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EOS Bodies / Re: DR from 5Ds will be 2 stop better then 7D mk II
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:00:43 PM »

I guess that's a good news for Landscape photographers !

Studio photographers as well.    I shoot in a variety of situations, and 95% is ISO 3200 or better and of that the majority is ISO 1000 or better

I will wait until the bodies are out in the wild, but the too big ifs for me are IF the DR is better AND IF the Color accuracy is improved, then this has the makings of a real solid camera and a beast at 50MP. 

This is especially true if I get the same noise performance as I do out of my 5D MK III. 

This to me is lining up to be a solid Studio / Landscape camera

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Well, Canon kind of exploded all at once !!
« on: February 06, 2015, 07:19:49 AM »
The new 5D series prices in a little less than I thought - sure sounds like it might shoot some very nice images.

Probably some of us now wondering if we didn't pull the trigger a bit premature with the 7D2? Hmmm...  The 1.3 and 1.6 factor sounds interesting too, if it pulls in the images like one hopes it will.

Guess we'll know pretty quickly as the reviews come in -- will sure put a dent in any wallet where a shooter is used to two cameras in the field (ouch) like myself and lots of my colleagues. 

Several new models of cameras and lenses -- jumping out like its been sitting and waiting for the holiday dust to settle.   Can't wait to see what 50mp does to an image, and how large a print it might allow?

Not sure your reasoning / logic.  These are very different cameras. 

The 7D MK II is aimed to be the King of the Crop Sensor, a fantastic action, decent low-light, and generally just a solid camera.    Sports/Action/Birds, this seems to be the way to go.

The 5D MK III is aimed at Studio/Wedding/Video/All around - It is a solid body, better low-light, gives up some in action.  A decent solid FF.  I think the 5D MK IV will be closer to 28 MP, Higher ISO, lower noise

the 5Ds / 5Dr - is aimed at Studio / Landscape - looks to me to be a poor-mans MF.  High resolution, so-so ISO, o.k. FPS (lets face it 5 FPS at 50 MP is impressive compared to 6 FPS for the 5D MK III (1 fps less with double the resolution)  What remains to be seen are color and DR.  If these are greatly improved, then I can see this as a solid camera

the 1Dx - Still seems to be the king of the block.  I am expecting a jump to 24MP for the 1Dx II, Higher ISO, and much better DR

All and all it makes sense.  1DX II at the top.  You looking for more reach and a slight step down, the 7D MK II is the action camera.  On the other side, if you don't need FPS, insane tracking or really high iso and mainly shooting controlled environments the 5Ds / 5Dr is a very targeted environment camera.  In the middle between the 7D MK II and the 5Ds / 5Dr is the 5D MK IV.  More of a jack of all trades it is a FF 7D MK II with a little less AF and FPS but improved HIGH ISO. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: DP Review of New Canon 5Ds
« on: February 06, 2015, 06:59:56 AM »
Definitely some things to like and some things to feel "meh" about.

Not concerned with the lack of headphone jacket, I generally use external mic and pre-amp/recorder anyways, so most of the time I am only using the camera audio to sync with external audio using Plural-Eyes.

I like the 50MP sensor.  Definitely a beast, but like it has two crop modes two.  I think for me shooting at 50MP in the studio will be great.  Also like the AF and related features which look like a hybrid between 5D MK III and 7D II

I don't mind 6400 top, I rarely need to shoot above that for my usage... The fact that it seems to be an "arbitrary" limit also leads me to believe that down the line this will be opened up in firmware, perhaps when the 1DX II and the 5D MK IV are out, this will get a small bump

The big debate is do I go for the 1Dx I have been lusting for for upwards of $500 more given some of the deals I have seen, or this, which looks to be a studio beast.

A little disappointed that does not have DPAF, but like that it has a ton more options for mirror lockup

I think the biggest thing is the wait to start seeing these in the wild and start seeing what the sensor performance is.  From early rumors seemed like the color would be greatly improved, and if that can make my colorchecker passport obsolete I will be happy there. 

