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As it states, this poll is asking everybody to vote. Do You Currently Own an Extender and Telephoto Lens that would be affected or Not. Plans for a future purchase do not count, this is only to get an idea of how many of you would be affected if you were given a 1D X today.

If you do own an extender and lens combination that would be affected, what extender do you use, which lens do you pair it with, and truthfully... when was the last time you used them both together.

Fuji's new X-Trans CMOS Processor eliminates moire and false colors.

The new X-Trans CMOS Processor in the X-Pro1 seems like an elegant solution, no need for low pass, anti-aliasing filters. The images look pretty sharp. I haven't been able to detect any chromatic aberrations in the images either. Would this type of sensor help limit CA, I don't know, but it it's other strengths could signal the end of the line for the Bayer sensor layout.

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