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Lenses / Re: The next three new lenses? 50, 100 macro, 70-300
« on: November 12, 2014, 08:18:06 AM »
The 50/1.4 is old and tired.... a refresh with better build,optics and a ring USM motor has to come sooner or later. IS would be nice too.
The 100 macro? Still a great lens for the price, the only real improvement would be to add IS, but there's the L version, so that isn't going to happen.
I'm pretty sure the 50/1.4 has a ring usm already. The 1.8 doesn't. That thing is noisy as hell.

Indeed, the 50/1.4 is due for a replacement.
As far as I am concerned if they bring a lens on the market that has same quality, sharpness etc as the latest line of 24, 24 and 35 mm non-l lenses, I will buy one straight away. I have the Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM and absolutely love it.
Also, but most likely a manual lens, a new tilt shift around 50 mm and 90 mm would be fantastic. I would be willing to cough up 3000$ for a 50 mm equivalent of the TSE-24 F3.15 mk II

Wedding Photography / Re: Tough LARGE group photo
« on: November 10, 2014, 05:07:51 PM »
Well Done !!
Very tricky circumstances, large open space, not a lot of light.
Shows that using speedlites can make a real difference.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Need Best Monitor for Photo Edits
« on: November 08, 2014, 12:06:55 AM »

I have done colormangement for a significant amount of time and  in my opinion, NEC and Eizo are by far the best. I know that they are more expensive, but they last long, have internal self calibration, a matt screen  etc.

I do not like any monitor with a glossy screen such as the imacs, especially the retinas.  I am disturbed by the reflections. Furthermore, all the MACs are still only at 8bit/color channel (24 bit total) and that is because that is what the operating system OSX Supports.

It is crazy, our camera, photoshop, NEC and Eizo monitors all support at least 10 bit/color channel, but MAC has refused to support it, much to the grief of XRite and Eizo.

Eizo goes as far as
we do not recommend update to Yosemite which, in its current form, can not be used for colour management applications.

Another one that I just found out.
Eizo Colornavigator does not work properly under yosemite.
I approached the Eizo developers in japan and got the following reply:

There is an issue with Yosemite regarding its ability to output correct tonal gradation.  ColorNavigator adjusts the video gamma correctly, however Yosemite outputs in the equivalent value of 129 and 128 gray scale gradation (rather than 256) which is why you are receiving the error message.  This issue was identified by our engineers in the Yosemite Developer Preview version and was reported to Apple, however has not been addressed.

Please note that this is not an issue with ColorNavigator.  It is an issue with the OS and consequently we do not recommend update to Yosemite which, in its current form, can not be used for colour management applications.

as I described before, you will need to download the latest EOS utility version 3.0.1 release date 09/29/2014 from canon usa website. That version works under yosemite

Some of the X-Rite software does not work under yosemite e.g X-Rite colormunki photo. X-Rite promises upgrades by mid november.
Canon EOS utility, there is only one version that works = 3.0.1, so you will need to download that version

Wide colour gamut? IPS? Matte screen? Unless the answer to all three is "yes", then the answer to the title of this post is "no".

Game, set and match.


Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite only supports 8bit/color channel (24 bit color). This is absolutely ridiculous as good monitors such as Eizo and Nec support 10 and 12 bit/color channel.

For those that push photoshop to the limit, such as working  on detail in shadows, this results in banding.

A pc with proper graphics card and let's say EIZO CG276 will deliver proper colors. I know that the EIZO is only 2560 pixels

Just downloaded latest version eu3.0.1x-installer.dmg and it works on yosemite on my Macbook Pro

Please be aware that EOS utility for MAC in the package is the WRONG one to run on Yosemite.
You need to separately download eu3.0.1.x-installer.dmg
By the way this is the ONLY version of EOS utility that works on Yosemite


I am beta testing the new OSX for Mac: 10.10 Yosemite.

I did a few checks and found that the following software does NOT work:
1) EOS utility. Why am I not surprised? This happened with previous OS X upgrades as well
2) X Rite Colormunki Photo does not install. I reported this and X Rite promised that they are working on an upgrade

I know that a lot of us EOS Utility for tethered shooting, hence the warning

Lighting / Re: Canon MR-14EX I vs II?
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:50:05 PM »
A bit of topic, I use the MT-24EX.
The advantage is that you can take each of the two flash heads of the mount and position them anywhere you like on small light stands.
Please be aware that this is NOT an easy flash to operate. First of all, it is not recognised by my 7D or 1DX, so you have to change all the settings on the flash it self (E-TTL works!). Furthermore, "balancing" the light is very tricky as you are working close to the subject. A change in working distance of a few centimeters will mean that you have to change the power output of the flash.

I have had great results with flowers and insect, using a macro 100 II, but it takes a lot of effort to get it right.
Furthermore, please check that the flash fits on the lens that you want to use e.g. for the 100 mm macro you need an adapter ring.

Hope this informs


Animal Kingdom / Re: Yard Bird
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:49:52 AM »
Some in my backyard

Reviews / Re: Please help me love ef 35mm f2 IS vs 40mm pancake
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:53:57 AM »
I think you got a lemon. I was very pleased with my 40mm until I got my 35 f2 is, which is extremely sharp from f2 and at f2.8 was sharp border to border.
This is my most used lens for street photography specially at night time


I have both lenses and I like them both. If I would have to make a choice , purely on sharpness, then I would take the 35

Canon General / Re: Colombia
« on: July 14, 2014, 03:45:06 AM »

My last visit was in 1996, so that is a long time ago. In those days, Medellin was very dangerous, Bogota was alright at least in the better part of town. If you have the time, fly to Carthagena, which is fantastic and super safe

Technical Support / Re: CF CARD speed question. Am ignorant.
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:17:34 AM »
you mention that your main concern is shooting at 12fps.
Think about the following, A RAW file is appro. 20-25 MB, so at 12 fps, you need to be able to to have a write speed of let's say 12*20=240 MB/s. The current cards do not have write speeds that can keep up with this.

So, what will happen is that the internal buffer will fill up and then things will start to slow down.
As far as I know , the 1DC and 1DX have a 1 GB buffer, so that is ~ 40- 50 RAW files, which means four seconds continuous shooting at 12 fps.

I use the 12fps a lot on my 1DX for BIF, and sofar I have never shot a sequence of more then 20- 30 photos in one go.
If I do, I notice a short delay of two , three seconds for the buffer to write to CF cards (Lexar 32Gb, 1066).

In short, the card write speed is such that it will not be able to keep up shooting 12 fps in RAW format.
What it will do, is influence the time it takes to write from the buffer to the card.

I am more worried about cards that fail. I have bought many lexar and sandisk cards all of them 16GB or 32 GB and I have had failures on both brands. Failure: unable to read/write to card, unable to format, so they end up in the bin.
This is for me the main reason to use many smaller cards instead of going for a few high capacity ones.

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