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Technical Support / 5D MK3 w/70-200mm exposure pulse issue
« on: June 15, 2013, 12:14:19 PM »
now two clients came back to me with the same issue, during shoots both times with my 70-200mm IS 2 2.8 lens, there is a sort of light pulse that is random that happens on the footage, i cant even recreate it myself. but one of them sent me a video clip to show me, anyone ever hear of this happening?
im in full manual mode and have been shooting professional video for a year and its just now the last two shoots reported this problem, please look at the link below and any insight or help is much appreciated!

EOS Bodies - For Video / 5D Mark III Magic Lantern wish list poll
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:11:32 PM »
ok, i couldnt think of anything else id want for option 5, but all of the rest would be nice.
i think they are all possible, very possible.
thank you to the guys at Magic Lantern!!!

Canon, you have to give us something, we are forgetting about you, my 5DMK3 sitting here, feeling down.
all sorts of news about professional products at a consumer prices. i never minded the price of my new 5D, i love this camera, but now, i cant help to feel like id like to own a black magic camera too and just keep the 5D for stills.
at least i can use the lenses i bought, which were as much as the camera itself.
If Canon really wanted to shut everyone up now, the only right thing to do is release a firmware upgrade next week that gives us clean HDMI out. that is the only answer. NIkon has it, its foolish we dont. this way we can still have our still camera and for 1500 bucks get a recorder of our choice and make us be able to shoot professional quality video. then we would have professional photography and videography in our hands, that beats the black magic camera in my mind, especially as far as a prosumer market.
who agrees this is the one upgrade that will break the ice?

EOS Bodies / ALL-I vs IPB
« on: April 10, 2012, 10:09:21 AM »
Andrew over at eoshd says to use A-I, even though his first post said he saw a fizz noise at 160 iso, which i don't see on my camera,these are his setting suggestions:
Menu settings

Movie rec. size: 1920 24/25p, ALL I
High ISO speed NR – OFF
Highlight tone priority (HTC, D+) – OFF
Auto Lighting Optimiser – OFF
C.Fn2 Disp./Operation
In Custom Controls set the SET button to Mag/Reduce for your focus assist

but another person says this:
"(I work with these codecs at the software level in my day job). My low level analysis of video frames shows artifacts present in ALL-I but not in IPB (part of the issue is PPro CS5.5.2). Thus, my findings show IPB is higher quality vs. ALL-I (especially lower noise, and less macroblock artifacts). ALL-I is useful for editing on slower computers; IPB provides higher quality (please post images from video frames if you find otherwise). I understand it's counter-intuitive, however I have tested it. You too can test it. More info here:"

but everything on the internet i see that says this, actually comes from him, so i don't know whether to believe it or not, I've already done two professional shoots in A-I mode and all seemed good, but if IPB is better, which canon says the opposite, then id love to know other peoples opinion.

and canon says this:
"The edit friendly intraframe ALl-I only compresses information in the current frame and does not use any temporal processing. Meaning the compression algorithm is not doing any type of comparison between frames. Think of it as a continuous series of still images that are each individually compressed. Intraframe compression is easier to edit with because the computer does not need to interpolate any data between each frame. With intraframe ALL-I, quality is higher, file size is larger, and the video files will use less computer processing power.

The file size conscious intraframe IPB uses some complex algorithms to compare neighboring frames and tries to find similarities from one frame to another. It can then achieve higher compression rates because it deals less with the parts of the image that stay the same from frame to frame. With interframe IPB, quality is lower (although Canon says not by much), file size is smaller, and the video files will use more computer processing power."

EOS Bodies / VIMEO-your video failed to convert correctly
« on: April 06, 2012, 11:03:09 PM »
i got this message when i tired to upload the video shot straight from my new canon 5DMK3.  then it goes on to say" Please try uploading again using our guidelines here: "
i looked at the link and it seems that i meet all the guidelines. its an h264 1080p 24 fps file straight from the camera. can some one please help with what else could be wrong?
thank you!

id love to show you guys this night time video i shot in time square, so clean and sharp!

EOS Bodies / HDR quirk?
« on: March 30, 2012, 01:13:05 PM »
so I'm planning to take pictures in the HDR mode for a job.
i was going to use this new separate CF and SD card thing to separate the raws from the jpegs(it only creates the HDR in jepgs which makes sense)
here is the issue:
when i try to do that, even if i choose raw only in the camera settings, on the CF card i get the raws and the jpeg HDR.ok.
but on the SD card i get 3 jpeg representing the raws, and the HDR jpeg.

but, when I'm in the same setting, except choose a standard method of saving the media, instead of separating to different cards, i get the 3 raws and the one jpeg on one cf card. 4 files, which is right. i have no idea why or how if i chose to separate the cards i get 3 more jpegs representing the raws on the sd card too.
i would just like the 3 raws to save to one card and the 1 HDR jpeg to save to the other.
is this how it is?
or am i doing something wrong?
thanks in advance.

Software & Accessories / tethering and LR4?
« on: March 29, 2012, 10:09:28 PM »
ok, so i have my first professional digital still camera, not that i haven't shot with rented 5Ds for years now but I'm a cinematographer by trade and this camera has seemed to infiltrate our sets, so now i have my own. so, that explains why my questions on the stills side might seem bit simple but here it is;

tethering, whats the best cable to get? or one thats decent and affordable?

Lightroom 4, I've used it tethering to grab pictures before on sets, but thats all we used it for. what can i do with it and is it worth getting. can i set looks with it, or is that only photoshop?
thanks and sorry!

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