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EOS Bodies / Re: Why so long on the DXOMark and DPReviews?
« on: April 12, 2012, 10:55:14 AM »
I lost quite a bit of faith in DXOMark after they tested the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II and found it to be significantly worse than the v1 in terms of resolution, and refused the possibility of a subaverage sample.

Their sensor tests may still be good, though.

 They said the v2 "offers slightly less resolution" but tests better on chromatic aberration. I fail to see how that qualifies as "significantly worse". Also, "These 2 lenses are very similar in term of transmission, distortion and vignetting", again hardly a condemning review.

  The tests are what they are, and the results speak for themselves. Just because you're not happy with how the test turned out, or think they may have got a sub-average sample is irrelevant. The test was done with a final production sample. They put the sensor or lens through their specific testing procedures, and those are the results they got... end of story. The v1 production unit they tested was better than the v2. Sure it was probably a fluke, but if you were upgrading, there is also the possibility that your v2 could score worse than your v1. Production samples vary, it's a fact of life.

  That said, I think Nikon tests better because Nikon actually uses DXOMark equipment to test their sensors, and probably uses that data to determine what's working and what's not in terms of DR, color depth, and ISO. Not that they tune their sensors to beat the test, but use the test's to determine which of their sensor designs should produce the best real world results. 

  In no way do I think DxO favors one brand over another, the fact that Nikon is a customer doesn't influence their DxO scores, as the scores aren't a matter of subjective bias. The scores are based on a rigid set of criteria. Nikon scores well because they use the same equipment and methods to test their sensors... then use that data to improve their sensors.

EOS Bodies / 1D X RAW Images Available Now...
« on: April 08, 2012, 02:48:13 PM »
Here they are. The 12800 looks pretty amazing.

#53 is at 3200
#54 is at 6400
#63 is at 12800

Just wondering if anybody here also owns a Nikon body, and if they behave similarly. Not looking for a fight, or a Nikon is better thread, just wondering. I'll still be picking up a 5D3 or 1D X, I just haven't decided which yet.

It would help if you linked the article.

Site Information / Main site formatting problems in Safari
« on: April 03, 2012, 09:28:40 PM »
Wondering if anyone else is having problems with the main site in Safari. The forum continues to look like it always has in Safari, but the main site seems to have lost it's formatting in Safari 5.1.4. Firefox still displays the main site fine, and Safari continues to display the rest of the sites I visit correctly. Just thought I'd give you administrators a heads up that a % of your users may be having issues with the main site.

EOS Bodies / Re: Thoughts of Gizmodo today - pretty balanced
« on: April 03, 2012, 09:01:07 PM »
Actually, with the rotation of the earth, El Capitan is traveling somewhere between 820 to 850 mph. It's amazing how still it looks though.

Clearly a vast underestimate, as you've failed to include revolution about the sun, galactic rotation, and the expansion of the universe into account.


But relative to the person taking the photo?

I did, but since I don't have the math to work that out... I left as compared to the poles.

EOS Bodies / Re: Thoughts of Gizmodo today - pretty balanced
« on: April 03, 2012, 07:30:57 PM »
After all, El Capitan doesn't move very fast, so who cares if the AF is all messed up!

It's probably moving at a rate of 3-4 cm per year.  The 5DIII will have absolutely no problem there.  The 5DII is a different story, though - that camera's AI Servo mode might have a hard time keeping up.

Actually, with the rotation of the earth, El Capitan is traveling somewhere between 820 to 850 mph. It's amazing how still it looks though.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon EOS-1D X Delayed Again? [CR2]
« on: March 31, 2012, 07:12:36 PM »
Here's my overly optimistic wish - Since Canon likely tests many variations of sensor design... I'm hoping that they do have a bleeding edge CMOS sensor waiting in the wings... that wasn't originally chosen because of the higher production costs associated with it's manufacture. I'm hoping that Nikon's D4 and D800 has forced Canon switch to a bleeding edge sensor they originally deemed too expensive for current production.

That's my wish, however improbable. That said, it's probably just the f/8 autofocus.

Looks nice and sharp. You did some post process sharpening, and bumped up the contrast and color a bit as well, didn't you?

EOS Bodies / Re: DXO vs Reality
« on: March 29, 2012, 02:32:36 AM »
I use a Canon EOS strap on my D5100.

Camera straps are often overlooked, it's a crucial piece of kit that can make or break your camera. Ken Rockwell once compared camera straps from all the major manufactures, and the ones that didn't make their own straps he was able to simulate by taking a generic strap and writing the manufactures name on it in nail polish that most closely mimicked the color of the mfg's logo. The results were astounding!!! With the Zeiss strap attached the images became much sharper and popped with an almost 3D quality to them. The Leica strap increased percievable resolution by 20%. The Nikon strap increased the DR but just didn't feel right, a bit clunky and cumbersome. The Canon EOS strap was the best all around, there was a Hit to the DR, but was more comfortable than any of the other straps and was right behind the Leica and Zeiss straps when it came to overall image quality.


Why is everyone taking pictures In the dark?

Is that a good enough reason? ;) :P

People are taking pictures in the dark to increase the likelihood they'll get beat up by a jealous bf?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 5D Mark 3 + 85mm f1.2 II
« on: March 28, 2012, 02:17:26 AM »
no problems also the sigma is 2 and a half times cheaper and is still an amazing lens, easily my favourite

There seems to be some serious purple fringing going on in that sample. I just happened to have your 5D2 10028 test-1 sample up to compare it to.  The image with the 10028 on the 5D2 looks much better, and sharper than the 5D3 with the Sigma Lens.

Site Information / Re: Bring Back Karma – NOW!
« on: March 27, 2012, 08:25:22 PM »
Honestly, look at how many smites Neuro got . . . how is that possible for a real content contributor?

I believe Neuro's Karma was still to the positive, and reasonably balanced, so I look at is it as his being a respected, if sometimes contentious, member of this forum... one I'd probably enjoy having lunch and discussing photography with. I'd be much less inclined to do so with someone who had all positive Karma, or all smites. The first because they only play the safe, consensus, view... the latter, because they are likely just as unpleasant, ignorant and obstinate in real life.

I would like to see Karma/Smite reinstated, as I believe it helped identify trolls. I used it as a reference often, I figure if the community consensus had a persons Karma/Smite reasonably balanced then that person was worth having a dialog with. On the other hand if the person had 50 smites and only 4 Karma, then I know that person is likely a troll and I can save my breath trying  to engage in a reasonable dialog with them. 

As it stands now, there seems to be a number of trolls still operating, and now I have no way to identify them at a glance, so we all risk getting sucked into the pot they are stirring... out of ignorance or amusement.


Look under service and support

Funny, somehow I completely overlooked the warranty link when I looked on that page initially.

Title says it all. Looked all over, B&H, Andromeda, Amazon, Canon's site, etc... 1/2 just say "USA warranty", but none of them say how long the warranty is good for.

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