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Does this eliminate the need for a light meter? If so why wasn't this done a lot sooner.

It can/does do away with light meters, if that jives with your style.  The dependance on TTL isn't for everyone, but it does work, and makes run and gun shooting really easy.

I agree the price point is high, but for the brand it is in line with everything they make.  The math they were looking to hit was 3x the price of a 600ex-RT, so they hit it, for better or worse.  It is the only way to do TTL in a studio sized strobe, so first movers pricing.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Hasselbad-Sony collaboration
« on: November 26, 2013, 03:10:10 PM »
This doesn't make sense for the MF world.  I mean, it would have to be an electronic shutter, with a sensor+ type of down resolving.  One thing for sure, they'd better do it on a 35mm sensor first - I don't think they sell enough H5D's, plus the folks spending $30k+ for a new body and back are not the folks to experiment with.

Canon General / Re: Random (but Legal) Use of your Photos
« on: November 25, 2013, 04:00:13 PM »
Photo contests are a place where legally, it would be nice if there were a set of consistent licenses that could be referred to.  Such as:

license a) We take all rights just for submitting the photo and can do anything include selling the photo to others
license b) You grant us an unlimited license to do anything we want, but you retain the rights
license c) You grant us limited license for the contest, if you win you grant us additional rights, etc

I personally believe that by entering a contest you shouldn't give any rights up, but others do, so have at it.  I just don't want to read all the fine print 5x over to make sure I don't enter something I don't like.  I see these photo collection contests on craigslist and such, so to each their own.

I wonder when two of these 'contests' ends up in a lawsuit wit because a 'tog submitted the photo to multiple contests, each one taking full rights...

I played with a set last night.  Biggest thing in lighting in years.  It didn't like the EOS-M, but played really well with the 5d mk3 and manually with the Hasselblad.  Screw fixed lighting, a couple of assistants and poles, done.  If anything it makes me want to try the Prio Lites as the whole no cables setup is REALLY NICE!

Technical Support / Re: How do I order print online?
« on: November 21, 2013, 01:29:33 PM »
Costco rocks !!! Just kidding...

Actually I have to love Costco because they do have ICC profiles available.

Software & Accessories / Re: Remote release/intervalometer question
« on: November 12, 2013, 12:27:44 PM »
Love my Hanhel - works great

Toss in the CarrySpeed site has been down for a while.  I love my F1 plate, but it's just not perfect when used with the Hasselblad.

What wore out on the Spider setup?  I don't like their plates (doesn't fit my hands), but the pin and catch works great to me.

Um.. DAMN!  Traffic crashed their site, but 500w/s with TTL - using their remote - 220 pops per battery - and it's itty bity.  TTL is in the remote you place on camera, Canon right now, and they promise a Nikon version next year.

Software & Accessories / Re: Another Stupid Question about Format CF.
« on: November 05, 2013, 12:21:32 PM »
I gotta say, you have an interesting mix of cards there!   :D

Dude!  You still have microdrives!  Do those even still work?!  (You realize that microdrives are actually tiny mechanical hard drives, not flash memory, right?  Don't bang them around and don't go over 10,000 feet to use them.)

Sorry, I'm an IT guy and those things were SO COOL back in the day!  I was showing one of those to my class way back when I used to teach IT in '97!!  I had to do a Google search to realize that I guess they are actually still made and available!  Really???  :o 

I did the same thing - back with I was stuck with 64mb Smartmedia, I would have killed for the 1gb Microdrive.

Software & Accessories / Re: Bottleneck when opening images of CF card?
« on: November 05, 2013, 09:54:02 AM »
OP needs to look at Photo Mechanic - - if you're going to open up lots of files directly, it renders faster than Lightroom, but it isn't a full on photo editor.

If you're going to open that many files at once, you are spending more money on getting top end CF cards - or import them onto a SSD and open from there.  It adds the benefit of not deleting the only copy of an image.

EOS Bodies / Re: Why are DSLRs so Big?
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:43:52 PM »
Film cameras didn't have crazy people running around shooting 1080P video on them.  Basically you're taking the most important and size inclined things and stacking them together - lens mount, mirror box, shutter, sensor, heat sink and lcd (with some overlap).

Yes, the overall form factor is based on those 35mm canisters and the take up for exposed film, but would you want something like a Lytro to hold on to?

On the flip side, my biggest complaint on the mirrorless/ EOS-M camera is the lack of battery space - that tiny little battery has to power so much.

Lenses / Re: 300 f/2.8 -a big problem
« on: November 03, 2013, 07:09:37 PM »
This is why the lenses are white - as addictive as some of the other white power substances, yet not going to get you in trouble with the law.  LR/LA has some of the 300 2.8 IS v1's for $3,700 - $3,850.  Not to do in your credit cards, but with the price premium of the v2's, getting a good v1 is a time sensitive thing, so get it while available, otherwise the options to get one later on may be slim.

At least that's the logic I used to get a Hasselblad....

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: High Megapixel DLSR a niche market?
« on: October 28, 2013, 02:10:24 PM »
When we judge sharpness of a digital image, we immediately go to 100% and see what an image looks like.  I can with absolute certainty, that a large number of shooters who think they have great glass and shooting technique will not have a great experience.  The D800/D800e demands the most of both glass and shooter to get a 'sharp' image, so to go to a higher resolution without having answers, you're asking for upset customers.  This is the reason I think there is rumors around a Canon MF - that to push the resolution that high, and to put a 20 year old EF lens in front of it, it's most likely going to suck.  Element slightly out of alignment - it's going to show.

I love MF - Phase One certified, and have a H4D-50.  I would prefer that Canon do a retro styled high megapixel / high DR fixed lens as a starter, since they can control all pieces in one package - ala x100s.  Once they can show the world how amazing it looks they can put the same sensor into a DSLR, be it 35mm or MF.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: This momma is looking to buy a camera ?
« on: October 28, 2013, 01:37:27 PM »

I do not think that you will want a full size DSLR, the complex features are likely more than you need, lenses are large, and its just big.

Sorry, but this sounds super sexist. Where did she say she is too fragile and delicate to handle a manly camera? Where did she say she is too thick to figure out the complex features?

She said she has been researching for the past several months and is worried that she will outgrow a T3i too quickly. That doesn't sound to me like someone who can't worry her pretty little head over figuring out all those complicated settings on the camera.

I don't believe this is the case, as I would give the same advice to a new father.  The whole thought that giving someone a DSLR as the answer to their needs is wrong.  Kids are fast, and a G15/G1x is a perfect high end camera option that will fit in the diaper bag along with everything else that you get to carry in addition to a kid.  The more pocketable the better.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 2nd Body... 1D IV or another 5D III
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:16:43 PM »
I'm officially confused

Ignore the previous few posts - a side track you don't want to get involved in.  At least you haven't requested the 200-400/f4/1.4x and have to send it back.

The 1D line is known for doubling as a blunt object for dealing with rioters, and such.  It will take more abuse or 'shooting in challenging conditions' than the 5D mk3.  Do consider a used 300 mk1, but if you go for the 400mm, know that the mk1 is 3.5lbs heavier than the mk2.

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