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EOS Bodies / Fast Primes on 5dm3
« on: April 26, 2012, 06:04:45 PM »
I was testing out my 24mm for an extensive amount of time today and my old 5dm1 and 1dm3 both struggled to get sharp test images. The point of the test is that i plan to shoot the 50L on the 5dm3 and the 24 on the 5dm1 and on occasion the 1dm3 to bring it closer to a 35mm lens. On the 5dm3 both my 50L and my 24L nailed it so sharp it was sick. That wasn't even using calculated time consuming multiple taps to the focus which i do as a standard for large aperture shooting. It was using single shot single point focus not spot focus. I even tried it in servo which i always found screwed up shooting with primes and it was crazy that it worked so well. This camera is very intelligent. Its like these primes are built for future cameras not older ones.
No I don't want to go thru all the work and post those. :)

EOS Bodies / Sandisk Sale
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:56:40 PM »
32GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card

I just got really lucky. I didn't see the post on the main page i was just browsing b&h for this card again after canceling the order on April 5th.
They were $158.95   on the order i cancelled. Sweet!

EOS Bodies / Change what dial sets Apertures on the 5DM3?
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:47:07 PM »
Does anyone know if there is a way to switch the dials for aperture and shutter speed? My old 5D has shutter speed on the top dial and aperture on the rear dial, my 5dm3 has it just the opposite. Id like to have the same settings for that. The 1dm3 has it either way i want it.

EOS Bodies / How many actuations on your Canons?
« on: April 05, 2012, 06:13:04 PM »
According to Canon Professional Services I took over 343,849 photos on the 1dm3 camera i sent in 2010. That was the second time I had it replaced, i never got a number from them the first time but i am sure it was up there.
My buddy has never had his 50D in for repair and i'd wager he has somewhere around 500,000, why do i think that? Because before we even started our own sports photog company he was using it to shoot sports for other companies and since then only my 1dm3 has been in 2x, last time in 2010.
His 50D was made in the heavens i think! lol

Portrait / Post your Favorite Wedding Group Shots here!
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:07:30 AM »
Heres a couple i posted to my blog.
The Boyz

The Wedding Party

EOS Bodies / What UDMA-7 memory cards and camera specs offer
« on: March 31, 2012, 05:52:27 PM »

What is UDMA 7?
UDMA 7, which stands for Ultra Direct Mode Access 7, is the latest transfer mode under the UDMA interface. UDMA 7 allows a maximum transfer rate of up to 167MB/sec. This can be compared to the previous UDMA mode, UDMA 6, which allowed transfer rates of up to 133MB/sec.

So even Lexar is leaving room for a faster card by having a 150mb/s card instead of a 167 mb/s card. Sandisk is lagging behind a bit offering a max speed of 100 mb/s.

Theres a bunch of Canon Firmware updates to bring cameras up to udma 7 spec. 50d,5dm2,7d,1dm4, and prob others. I included links but they are not direct to them all sorry. If you have any of these cameras i would def get the update. I wish i could get one for my 1dm3...
Here they are:

I need to get my focus point to always be displayed in red like my 1dm3. Its a pain to have to hit the focus point grid just to see if i have the right focus point on the subject when its dark.

I also want to have custom flash settings for my custom settings, that is not allowed as yet. I have one settings that i want only low light and disable the flash but have my flash assist beam from my flash helping to lock focus.

Also I'd like the ability to save all my custom settings to a card so if i have a second 5dm3 i can just load them in.

Im sure i am forgetting a couple but of all of them the flash settings would prob least likely be done by Canon but i hope i am wrong.

Please contact Canon Support using this link, i think the more input they get about these things the more they will want to make it happen.

EOS Bodies / BG-e11 Hand Grip Gripe
« on: March 30, 2012, 08:15:39 PM »
Where the heck is this thing?? You can't even find it on Canon USA's site unless you go to accessories in the 5dm III page. I wish it came with a battery so between the 5dm3 and the grip you are covered.

