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I LOVE the Think Tank Shapeshifter.

It can be very big, or zippers down.  Body and lens are carried separately (i.e. not lens attached like many solutions) but also nicely padded and lays flatter on the back, so for hiking or getting around much thinner and stows / travels more easily. 

I generally have carried mine with 5D MK II and 5D MK III bodies, 24-70 IS II, 70-200 F/2.8 IS II, a 580 EX II and either a 50 or Fish eye.  Also note by bodies both have grips on them. 

Plenty of other compartments for memory cards and things you want access too as well as I also carried the Think Tank rain cover for my 70-200

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Co-worker dumps $5k on Nikon
« on: December 08, 2014, 10:01:12 AM »
Nothing surprising someone prefer the image quality of Nikon D810.

I would be surprised if anyone compared lenses 24-70mm and 70-200mm also Canon and Nikon, and concluded that Nikon has better quality. ::) Please tell your friend to get away from the overpriced (and mediocre IQ) Nikon 58mm F1.4. :o

In fact I would be shocked if someone chooses Sony (any model) to shoot indoor fast action sports with super telephoto lenses. :P

Don't sell Nikon short on lenses... They do have a great 14-24. 

Outside of that... Meh

They used to have the lock on the 200-400, but Canon exceeded them there and if Canon ever does release the rumored 11-24 F/2.8 then really very few, maybe some prime Nikon lenses that can stand on their own, but as a whole, I prefer Canon's offering and from what I have seen Canon offers better and more as a whole

Might have been nicer is your shots were sharp.  The bark images look soft to me

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Co-worker dumps $5k on Nikon
« on: December 08, 2014, 09:46:50 AM »
I love these type of threads.  People do by Nikon... Shocker I know.  I in fact just bought my Dad a Nikon for Christmas, just because his D200 was getting long in the tooth and he has been shooting Nikon for 30 or 40 years

The funniest part, when we were getting his input, to make sure it was something he would use he had made some comment that I should get what I want... implying when he passes on it will be passed down to me and I joked, "No, this is all for you... If I was doing that, you'd be getting Canon!"

What I can also really say is Nikon sucks for mid level lenses.  I was also looking to get him something of a solid 70-200 F/4.  Nikon has got squat.  Half of their lenses will only auto focus if the bodies have a drive on them, so AF-S lenses are really all that you can go for, and they either are doing things like 70-200 F/4 VR for $1300 or the F/2.8 for $2K or going Sigma for $1K, which I seriously weighed. 

Or you do the "Super zooms" with the 70-300 with the crap 4.5 - 6.3 etc so anything at the long end is pretty much shooting at night. 

Whether you want to pay $450 and pick up a used 70-200 F/4 or around $750 and get a 70-200 F/4 IS, Canon gives two solid and sharp lenses, constant aperture (though I am partial to the 2.8s myself) and they will AUTOFOCUS with any EF-mount body.

What a nightmare - the whole process made me love Canon, especially their glass and how a 10+ year old lens will autofocus even on a lowly Rebel.

I also have to laugh heartily at Dilbert's go worker... If they are shooting "Typical Tourist" pictures and are buying an D810 and "LENSES" with an "S" they would have been better off with a Sony or Samsung.

A Samsung NX-1 with 16-50 F/2-2.8 would be cheaper than the D810 body alone, give almost 30MB images, be crop to give extra reach, be smaller and lighter, shoot 4K video as well.  the 18-200 (though I am not a superzoom fan) can be got for under $700, so all and all, two lenses and small body, 4K video, almost 30MP and 15 fps for under $3500. 

Gee.  HDR Image of non-moving architecture.

Actually for what it is, I am disappointed.  An HDR image from 5 or 6 years ago would have had even more DR.


Technical Support / Re: LG 27MB85Z-B
« on: December 05, 2014, 02:26:20 PM »
Looks like a fairly decent monitor.

