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Lenses / 24mm 1.4L II versus 35mm 1.4L - help!
« on: October 11, 2011, 07:26:07 AM »
I need some help to pick a wide lens mostly for inside portrait shots (family, child picture inside).  I currently shoot a lot with a 50mm and 85mm for my portrait.  However at 50mm i find I often run out of space to capture my daughter with other activity in the room.  So I need something wider.

I know logically the 35mm 1.4L is a natural portrait lens but given it was so close in focal lenght to my 50mm, I tried the 24 1.4L II instead.  I quickly realized it can be tricky to shoot at 24mm because it is so wide that composing the shot is hard, and if you shoot at a vertical angle to your subject, it can deform the shot quit a bit.

Has anyone experienced both the 35mm 1.4L and 24 mm 1.4L II?  Given I already have a 50mm and a 85mm, which one should I lean towards?  I also tried the 24mm for landscape but I dont do a lot of it...  Would the 35mm still be the best choice to give me more room for inside portrait shot and should I keep practicing and learn how to do it with a 24mm?

I noticed I ended up croping almost all my 24mm shots taken over the week-end (at golf for landscape and inside portrait)! 

I really appreciate any suggestions/helps guys.


Canon General / Best lens for video
« on: September 22, 2011, 11:49:22 AM »
Hey guys, I have a 5D mk II and while I love it for pictures, I am struggling to get good video out of it.  I currently only have a 50 1.2 L and a 85 1.2 mk II L lens.  All my video show too much movement.  Without getting into a full blown prof. setup, should I buy the 24-105 L IS lens instead for video?  Does the IS really help to get more stable video?  I was also considering getting the 24 II 1.4 L ...

Option 1:
-Get a monopod - done
-Buy the 24-105 L IS lens

Option 2:
- Buy a tripod with a video head - this is less flexible in terms of taking video on the spot...

Option 3:
- Invest in a redrock type rig (though I still think I would need a new IS lens for this one)...

The more practical option I see is option 1, but would it yeild better video?  Should I just use the monopod with my existing lens?

Thanks in advance for all the response.


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