A little confused on the same DR comment.  Not sure if this is a Canon sensor or a rumored collab with Sony.  The lack of no DPAF makes me think the later, so would expect that this would be more along the lines of exmor type of DR.

Software & Accessories / Re: 10 bit graphics card ??
« on: January 21, 2015, 09:47:50 AM »
Do 10-bit monitors realy require a Quadro/Firepro card?

Can’t find any spec on a normal Radeon/GeForce card that says it support 10-bit colors.

Yes, they do.  You can find some of the lower end used FirePro cards for around $200  or so. 

There is also a gradient test file you can use.  I tested out mine before swapping cards and sure enough, with old onboard graphics, saw banding, through in the FirePro and a nice smooth transition all the way down. 

Lighting / Re: Profoto B1 vs. Phottix Indra
« on: January 18, 2015, 10:29:24 PM »

The Einstein, which I own, and the Profoto B1 are entirely different tools with vastly different functionality, the Einstein will never do ETTL or HSS. Compare the Einstein to the D1 500 for $1,219 and you are talking some sense.

The Einstein may never do ETTL, but it will do HSS... In fact almost any mono light or pack can.  Just use anything like the Odins, Flex TT5, etc.    I have shot both my Dynalite and Photogenic PL1250DR lights on Photogenic Ion battery pack and PocketWizard Flex TT1/TT5 set up at 1/2000

And the Einstein to Profoto is not a bad comparison either.  The Einstein's have one of the shortest flash duration out there.... I believe the Einsteins are even shorter than when I run a Dynalite M2000 pack with the 4080 Bi-Tube flashes, which has something like 1/3500 of a flash duration and the Einstein I think was closer to 1/4200

It takes some tweaking, but with the PocketWizard Flex, not only can you fire studio strobes at shorter than 1/250, but you can also set it up so not only do you fire off your strobes, but also a second camera and have it all synched. 

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sony closing down?
« on: January 16, 2015, 11:23:41 AM »

Sony pictures had their screw up with the interview, but that should not hurt them that badly.

Are you serious?  With all the emails, salary and other information that was released?  Not only have they burned a lot of Hollywood bridges with the talent, they are facing privacy and protection lawsuits fallout that will continue for years. 

Comments like "“I believe that the international motion picture audience is racist — in general pictures with an African American lead don’t play well overseas"

Yeah - that is really going to help Sony's reputation

Getting a return on their money for "The Interview" is the least of their worries with all the emails and info that was released

As someone who has Terrabytes of lossless FLAC audio, I would never want a portable player for it... because of size.  If anything, so much of the time I archive off some of my lossless FLACs and use MP3 to save space

As well, there are android flac apps out there, so you can play your lossless audio on a Samsung smart phone, etc. so when it comes to video, audio, etc, there are already much cheaper and more functional alternatives out there.

As far as Sony making money... Sony has always had divisions that make money.  Problem is while one division may make 184 million, another loses 1.8 Billion

It is a nice player... but at $400, not $1200

EOS Bodies / Re: Expect Higher End Products at CP+ in February
« on: January 06, 2015, 07:46:18 AM »
since there is not that much space between the T5i and 7D2 outside of build quality anyway.

Yeah and there is not much space between an Audi A8 and a Toyota Corolla except build quality I suppose.

Weather Sealing?

There is a huge performance difference between the t5i and the 7D MK II which is about 2 - 3 times the camera and the price accurately reflects that

I'm not sure the high end camera market has shrunk that much.

Well. DSLR sales have.

Canon DSLR body sales going from 2012 to latest forcast 2014 (from their financial statements etc.): 2012 9.2 mio. units, 2013 8.0 mio. units, 2014 7.0 mio. units (est). At this rate the last Canon DSLR will be sold in 2020...

Hope Canon can turn the tide in 2015. They need to - and fast...

Problem with your logic... How many cameras did Canon introduce in 2013 and 2014?

