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These are some really good and useful replies! Thanks so much.

I'm starting to form my conclusions and am leaning towards the 5D Mark II + Rebel 4Ti combo. There's a good chance I'll take the full frame plunge before the end of this week. I'm still eager to hear more input. Thanks for all the good input so far!

When he still used Canons, Ole Liodden once wrote on his blog about people using different cameras on some of his Arctic/Antarctic trips. He didn't mention Rebels, but he did say that he'd had a number of clients using 40D's and 5D MkII's, that had failed due to the weather conditions, yet the 7D (and of course the 1D's) kept on working. The build quality and sealing of the 5D MkIII is supposed to be the same as the 7D, so if you are in less than prime weather conditions, then it could be the cost of getting the shot or not. If you're a hobbyist, then it may not matter, unless you're on the trip of a lifetime, but you can imagine the cost to a pro who is trying to earn a living. Reputations are easily lost and difficult to regain. So basically, whether it is worth four times the cost is as much down to your circumstances as the needs for the type of photography.

I mostly use my camera for travel photography. The most extreme climate I've taken it through was a glacier hike in Argentina where it was freezing cold, and lots of drizzle and light rain. It held up pretty well for a camera that's not weather-sealed or anything. Other than that though, I use it for studio portraits, weddings or in moderate outdoor climates. Nothing too extreme.

I am contemplating a trip to a few African countries by the end of the year, but weather-sealing is not a major concern for me. I've missed shots before, but not so much because of climate as much as autofocus and ISO limitations. That's something for me to think about. Thanks for your thoughts!

The 5D II has considerably less sticker shock. You mention that the 5D III is definitely an upgrade from the 5D III, should we infer from this that there is something troubling you about the 5D II's IQ?

No, I don't think it was the image quality of the 5D Mark II that made me hesitate. As far as I can tell, the 5D Mark II IQ is still impressive. I don't have much experience with the Mark II, but for years I heard people complaining about the unimpressive autofocus, and that kinda made me hold off for the Mark III. Granted, since I don't have much experience with the Mark II, I haven't personally run into the autofocus annoyance, but given the not-so-great autofocus of the Rebel series I've shot with, I figure that autofocus improvement is something I would like to have in my next EOS body.

I am using 5D2 and I used to use T2i and 7D which have same sensor.  T2i, 7D, 5D2 have similar IQ for outdoor and low ISO shoots.  However, I really see the difference from ISO 400+.  T4i has newer sensor, so I guess ISO 400 and 800 might be okay.  For me it will still be about 2 to 3 stop difference.
By the way you will also have better DoF and wider angle on FF.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Better DoF is a major plus for me. So far, the bokeh I've been able to get has been nothing to write home about.

You said they have similar IQ for outdoor- is there a big difference when shooting indoor with studio lighting?

Historically, I've held back from shooting anything above 400 ISO. I know ISO performance has improved dramatically since the XTi. I've only used the 5D Mark II a few times, but I did notice a big difference. And the Mark III seems to be an even bigger difference.

Basically, coming from an XTi, pretty much any Canon offering within the last 2 years will be a major improvement for me. Since I don't upgrade very frequently, I'm hoping to get something that won't easily make me envious within 2 or 3 years.

I was considering upgrading to a 5D Mark III with a 4Ti as a backup, but that's edging pretty close to $5000, which is a bit more than I'm willing to part with at this time. