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Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon 200-400/1.4x on sale at BuyDig
« on: December 21, 2013, 03:53:24 PM »
I found this price through CanonPriceWatch - http://www.canonpricewatch.com/product/03872/Canon-EF-200-400mm-f4L-IS-USM-Extender-1.4x-price.html

It does not list the discounted price right now, but did when I bought the lens.  If you keep an eye on the site you may see it again.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon 200-400/1.4x on sale at BuyDig
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:27:12 PM »
Strange... It worked for me last night and the lens shipped this morning.

Pricewatch Deals / Canon 200-400/1.4x on sale at BuyDig
« on: December 20, 2013, 03:52:14 PM »
I realize that few of you are likely to buy this lens on a whim, but I have been eyeing it for quite some time while I slowly saved up.  Then to my delight I found it ~$1k off last night at BuyDig and I was finally able to order it.

If you go to their site it lists for $11,299 - or about $500 cheaper than the usual list price.  If you then add it to your cart and proceed to checkout, right after you enter your credit card info (if you are so bold) they will deduct approximately another $500.

While many standard lenses like the 24-70/2.8 II and 70-200/2.8 II commonly go on sale, this is the first time I have seen a noticeable discount on a big prime.  Note that for their other primes I did not see as deep of a discount in the list price, but I do suspect they will deduct 4% when checking out.

I have ordered from Buydig before and have never had an issue with them.

Try zenfolios metal print partner, Ivoke.
I'm just starting with aluminum prints.  I sent an image to Bay Photo, was happy w/the print but too much $$$ for me to make a profit. Good service, but I don't like the way they charge a la carte..eg extra for round corners.

I sent exact same file through Zenfolio. less $$$. exact same IQ.  I admit the mounting material on the back was not as good, but that's ok w/me.  Both these co's had good customer service and resp. to questions so I'm not knocking Bay Photo, but the O.P. was concerned with price and anyone who resells must try to get the best price w/o losing IQ.

Thanks for letting me know about this.  I have been digging around myself a bit and ivoke does look interesting.  I can also easily integrate this if I upgrade my Zenfolio account.  The plus for Bayphoto though is they seem to have a lot more variety - they print larger on metal and have more variety in canvas.

Hello everyone,

I recently started my own photography business where I sell my prints - typically canvas or metal.  Two weeks ago I held my first exhibition and I am about to talk to several interested local establishments about displaying my work.

In order for this to work financially, I need a company that is willing to print at a decent cost.  I do not have the budget, nor will my wife give me permission, to buy a large format printer.  Besides, my metal prints are becoming more possible - which requires a far more expensive printer.  Therefore I like to send everything out.  However, my current prices cannot withstand the printing costs of places like MPixPro and Bay Photo - who I am sure do excellent work.

The canvas prints are the easy part.  I know of many online solutions and I have friends locally who will print for a low price.  The metal prints are more challenging.

Until now I have been working with pictureitoncanvas.  They are just starting out as well.  Their web site is maddening to work with and needs drastic improvement, but I took the opinion that since I was beginning my business, I would have some patience with them while they started theirs.  I used coupons to make my initial prints affordable and they offer a set discount to pro photographers on their site.  When I applied for that discount - sending them my business info + resellers certificate, they never responded.  Several times I have called customer support and they have told me that 100% I will hear back the next day. This is despite the fact that I have already given them a decent amount of business - ~50 prints so far.

I am now at the point that I need to replace them as a supplier.  If they cannot at least look at my file and/or call me back then I cannot rely on them as a business partner.

Would anyone know of a company who prints in metal, has a decent web site for ordering, and provides a discount to pro photographers?

Lenses / Re: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L
« on: December 12, 2013, 11:56:46 AM »
Personally I have owned the 400/5.6 along with the following other solutions over the years
  300/4 IS - awesome lens, great for frogs, dragonflies and small birds.  Not so great with extenders.
  70-200/4 IS + 1.4x - bare lens is very nice, mediocre with an extender
  70-200/2.8 II + 2xIII - sharper than the 70-200/4, takes a 1.4x very well, but 2x loses a lot. AF is poor with extender.
  100-400 - nice lens, but only slightly sharper than 70-200/2.8 + 2x III and AF is poor
  Sigma 80-400 - extremely soft, not worth it

I absolutely love my 400/5.6 but personally I have noted that it's really a lens that a photographer uses - not a hobbyist.  It has no IS and poor magnification, so in order to get the shots you really need to understand what it is capable of.  Still, it is far sharper than any of the solutions above and has the best AF @ 400mm.

Although I love this lens, I am currently selling mine in order to fund a 200-400/1.4x.  Ideally I would like to not sell it, but as nice as this is the 200-400 outdoes it.

Below are some photos taken with it.

JSC_3936-Edit.jpg by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

JSC_4686-Edit.jpg by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

JSC_5053-Edit.jpg by CalevPhoto, on Flickr

Lenses / Re: Patent: Canon EF 300-600 f/5.6 w/1.4x TC
« on: December 06, 2013, 02:59:14 PM »
I am right now diligently saving up for the 200-400/1.4x with hopes of purchasing one early next year.  A 300-600/5.6 sounds like an interesting lens, but personally I would prefer the 200-400 and would not consider purchasing a 300-600 because the 5.6 aperture limits AF and light as would the f8 aperture with the extender even more.

A 600/4 with an extender is a different issue, though I expect it to sell for $15k-$16k - making it far beyond my budget.  Still, paired with the 200-400 that would be a dream wildlife combo.

