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EOS Bodies / Re: New Upgraders (to FF) - what is your experience
« on: July 16, 2012, 09:53:14 PM »
I own both the 7D and 5D2 as well as the T1i. Honestly, I find myself grabbing my 7D more often than the 5D2. I love the quality of the images the 5D2 produces but there are times I want a fast APS-C camera. For a "grab and shoot" (without risk of losing my expensive cameras) I reach for my T1i w/ EF-s 60mm macro. Still takes amazing images and is easy to set-up. It's also compact, light and very easy to store.

Like has been said, I don't think FF is an "upgrade". There are advantages to APS-C and there are advantages to FF. I love being able to choose from both depending on that day's particular shooting needs.


I'd be happy to switch sides if Nikon decides to pay for my gear from here on out.

Yeah, maybe, um no. :)


WOW! I cannot believe the 10 pages of drama.

(I sleep quite well, thank you).

Stay asleep. :) (J/K)

The issues I have with Nikon (see my post before this one) can only be addressed if Nikon makes a serious marketing/body progamming change. Will it happen? Who knows...


Never. By saying that, I mean that I will never, ever, buy, shoot with or even be seen with a Nikon product.

Does that mean I think they make an inferior product? No. I just don't happen to agree with the way they make/program their cameras!

I happen to know of a woman who used Nikon exclusively. She was using the D3100 and bought an external flash and it WOULD NOT "HIGH SPEED" sync with her camera!!!


Go figure, to enable "high speed sync" (over 1/250s, or abouts, with certain NIKONS!) you HAVE to HAVE a higher-end Nikon!!! (or certain semi-pro bodies) Not to mention that enabling the feature in Nikon is a complected menu  process that changes from camera to camera. She ended up having to buy the D7000 to use "high speed" sync with her new flash. (DOH!) Needless to say, she was plenty pissed.
ALL of my external flashes (yes I own more than one, some old, some new) work with EVERY SINGLE Canon body I own and it is with a push of a single button that I enable "sigh speed sync" with the flash and it works with my lowly XT to my 5D2!!! :) (1/4000 ~ 1/8000)

You can keep your Nikons... really. Keep em!


The 5D Mark III by itself is a much, much more powerful tool than the 5D Mark II and 7D combined.  If you know how to use it (which most critics do NOT) you would know this.  If you are complaining about a black AF point, you really have problems to begin with in your photography anyways, so the differences between these cameras would be a non-issue.

Ah, another person who doesn't understand the meaning of 'sarcasm'. Sorry, was just poking some light-hearted humor at the "problem" at hand. (sigh) I guess that I don't know how to use my equipment so I should just keep my posts to myself.

Or better yet... maybe some 5D3 owners out there, some of them happen to be "REAL photographiers", who are having a REAL issue with this. Or maybe this is kind of like those who compalined of a "soft focus" issue with the 7D. Plenty of people scoffed at the "problem" and said it wasn't real and that it was a user issue and not a hardware issue. Google it and see how many people had the same "problem".  My own 7D had the same issue until I sent it in for an adjustment (under warranty), and now it works fine. Or maybe I just happened to "learn" how to take a photo in the week they had my Camera. (sigh again)

How about spreading some of your "wisdom" and help those who are having this issue instead of telling them that their skills "suck"? (my words)

Hmmmm.  ::)


Ah, another reason to buy the 5D2 and the 7D! But honestly, I hope Canon is able to provide a good fix for this problem. I can't imagine that in the prototypes out there that at least one person didn't go, "um, this 'black dot' thing isn't going to work..."


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Is the future of DSLRs FF only?
« on: July 13, 2012, 12:05:29 AM »
Why carry a camera of that size around without getting full capture benefits!?

Because some of the advantages of crop sensor bodies outweigh the advantages of FF bodies from time to time, without costing the user a ton of money!

Like I said, I love being able to choose from both.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Is the future of DSLRs FF only?
« on: July 12, 2012, 10:58:37 PM »
I would have to say that ASP-C, ASP-H and FF sensors will still be around for a long time. Why? Consumers have become accustomed to the formats found in current DSLR's and manufacturers won't just "up and change" formats without a long period of gradual changes to get people used to the new "formats", if and when they ever become available. Heck, the current digital sensors were based on now "obsolete" film formats to help film users make an easier switch to digital! Why APS-C? Why 35mm? Why not some other random sensor size instead? Why didn't Canon just create whatever size sensor they wanted?  It's because of the thousands upon thousands of film users out there that they had to convince that DSLR's were the way of the future. What better way to do that then offering a product that was compatible with their current lenses and conformed to known film sizes for crop factors!

Don't believe me? Look at the gradual changes in automobile designs even though everyone has known for decades that certain aerodynamic designs work better than others.

Personally, I like having the option of the 1.6X magnification when I need it without having to buy more lenses or teleconverters!

There are advantages and disadvantages of all the camera bodies, one simply needs to choose which body is best for their needs AND budget. There will NEVER be just ONE camera body produced! Unless of course they find a way to tap into your optic nerve and brain and you could process whatever image you want, however you want, just by looking at it and thinking you would love to have a photo of it!

I have the advantage of having crop sensor bodies and FF bodies to choose from, so I just pick which one I want to shoot with that day.

Honestly? As much as I love my new 5D2, I wouldn't give up my 7D for anything. And for the cost, you can keep the 5D3!!! (my opinion)


Thank you for the information everyone. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Guess it's just time to save up and get the EF 100-400L!!! :)

The TC's just don't seem worth the time for f4 lenses. (sigh)  :'(


Third Party Manufacturers / Kenko or Tamron 1.4x or 2x teleconverter
« on: July 12, 2012, 02:04:24 AM »
I did a quick search so see if there was any information here regarding these teleconverters but I didn't come across anything of value so please forgive me if this question has already been asked.

I own two lenses that I would like to use with the teleconverters. My Canon EF 70-300 IS USM f4 lens and my Canon EF 70-200 IS USM f4L. Now I know the teleconverters work best with F2.8 or faster glass but I don't own a f2.8 zoom lens.

My choice would be the 2x as it would make my 70-200L a 400mm and my 300 a 600mm lens, but I am not sure what the lower light would do for the autofocus and such. The 1.4 would be OK but then I would have to use my 300 as a 400mm. (420mm to be exact)

My question is, how are the optics with these teleconverters and what exact model would you recommend? Thank you in advance to anyone who answers my question(s). Oh and one more thing, I usually shoot with an f-stop of f8 or higher (f8 ~ f13) so keeping it in the higher numbers are not a problem.


Pricewatch Deals / Re: 5D Mark II Body Price Drop at B&H
« on: July 11, 2012, 01:14:49 AM »
I couldn't take it anymore. Not another second. After being able to resist the 5D classic, the 5D2, and the 5D3, I thought my patience was close to paying off the second I saw the leaked pictures of the Nikon D600. "Surely this will force Canon to respond! The day of reckoning is near!" But then, something snapped in my mind. In the deep of night, I refreshed the canonrumors website and there was the 5D2. Sure it might not be the best price there ever was or ever will be. Perhaps in the next few short months the D600 will be revealed, and some months after that another price drop or even a new entry level FF... But the thing is. My new 5D2 is on the way from B&H, and I don't have a shred of buyer's remorse. LOVE!

You won't regret buying it either. It is still an amazing camera and the photos are outstanding. I didn't think that the quality between my 7D and the 5D2 would be all that different, but I was wrong. The colors and smoothness of the 5D2 are breathtaking. Not to mention sharp (with good lenses of course) images. Do I still love my 7? Yes, but the 5D2 is a cut above, image quality wise.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:51:02 AM »

Wild puffin on Skomer island, Wales.

7D, 100-400L at 400mm, 1/500s f/8 ISO1600

LOL is right!!! Love this shot.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:47:07 AM »
Mark II 1Ds  840mm

give it up!!

the owl did get away?? but not with his dinner !! first time a have seen them stealing from the owls

OK, I am jealous!!! Very awesome and cool shot!!! Damn...

Gary, all of your bird photos are a cut above. I would have to admit I am feeling quite humbled. Thank you for sharing such awesome photos!


Pricewatch Deals / Re: 5D Mark II Body Price Drop at B&H
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:30:52 AM »
I just bought my 5D2 (25K clicks) for $1600.00 used w/ battery grip. It looks and feels brand new! It was a friends' camera until he upgraded to the 5D3 and suddenly found himself needing cash to help offset the $3500 he just spent.

I would say with the numbers of people "rushing" out to get the 5D3, there are going to be quite the selection of very nice used cameras out there to choose from, cheap! I wouldn't buy a new 5D2 at this point, unless you had no other option.

Just because the 5D3 is out it does not make the 5D2 an "obsolete" camera. Heck, even the 5D classic is still holding it's value very well! I recently saw a couple being sold for around $700 ~ $800 bucks! That's not much of a drop from the $850 ~ $1000 it was a couple of months ago before the annoucement of the 5D3!

Even though some of the features about the 5D2 could use an upgrade (compared to some newer cameras) it still is one hell of a camera body that takes amazing photos! I would not hesitate to buy another one at a sweet price. I would imagine that the 5D2 will remain popular for years to come and will hold it's value really well. It's money well invested in an awesome camera.


Technical Support / Re: How much space to get to macro?
« on: July 08, 2012, 10:42:13 PM »
I can appreciate the "make it yourself" quest but if you look around I am sure you can find a set cheap-cheap!

I found my set of 3 Kenko tubes on Craigslist for 45 bucks! They were almost brand-new! I can't imagine the time it will take you to make a prototype will be worth the little bit of money you will save in the end. But good luck and let us know how the end result goes!


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