Two of  Canon's flag ship cameras are due for replacement.  Something tells me that should, and it is very likely, we not only see a 5D MK IV, a 1D MK II, but perhaps a 3Ds as well, that this "slide" will be forlayed for the time being. 

Amazing how when new top end bodies are released, sales go up, and when new bodies are not released over a period of time, sales slide.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Confirms Development of High Megapixel Camera
« on: December 24, 2014, 11:09:07 PM »
Flaming post removed by Admin

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I'm getting impatient for the new 5D 4.
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:51:41 PM »
5DIII has way better focusing system than the 5DII. You will get better pictures with the III right away.

Not necessarily.  Yes, the focusing system is more advanced on the 5D MK III, but like Tony Northrup showed, if you don't know how to really use the AF system, you can get poor results.

There is also a $2K or close to it difference between a 5D MK II and a 5D MK III

The OP has not told us what they are shooting, but if they do not need advanced tracking, then the AF on the 5D MK II may be fine as well as for the price of a 5D MK III the OP could get a 5D MK II and a 70-200 F/2.8 IS II, or pretty close to it. 

And again, if their heart is for the 5D MK IV you will save far more money on the depreciation of a 5D MK II in the next 6 months than you will on 5D MK III.

Heck, if they do the right amount of hunting and show some patience they could possibly even MAKE money on the resale of a 5D MK II after they have 5 months of use which is a lot harder to do with a 5D MK III with the potential announcement of a 5D MK IV

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I'm getting impatient for the new 5D 4.
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:58:21 AM »
What are you even shooting?

Pick up a 5D MK II, you can probably get a decent shape one for $1200, it still takes great pictures, is full frame if/and the 5D MK IV gets announced in the next quarter or so, you sell of the 5D MK II, maybe take a $100 - $150 hit or so, you will be more familiar with the 5D and easier to step in.

As well, what if the 5D MK IV is a $3500 - $4000 camera?  are you prepared for possibly those prices. 

Cameras are an expense, not an investment.  You buy wisely, you have a lower expense.  I would rather be shooting for 3 - 5 months for $20 - $30 a month on a full frame than just waitinfg

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:44:50 AM »
I bet on it being a Canon sensor.  My guess is it will have the 5DIII AF System, and probably less than 4 fps.

Huh?  Not 14 fps?  All the pundits will say what a crap camera is.... then again, must don't take time to realize that 4 fps on a 50 MP camera is probably around 250 MP/second depending on actual exposure data captured or around 8 - 10 fps for a camera like the 5d MK III.

A 50 that does 4 FPS is fine by me

I think the two are mutually exclusive.

1)  I think camera phones are popular, a lot of people will choose a phone with a better camera and indeed, a lot of people probably take a lot more pictures because of ease over anything.  The Selfie existed long before Kim Kardashian, though the cameraphone can be credited with this annoyance.

2)  Many people will use camera phones in lieu of other cameras because of convenience and sometimes performance, especially when it comes to concerts etc., though the lighter was by far cooler and more intimate than a bunch of display screens.

3)  The majority of the people who use camera phones may have been a large segment of the compact camera market, but I don't see these as the people who would have invested in a DSLR. 

I might use my smartphone camera a dozen to two dozen times a year, and as example, the two most recent cases were photographing license plates of cars insurance cards and vehicle damage after an accident and then using it to take a picture of a vitamin supplement bottle to enlarge the dose/direction.

Canon General / Re: What's the point of CPS - Silver level?
« on: December 16, 2014, 09:16:55 AM »
One - it is free

Two - It starts you in the door and I don't believe you get the exclusive 24/7 support otherwise

Three - Be aware that the program has changed in the last couple of years - you used to get I think a couple of cleanings, maybe 4 a year, some discount on repair, etc, and other similar but it cost you $75 and Gold was $150 dollars.  So the biggest shift is Canon made Silver free, cut some of the benefits, and then for Gold, while the cost was cut by 30% and I think they added one more product cleaning, that has stayed close to the same.

Other things that has changed, or perhaps I haven't noticed, I thought the point totals required used to be higher,

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