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EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mk III: ISO 25600...Stunning!!!!!
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:55:02 PM »
Awesome....can't wait to attach 50mm f1.4 to this camera....IQ should be great if bring it down to f2 to 2.8

Me too but I hope the 50 1.4 AF motor is strong enough to keep up with the 5d3 AF system... I've had lenses struggle to keep up with the 7D and this is supposed to be better/faster... whoa nelly

The 50 1.2 is too slow for the 1D IV, the 1.4 is faster, but it'll probably struggle.

On topic, not at all impressed. I think the really S___ty images probably have something to do with that.

I've had the 50 1.2 struggle to keep up with my 7D (rented it, one of the lenses that doesn't work well with it)... I have the 50 1.4 and it's faster but even at that, I have to almost remind myself to not over do the lens and let it catch up at times... The 1.2 would give false focus confirmations so it would say it was in focus when it wasn't... I have no patience with that... the 5d3 and 50 1.2 may be a doomed relationship  8)  The sample images are across the board... Some better than others, but the objective ones show the technical quality (sharpness in raw files, color, etc) the rest you kinda have to take with a grain of salt for now I suppose.
I do not recommend using the F1.2/1.4 lenses in ai servo they hunt alot. Change it to single shot and it locks on pretty fast. These high speed glass lenses are super refined with the smallest movement meaning they are out of focus so yes the focus systems are slower as a result but the images, god the images are amazing. I had an 85 1.2 version I and sold it but man i wish i had a version 2. I had a 35 f1.4 and sold that because i didn't use it enough to justify having it. One piece of glass i know id use a lot is a 24 1.4 II. That will be the next lens for me. I have the 50 1.2 and it is incredible. As i said these specialty lenses never use in servo mode. Try it you will see what i am talking about. Stick to single shot.

EOS Bodies / Re: Best cards for 5D Mark III? SD & CF
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:20:49 PM »
this is extremely confusing for me. on amazon the sandisk extreme pro 16gb SD at 95 mb/s is 70$ the CF card at 90mb/s is 110$ .... why would a faster/smaller card be cheaper? why wouldnt everyone just buy the SD?


Durability and size, easy to break easy to loose.

First post!!!   At some point reading just isn't enough.  ;D

I use a canon 60D so I know some about SD cards and close to none about CF.  So I figured I'd share and then ask a question.

The Class on SD cards is a minimum writing speed which is supposed to be guaranteed even at non-optimal conditions.  So technically you could have a class 4 that writes much faster than 4MB/s.  Sandisk is known for having much higher write speeds then the class rating.

Also if you are looking for a review on SD cards on the 1D mark IV look here.

And here for a good comparison site.

Now for my question.   I normally buy SDHC cards no bigger than 8gb for fear of "putting all your eggs in one basket".  SD cards are known for going bad sometimes.  Does this happen with CF cards as well?  I'd love to get bigger storage CF cards (for a mark II i'll prolly buy soon once the "price drop" happens *crossing fingers*) if they are more reliable.
My experiences with the 24 or so cards i have
Sandisk never fail

Kingston failed 2-32 gig cards out of 4 in a 4 card purchase were corrupt and unusable within the first 2 times i used them. Dont ever compromise on card quality if you make money in photography.

Lexar i have no experience but it will be my next card at 1000x 150mb/s, just not soon. Never heard complaints about that card brand.

The newer Canon model might write to a CF card much faster than the 5D MK II did.  I'll need to see some tests before going out and buying a super fast card.

I believe that It takes SDXC cards which have larger potential capacity and speed, but you might need a new card reader for them.
UDMA 7, the latest fastest CF option. Def a plus for video but for photo 60mb/s up to 150 will all work fine. Chuck westfall says the faster the better just be above 30mb/s for the best experience. That is a synopsis of what i read on a post that he answered questions, not sure where.

EOS Bodies / DXO Optics Hands on Review
« on: March 21, 2012, 04:25:17 PM »
I was curious to see if the 5DM3 had the sensor tested in the lab by DXo, they haven't posted the sensor tests yet but they have had a chance to pick it apart. Here is their online review.
Here is what I was looking for

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIII pre-order thread
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:57:40 PM »
I just ordered the kit from Norman camera. No sales tax to Virginia! He has more available- ask for Andy.
Great! Glad you took my advice!

Andy says you can order them today and be shipped to tomorrow. Hes definitely getting a bunch in tomorrow and he wont jerk you around like other well known camera supply stores (edited out the store names out of kindness since one of those big companies sent me a cust survey asking what i thought about their cust service today) from what i've been reading.

They're already out of stock!
I just called and spoke to Andy he said they are getting a bunch more kits tomorrow and will be able to ship as soon as they come in like they did for me today. They dont get told how many they will get from Canon but he expects a bunch.

