crippled firmware features, some decent updates there might have pushed me to a 5D3 or 1DX, but there's no real auto-iso in m with exposure compensation, no proper way to set the min and max shutter speed or aperture in the semi-auto modes, no histogram when zoomed in like the smallest nikons do, ... ... ...

Rant finished, obviously I don't make my living from photography, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't spend some more on it, because I do shoot a lot and some things are often difficult with my current gear!

EOS Bodies / Modular design
« on: July 22, 2012, 08:25:49 AM »
Computers have been pretty modular for a while, cars are becoming more modular over time, even houses etc...

Why is nobody coming forth with a more modular approach to DSLRs? It seems that Canikon etc. are all stuck in the 20th century regarding certain ideas:

- Make AA filter BTO (build to order) (only D800E does this)
- Make Bayer filter BTO (only Leica M9 does this)
- Make two or three APS-C and FF bodies with different builds, then offer two or three sensors for each.

Suppose Canon had an 18 and 28 MP FF sensor, I could choose a 5D3 with 18MP and 7fps or 28MP and 4fps or a 1DX with 18MP and 12fps or 28MP and 8fps, or something like that.

If they then stopped holding back on software-only features, intentionally crippled firmware and atrocious usability issues it would be really great!

So what I'm wondering, are there technical reasons against this, or is it just the capitalist reality biting us (i.e. we get the worst possible product instead of the best possible, where worst possible is defined as just good enough to make us want to upgrade, and just good enough to keep up with the competition, but no really innovative steps forward unless absolutely forced to by outside pressure).

EOS Bodies / Full 5D mark II Refund
« on: October 11, 2011, 02:34:57 AM »
Check this out, there's an online store that offers a full refund for any 5D mark II purchased between now and the end of 2011 if the 5D mark III is announced in that time interval!


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