Big thing for me is it is wide Gamut, meaning you get 1.07 Billion colors.  You will likely need to upgrade your video card to do this, but in short, you will most closely be able to see the actual colors you are shooting.

Many people like the 5K monitors, but most all of these are 24.7 Million colors.

BLECH!  To each their own, I would prefer to have 50x the colors in a sharp crisp display than 2% the colors in a super large display. 

Shutter should be twice the Frame rate

So when shooting 24.97 FPS which I generally do for the most cinematic look, I set shutter to 1/50

Shutter speed basically will determine motion blur.

Shutter formula of 2X frame rate is pretty much standard. 

Why pay $10K when they already have one for $6K

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EOS 7D Mark II by DigitalRev
« on: December 04, 2014, 01:24:44 PM »
Kind of a strange review by DigitalRev.  He basically maintains a theme throughout the video that the 7D is still good enough and the Mark II is overpriced and not worth the trouble to upgrade.  Weird.  Not exactly a great way to sell cameras but whatever, man!

FWIW, I skipped the original 7D because I thought IT was overpriced and unnecessary.  I think the 7D Mark II was worth the wait and for what I need it for, I'm glad I have it.  I think for most folks, the 70D would suffice and be more versatile and worthwhile.
Digitalrev has kinda lost that vibe & feel of their past videos, perhaps due to Alamby not working their anymore. Kai's past upbeat vibe and enthusiasm seems to be slightly lacking in recent videos.

No kidding!  That's putting it mildly!

Kai just is loosing his stich.  I think he is kinda bored with what he is doing as well as more going through the motions.  Similarly, things can get old.

Like the Food Reviewer... Fat kid talking about junk food...

His early stuff was gold and after a dozen or so vids, just becomes sad

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: T3i to 7dii or new lens
« on: December 03, 2014, 10:59:58 PM »
Call me a contrarian, but it is not THAT much life.  Sure the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II will work fine on a t3i, but not exactly the best focusing.  Better off going F/4 at that point and saving cash.  70-200 f/2.8 IS II on a t3i is like Snow Tires on a Ferrari... Sure it works, may be better than nothing, but sort of missing the point.

I'm relating to personal experience. 

I am relating to personal experience as well.  I had a t2i and at that time owned both a 70-200 F/4 (both IS and non-IS) and used an 70-200 F/2.8 IS II which I later got down the line AFTER I got my 5D MK III.

You can shoot sports with ANY camera, better glass helps, but... for sake of comparison...

a T3i with a 70-200 F/2.8 IS II vs a 7D MK II with a 70-200 F/4 IS (heck maybe even non-IS)

In short you lose a stop on the glass but gain not only 64 more cross-type AF points, but far more sophisticated tracking. 

I noticed a huge difference in the 5D MK II vs the 5D MK III for shooting sports (specifically 30+ MPH cyclist for example)  and drool at what the 7D MK II appears to be capable off. 

For what ever you give up on glass speed, you get better ISO performance with the 7D MK II... not to mention almost TRIPLE the FPS. 

You want 2.8 and IS, you can get into the Sigma, which is a step down for sure from the Canon, but the Sigma 70-200 on a 7D MK II vs a 70-200 F/2.8 IS II on a t3i, I am betting on the 7D MK II to capture more in focus and have a much higher keeper rate, and for not that much more. 

While the 70-200 F/2.8 IS II can "bring out the best" in any body, there is not that high of a bar on a t3i.

And you want to capture sports? 

65 cross type vs 1 - Which will nail the focus?
Which camera will track better?
Which camera has better ISO / Noise?  I would give the 7D MK II 2 stops on the t3i

You are shooting action in a gym... with the 7D MK II you can fire off a burst of 10 FPS vs 3.7 FPS - Any bets which has a high chance of getting keepers or THE shot? 

Better sensor.  Better AF (tracking).  3X FPS.  Better IQ.  65-Cross-Type AF points vs 1????? Better High ISO

I love my 5D MK III and I love my 70-200 F/2.8 IS II.  It is probably my most used config followed by 24-70 F/2.8 II... But it is not a sports combo.  I shoot sports with it, but it does miss.