If you asked for the body only well i never said they had the body only in stock. They have fullfilled all their kit shipments for today of what they had in stock.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIII pre-order thread
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:13:57 PM »
I live not far from Norman, good to know they are quality.
Give them a call. I talked to Andy this morn after getting my ship confirmation. 800-900-6676 is the number there. I just called and spoke to Andy he said they are getting a bunch more kits tomorrow and will be able to ship as soon as they come in like they did for me today. They dont get told how many they will get from Canon but he expects a bunch.

They have fulfilled all their kit shipments for today of what they had in stock. He says you can order them today and be shipped to tomorrow.

They're already out of stock!
Did you call and talk to Andy?

EOS Bodies / Re: 5DIII pre-order thread
« on: March 21, 2012, 01:04:01 PM »
Hey guys, i got a nice surprise at 11:37 am this morn Mar 21st 2012. Norman Camera sent me an email confirmation of my 5dm3 being shipped.

I did post a thread about where to get the kits before this but wanted to share the excitement with those who are talking about their pre-orders. Yea Baby!!

Someone posted that they are out already but i wonder if this forum is that effective....

One more thing because they actually physically have the 20 5d3 camera kits as of this morn they can ship out today so if you want overnight you will get it. The other thing is if you are somewhere near michigan you should get it tomorrow at no extra cost FYI, Ask to be sure though.

Hey guys, i got a nice surprise 30 min ago at 11:37 am Mar 21st 2012. Norman Camera sent me an email confirmation of my 5dm3 being shipped. I called them and asked what their inventory was and he just told me they have 20 kits in stock right this moment! I told him I'd let people know you have them.
Ask for Andy, Tell them Kevin Sent ya.
Norman Camera

My 5dm3 is going to be at my doorstep tomorrow, asking self do i want to spend a couple hours on the road to get it in my hands today yet???? Im going to try and wait. :D

Let me know if you contact them, im tryin to do them a solid for their great customer service over the years.

Lenses / Re: 24-70 2.8 L II - any images/first impressions online?
« on: March 21, 2012, 12:16:28 AM »
There aren't big difference between old and new versions:

- MK2 9 blade diaphragm, MK1 have 8
- MK2 18 elements in 13 gropus, MK1 16 in 13.
- MK2 82mm filter, MK1 77mm
- MK2 Inner focusing with USM, MK1 front focusing method
- MK2 805g, MK1 950g

So is $1000 worth to cover those changes

After having five of the old version, I gave up on them.  They were ok, but not so good that I'd keep one.  They also look better on full frame, which tends to be more forgiving of lens flaws.
Lens reviewers have had much the same experience, some having had to test multiple lenses in order to find one that was even close to the Canon mtf curves.  Even then, the design itself  results in excessive curvature of field, which means that, at wide apertures, a flat wall will only be in focus at the edges or the center, but not both.  They are better at f/8, but did you pay all that money to get a lens that you had to use at f/8 to hide the curvature of field in depth of field? 
The new one better solve those issues, considering the price.
Yeah that is what has held me back from buying a 24-70mkI coz you get some people saying that it's a 'perfect' walk-about lens and has great focal length, etc but then i hear stories from those like you who dislike the lens coz they cannot find a good copy. With back focussing issues and what have you. I would like to own a 24-70 2.8 lens but cant justify the almost not almost, it is a rip off price point, especially considering it doesnt have IS. if it had IS I would def consider pre-ordering one. If not buying it a few months after its released. Is it worth that extra $1000? canon think so and believe it doesnt need IS even when a lot of photogs in the community wanted IS in the mkii.

EDIT: dunno how or why but this post was posted before i finished :S

Haha, ok, been using the 24-70 2.8l for 5 yrs and its is an incredible lens most all Canon Explorers have this lens, Most wedding photogs have this lens. We never needed IS. Especially when isos are sick these days...The lens of the last 2yrs has been flogged thousands of times in my sports photog company too and it just is friggen fast! It prob focusses faster than my 70-200 2.8l II, no kidding. bad copies are prob out there but many times its a bad sensor alignment in which case many probs exist. Ideally you send your gear to canon and get both calibrated to each other. I had a photog friend have a prob with the lens on his 40 d and after trying a couple sent it in and it was the sensor alignment that was the prob. It goes both ways though im sure some lenses are out of their spec when bought new.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: BG-E11 questions
« on: March 21, 2012, 12:04:23 AM »
For $500 it better be the best battery grip ever made, seriously.  But yeah I'm pretty sure it's rear-loading like the 5DII grip, and is better built.
The Rep Says it $349, so a great deal i'd say!

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