Software & Accessories / Re: Photo Book Experiences?
« on: November 28, 2013, 04:21:13 PM »
I use Blurb for all of my books.  I have printed ~10 with them so far and am working on several more.  People continue to be amazed by their 11x13 large landscape books with the Pearl Pro paper.  I create a book now for each vacation and for special events.

In terms of putting the book together I used to use InDesign but find that Lightroom generally handles what I need once I figured it out.  Most of my books are pretty simple with relatively little text and simple layouts.  If I needed more complex layouts or more text then I would use InDesign - which I use for my books that actually go to print.

I have used their Booksmart software before and found it unusable.  Even worse I have lost entire books while working on them.

The only other company I have printed with (other than offset printing for market books) is MyPublisher.  I used it to print a book for a client and though I never physically saw the book myself, the client said it was abysmal so I never ordered from them again.

Lenses / Re: Advice on dream African photo safari
« on: October 13, 2013, 12:26:08 AM »
Thank you so much for the advice.  A few more details about the trip.

- I will certainly bring more lenses than the 200-400.  I also plan to bring a 70-200/2.8, a WA (probably 16-35/2.8 unless Canon finally releases a 14-24), a 100mm macro, and an MP-E 65 + MT-24EX (for bugs around camps).
- My wife and two kids (then ages 11 and 12) will be with me.
- The trip will be in July or August due to school holidays
- I think the trip will definitely include South Africa.  It is highly unlikely to include Kenya or Tanzania but I am considering Botswana.
- I likely will bring a second body, but it is far too early to think about which body that is.  I already own an EOS M that I took to Australia.  I was pleased with the results though the camera is a bit maddening at times.

Lenses / Re: Advice on dream African photo safari
« on: October 11, 2013, 05:34:15 PM »
I have only had the 200-400 for a few weeks and have had very limited use, but my initial impressions are that 400mm is the least you should have.  If I was going to Africa, I think I would consider getting a 600mm.  Are you able to bring more than one super telephoto?

Not really.  I have long practiced only bringing lenses on trips that I am extremely familiar with.  I plan to buy the 200-400 later this year and that will completely kill my budget for some time.

That being said, my understanding is it depends where you go.  I have heard that in Kenya a 600mm is very useful, while in Sabi Sands and Botswana where the vehicle can get closer to the animals shorter telephotos work.  I chose the 200-400 over the 600 mainly because it is far more flexible.

Lenses / Advice on dream African photo safari
« on: October 11, 2013, 02:12:46 PM »
Hello everyone,

I have been given the go ahead to plan a dream wildlife photo safari for the summer of 2015.  Photographing African wildlife on safari has been a goal of mine for years and because this coincides with a big birthday celebration I have been given permission to design my perfect trip.  Now I need to figure out where to start.  The following are my thoughts already.

- In terms of camera + lenses, I will have a 5D3 (or newer body) and a 200-400/1.4x + other smaller lenses.  I may rent or buy a second body.
- My goal is to take portfolio worthy photographs that I will sell as prints.  I have photographed wildlife for some time and am confident I can do this if conditions are right.
- I have researched Africa a bit and found that the primary challenge in accessing wildlife (besides luck) are the following
      - Some places are overflowing with tourists and vehicles will often surround an interesting spot
      - In many locations vehicles are not allowed off road
- For this reason I am almost certain at least a portion of our stay will be in Sabi Sands, South Africa.
- The entire land based portion of the trip will be three weeks

At this point, therefore, my main dilemma is do we spend the entire trip in South Africa - going between different private reserves with perhaps some time in Kruger, or do we combine some reserves in South Africa with somewhere else - such as Botswana.  One goal of course is to photograph as many different types of wildlife as possible. 

Any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated.

All this bashing about no AF is simply silly.  Sure, if Zeiss released a 500mm lens without AF I would steer clear of it because AF is crucial for that type of wildlife photography, but for this range AF isn't really necessary.  Many of my lenses do not have AF and even on my 70-200/2.8 I often turn AF off.  Once you get used to it, it's really not that difficult and for a number of cases it is better.

Personally I do believe the price of this lens is justified, though I have no plans to buy one because I do not use this focal length. 

Seriously, just because you do not understand something gives you no cause to bash it.

I have had issues with both my Canon and Yongnuo flashes.  I have two Yongnuo 565EX flashes, a 580EX, and a 580EX II.  Over the past two years.

- One Yongnuo died.  The other still works fine.
- 580EX now has a slight delay when firing. This is imperceptible for standard use like portraits, but because I use all four for high speed photography I can no longer use it for that purpose.
- 580EX II - the PC port no longer works, forcing me to use the hot shoe

Lenses / Re: any 100-400 mark 2 update?
« on: September 30, 2013, 03:04:56 PM »
I asked this same question a number of years ago.  Since that time I have

- Bought the existing 100-400
- Taken a ton of photos with it
- Sold it in favor of the 70-200/2.8 II + 2x III
- Taken a ton of photos with that combo
- Switched to the 400/5.6
- Taken even more with that lens
- Almost saved up for the 200-400/1.4x

Just buy the existing copy and take some photos. :)

Lenses / Re: EF 135 L USM or EF 100 L Macro IS USM - which one is sharper?
« on: September 30, 2013, 09:55:20 AM »
Why does it matter which one is sharper? They are both great lenses designed for completely different purposes.

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