Just an opinion but the 7D MK II with moderate glass even an F/4 or not IS is going to get more images and more keepers than the t3i. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: T3i to 7dii or new lens
« on: December 03, 2014, 06:59:34 PM »
I don't doubt that a 7D2 would be a fun upgrade from the T3i.  But, given the lens choices that you offer, consider the 70-200 f2.8L II.  There will likely be rebates and below $2,000 pricing in the next few weeks.  This will give your T3i some new life. 

See where your photography goes with this lens.  You may still find a need for the 7D2 down the road if action is your main interest.  Or, you may want to drastically up the low light and IQ performance by pairing this lens with a 6D.

Call me a contrarian, but it is not THAT much life.  Sure the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II will work fine on a t3i, but not exactly the best focusing.  Better off going F/4 at that point and saving cash.  70-200 f/2.8 IS II on a t3i is like Snow Tires on a Ferrari... Sure it works, may be better than nothing, but sort of missing the point.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Lexar 64gb 1066x card on sale
« on: December 01, 2014, 07:12:03 AM »
The robbery comes in when people think they need cards this fast - and expensive!

Why do you say that?

Everything is relative.  I may not hit the buffer / transfer limit often, but I have hit it and fast cards do make a difference.  I have missed some shots waiting on buffer card write when I have been trying to get a ton of action in a small clip

Where I really notice it a lot is data transfer, i.e. when I am reading all my info off the cards, either for editing or backing up.  My first big card was a Lexar 400X 64GB card.  It is decent.  Nice size to shoot an event all day and never have to switch, but a beast and slow when it came to reading the card.  Pretty much I mainly shoot 1000X these days, never an issue and noticeably faster. 

While a lot of times you can multi-task and this should not be an issue... I have had more than my fair share of shooting some events where I am ready to go, have gotten paid and waiting on this card to finish downloading so I can get it back to take off. 

I have a mirrorless point and shoot- what a pain. A couple, if you include a cell phone.

The screen washes out in daylight, no real stability holding it away from my face, it chews batteries and AF is slow.

When it gets a good image, it is very nice. Other times, it is really hit and miss.

I can't see mirrorless cameras taking off without some sort of EVF that is at least as good as an OVF.

I suspect you haven't looked through the view finder of the Sony A7r.   The A7's  are the first of a new breed of Mirrorless that show  a real potential to outperform DSLRs. I think Sony believes their predictions  and are trying to strategical place their products to take market share off Canon and Nikon.  If you look at the new A7ii  you see the operational side of the strategy. Canon and Nikon rely on lens based image stabilisation. Sony has reinvented IBIS   and made it so any camera professional can pick up a Sony and use the lenses( including short length primes) they already have.  Sony are asking the question why stick to one lens system when you can use nearly any lens on their cameras( leica etc)?  Its really following on from how minolta cameras were used( but in a much more effective way) people would buy minolta cameras and use other lenses on those cameras.   Its a risky move but  it will make a major differentiation between Sony, Canon and Nikon. Its the sort of differentiation that will make or break a market for a manufacturer.  If Sony succeed Canon and Nikon will have a real challenge!! Sony can afford to take the risk as they are not just a Camera Company!

Yes and while Canon was profitable this year, Sony is posting 2 Billion in loss.  BILLION with a B.

And yes... For the first time since 1958 when Sony started listing its stock, they are skipping a dividend this year... so first time in 66 years these.

There Smartphone segment is bleeding.

And at the same time, while IBIS could be a nice thing... I would still have to see how well it works, though it also could be a single point of failure, and if it has issues, all your lenses have issues.

But Betamax lasted a very long time - longer than VHS did. I wouldn't be surprised if you found Betamax players in TV studios, etc, around the world today so that they could use material from their archives. But VHS? Who still uses that, really?

There is a lot of FUD in your post (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that isn't backed by anything except your opinion.