So I am addicted to Nailing down my custom functions and its cool but why oh why does Canon get shortsighted sometimes? I want Speedlight controls on my Custom Functions dang it!  >:(
All my custom functions have everything else dialed in i am just explaining what flash settings below
CF1 Shoot with flash in normal lighting with bride hi speed sync flash if you end up outdoors 1/3 under exposed evaluative flash
CF2 shoot Receptions second curtain sync flash for light trails if i set the manual to slower shutter than regular speeds
CF3 no flash but use the flashes meter to pick up focus if needed when flash is still on the camera and turned on else all manual auto iso

I hope they come up with some updates that relate to that, why make it half baked??
Also, i want to be able to record all my functions to a card and transfer all the c1,c2,c3 functions to another 5dm3...I havent seen a way to do that unless i am missing something or is that a 1D only feature....because i have that on my 1DM3.

Using the older Sandisk Extreme III 16 gig CF card at speed rating at 30 MB/s.
This is all high speed shutter shooting mode.
126 Fine Medium jpeg  Tested once all around 3mg files no slowdown in buffer
115 Large Jpeg            Tested once all around 5.8mg files no slowdown in buffer
7 Raw + Large fine      2 times tested same Result
15 Raw                      3 times tested same Result
10 med raw               3 times tested same Result
14 small raw /12 small raw      2 times tested

Real life samples, no i dont want to measure every file size and combo. :D
It is interesting how the buffer changed when going to med raw, must be more processing involved...
I'd say this 30mb/s speed card is plenty for most situations. I might buy something like a 32 gig thats faster in the future just so I am covered for extreme situations.
For shooting video I def would get like a 600x or 90 MB/s or faster card.

Ok, I didn't edit color or anything. These are medium size fine jpegs resized in photoshop to 4x6 120dpi quality of 8. Portrait picture style. Hi iso noise reduction set on low, Basically imported them into canon Imagebrowser ex. Unlike yesterdays samples all the data was imported in since i used canon software instead of unsupported lightroom. I actually have never seen data be removed from files before... UPDATE I opened a file back from the site to look at the data but it doesn't show for some reason but at least i put text on the file image. my copies have all the data but coming back from the site its all wiped...
I am sorry i didnt turn of noise reduction but there are 3 levels and it was set to medium yesterday and today it is on low iso noise reduction. You really wont see their software at work but it is quite outstanding. Honestly if you really needed it at 102,400 they look pretty usable. The detail is quite remarkable! I will have to make several posts to get them all on here since there are limitations so here we go.

EOS Bodies / 5D M III Jpgs no processing
« on: March 22, 2012, 09:19:51 PM »
All of these images were converted from raw to jpg and resized down to 6x4 and 300 dpi, thats it, no crop, no enhancement of any kind. I know i can be more thorough and get shots in jpg at the same iso same place but to tell you the truth the light was changing rapidly at the point i took these.
One thing i'll say about noise. You can get awful noise from 400 iso from any camera if its underexposed the key to keeping noise at bay is good exposures for you who are new to this or just havent figured that out.

I did these shots in a rush so sorry about all that. I did shoot today around the house and i will say i have not prob shooting 25,600iso, the detail is retained and for weddings if i need it i wont feel guilty using it.

Also This was accomplished with CS5 with the beta update. LR doesn't recognize the raw files yet.

EOS Bodies / New Camera Unboxing of Canon EOS 5D Mark III
« on: March 22, 2012, 05:45:31 PM »
Ok, heres the skinny on the unboxing. I am happy for all those who took my tip of where to get their 5D Mark III's instead of the painful wait.
Here it is:

EOS Bodies / DXO Optics Hands on Review
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:25:17 PM »
I was curious to see if the 5DM3 had the sensor tested in the lab by DXo, they haven't posted the sensor tests yet but they have had a chance to pick it apart. Here is their online review.
Here is what I was looking for

Hey guys, i got a nice surprise 30 min ago at 11:37 am Mar 21st 2012. Norman Camera sent me an email confirmation of my 5dm3 being shipped. I called them and asked what their inventory was and he just told me they have 20 kits in stock right this moment! I told him I'd let people know you have them.
Ask for Andy, Tell them Kevin Sent ya.
Norman Camera

My 5dm3 is going to be at my doorstep tomorrow, asking self do i want to spend a couple hours on the road to get it in my hands today yet???? Im going to try and wait. :D

Let me know if you contact them, im tryin to do them a solid for their great customer service over the years.

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