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EOS Bodies / Re: CANON 1Dx - Action images - UEFA EURO 2012™
« on: June 15, 2012, 02:37:36 PM »
I know I am going to be pounced upon for saying this, but I cant help it:

I just do not understand what is so special about these photos!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen such pictures 20 years ago.

[Not saying anything against 1dx or the photographer, but these photos are NOT great for ME.]

Then I guess you haven't need to upgrade in a two decades...

I am a relatively new photographer, unlike a pro like you. I have been a motion picture cinematographer for 15 years and have done several major movies but not done much still photography. I bought a 5d2 three years ago now the 5d3 and have pre ordered the 1dx.

I will upgrade to the best available so it helps me create better photos easier.

BUT the posted photos fail to show me any super technology. Again, I am NOT saying that 1dx will not have super focus etc... Or that the photographer is no good. Just that these photos fail to impress me. Photographers have managed to take such photos for decades... IMHO.

With all that equipment you own I guess I shouldn't even post...

EOS Bodies / Re: CANON 1Dx - Action images - UEFA EURO 2012™
« on: June 15, 2012, 12:07:30 PM »
I know I am going to be pounced upon for saying this, but I cant help it:

I just do not understand what is so special about these photos!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen such pictures 20 years ago.

[Not saying anything against 1dx or the photographer, but these photos are NOT great for ME.]

Then I guess you haven't need to upgrade in a two decades...

"IF" Canon can still change their plans to compete more effectively with Nikon's FFs I think what would make most sense would be:

The forthcoming 70D would become the premiere Canon APS-C with many of the bells, whistles of and structure of the past 7D with faster fps and a newer AF but stay at 18 MP. Priced somewhere between $1,400 to 2,000...a better value (and much better than the new Rebel) with an improved sensor (dynamic range and IQ upped a little)

The 7D II would go FF with many of the same features of the 5D III tempered down (less AF points, not as wonderful weather sealing...) with faster FPS but also at 22 MP. Similar but less robust than the 5D III. Call it the Jr. at about $500 more than the 7D II. This still leave a large pricing gap to reach the 5D III. It would be the prosumer FF.

The 5D II would be retired after great service to Canon and photographers.

The 5D III would begin to be offered, after catching up with demand, with some tactical rebates and lens offers to compete more effectively with D800 on price - updates would tweek some of the complaints and offer new features to make this great camera even better and the price would settle down at around $3,000 eventually.

Canon would start looking to deliver a high MP camera with a latest sensor for landscapers and others worried about MP wars....

Lenses / Re: Italy Trip Lens Advice - wide angle
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:22:44 AM »
Check out this link: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/Reviews/Canon-TS-E-17mm-f-4-L-Tilt-Shift-Lens-Review.aspx on the TSEs

Relative to crime, Rome is no different than any major city with the exception that throughout the entire city there are wonderful things to enjoy and shoot. I went with my wife (who is my scout and extra pair of eyes)) and still took all the same precautions I take in NYC or London but I dare say I was a tad more distracted. I carried the SlingShot 202 AW which I found discreet, comfortable and very functional for my kit.

I have a 17-40 and used it to get some great shots at the coliseum although the best ones were the panos I composed from those. I took a monopod and a tripod although carried the monopod more often. You will have a great time. 

A particular format of sensor has no IQ. There's nothing inherently better about APS-H than APS-C or FF.

True when you're talking about IQ on the pixel level, untrue when you're talking about IQ on the image level.  The 20D and 5DII have the same size pixels.  Yes, the 5DII pixels are 'better' but not better enough to account for the IQ differences between the sensors.  The FF sensor has better IQ because as a whole, the larger sensor gathers more total light.

I'll beg to differ with you there. I'm pretty sure that if you took the center 8MP from a 5DII image that it would be better than the 20D's image when using the same lens at the same setting. e.g. from 20m away, use a 50/1.4 and photograph the same subject with both cameras. Yes, the images will not be the same but the center 8MP of both images should be. The center 8MP don't somehow magically benefit from the pixels around the edge of the sensor.

Yes, cropping throws away the benefit of the FF sensor gathering more total light.  I'm saying that if you move closer with the FF camera (or zoom in with a zoom lens) so you're getting the same framing covering the sensor, you'll get better IQ from the FF sensor.  That means there is an inherent advantage to FF, unless you go around shooting everything wider than you need and planning to crop away 60% of all your images.

Agree -I think many of the "experts" at camera shops don't understand this either.

EOS Bodies / Re: CANON 1Dx - Action images - UEFA EURO 2012™
« on: June 15, 2012, 10:44:33 AM »
I want one!!!!

They are definitely not stolen, I just think the shop in question has made a mistake with the price.

This part of the story is enough to stop me. What kind of reputable dealer with many outlets doesn't know how to price expensive merchandise and stays in business?

I enjoyed looking at each and everyone  :)

I'm not saying that they were terrible pictures or anything.  Just imagine if everyone posted 50 pictures every time they posted.  All I'm saying is that there are certain "accepted" practices, and posting 40,000 pictures isn't one of them.

Easy on the hyperbole.

I'd skip the deal.  I did not see a whole lot of improvement from my MK II to my MK III, so I bought a used 1D MK IV for the same price as the MK III.
I will say that the MK III focused very well in ordinary light, but took its sweet time in low light.  The 1D MK IV is not that good at AF in low light either.
I'm thinking of going back to a 5D MK II plus my 7D and wait until prices drop or refurbs come out.

What are you guys drinking in them there parts?

I would buy used equipment but would recommit to Canon.

Body 40D        $300
50 f 1.4           $200
70-200 f/4L IS  $1000
17- 40 f/4.0 L   $400

LR was a great product and I think Adobe needs to step to get back the respect they had. I am using 4.0 but I am not happy with some of the ways it works. I will wait for 4.2 to become final before I dedicate more time to LR.

cliffwang - I am totally sold on your trail of tears and so departure is the only honorable thing left ...here are some links to get you warmed up on the Nikon flaws:


Please read the Computerworld link that discuses the number of vulnerabilities.

Late last week, Adobe set off a bit of a kerfuffle when it announced that three of its applications suffered from serious security flaws. They offered readers a simple fix: pay to upgrade to the latest version. Considering the latest version of the company's Creative Suite was less than a week old at the time, this represented both an extremely short period of support for the previous generation of software, and an extremely high price to fix a set of potential vulnerabilities. The move was widely panned by both security experts and Adobe customers.

In response to the negative press, the company has reversed course. On Friday, the company's security bulletins for Flash, Illustrator, and Photoshop were updated to indicate that the company is "in the process of resolving these vulnerabilities in Adobe Photoshop CS5.x, and will update this Security Bulletin once the patch is available." All of the vulnerabilities could potentially allow an attacker to arbitrarily execute code by corrupting memory. In the case of Photoshop, the application was vulnerable to maliciously crafted TIFF files.

There were more flaws than I originally reported...




EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: New monitor
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:18:32 PM »
Thanks for links/ideas.

Another question:

Once I buy a monitor, I need to calibrate, right? What is the easiest way to do it? (I know there are special calibrators, but i dont want to buy it for a one time job)
I use an x-rite i1. It works with wide gamut as well as normal monitors. Not all do, which is one of the reasons I recommend it.

same here and you should really consider it.

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