Sony entered into the digital camera market at the same time as the 5D Mark II was released. The evolution of Sony's products since then has been dramatic and their lineup/quality has far outpaced that of Canon.

Funny.  Companies like Toshiba still make combo VHS players.   Say like the Toshiba DVR620 DVD Recorder

So lets see.  BetaMax was created in 1975, by 1988 they started rebranding and selling VHS machines and the last BetaMax was in 2002.  So call it 27 years, though really for the most part... dead in 13 years and in a coma unit for 14.

VHS came out in 1976, by 1980, VHS already had 60% of the market, and in fact, though really a dead format, there are even Blu-Ray / VHS combo machines made today. 

So wait But Betamax lasted a very long time - longer than VHS did.

BetaMax was on the deathbed at 13 years, finally had the plug pulled at 27 years.
VHS was born a year later, and may make it to 40 years with CURRENT production machines you can by IN A STORE.  I can go into Walmart today and find a DVD / VHS VCR combo machine today.

BetaMax?  Maybe a used one on eBay.

By far pretty much a format that is in a retirement home, but I think the fact that VHS is approaching 50% longer life span to BetaMax sums it up

Oh wait... Sony Announced a Blu-Ray BetaMax combo... Too bad that was an April fool's Day joke


What people are failing to understand here is that Sony learnt from Betamax and gave us BluRay and whilst Betamax may have not won the consumer marketplace, it remained "the professionals tape."

The Sony Vaio is not what many people would call a failure, same to with XBR.

Be careful of what you mark as a failure attributed to Sony.

If there is a DSLR segment that withers, it'll be the entry level - the 1200Ds, maybe even the 700D, etc line, that competes on price with mirrorless but not on form factor.


Does Sony make Vaio any more, or has it been sold off?
Does Sony make TVs any more, or has it been sold off? 

Blu-Ray?  The market has caught up a bit, but OPPO tends to still be the best

But yet, it you want to heard BetaMax as being superior, it was stronger than VHS but did not have the numbers

Which is again whay I bring up, BetaMax, TVs, and Vaio, these were all areas that Sony had strong products and to many even some of the best products on the market and they are all dead.


That is perspective.  I am sure there is someone out there who still has a working BetaMax box, and many probably still have working Sony TVs, and the Vaio laptops will slowly dies.

Those product lines died because Sony could not grow or manage a segment anymore...

And yes... Sony will post a $2B loss this year. 

When you have a large organization with many lines, it is nice to have diversity, but at some point, they look at investment, return, etc.  I can easily see the camera line just like betamax...

People raved about
Made up only around 10% the market
After a decent run  - closed / sold off.   

So yeah... "Market failure" - if a product is no longer in the market, and the market still around, that is ultimately  perhaps not a failure, but a DEAD LINE.

And in the world of photography.

If you jump ship today... sell off all your Canon or Nikon gear and then 2 or 3 years down the line Sony BetaMaxes/Vaios/XBRs the Alphas and sticks to making sensors and other devices for other manufacturers... what happens to your gear?  Will you take a huge price hit trying to get back into Nikon / Canon or who ever is now the market?  Or do you just say how great your camera was back in the day and try and justify that you don't need the latest. 

Truth be told, most photographers today who have gotten their gear in the last 2 or 3 years has more than what they really need for the most part.  There will always be something better.  That is the nature of business

My feeling is the Alphas are mothballed in the next 3 years. and Sony is out of Cameras.  Maybe they still will make sensors and lenses for smartphones, etc...

And for the motion pictures / Studio gear and the camera phone sensors, most of those are segmented.  Camera phone sensors and lens are part of their "Devices" division I believe and the studio gear may be part of the "imaging", but when it comes to profits, making up for Billions of losses, something tells me the "profitability" of their DSLR segment if weak in comparison.

Weak gets sold/discontinued. 

Betamax was only around 10% to VHS so if their cameras only make up 9% of the current reports camera market, not a good sign

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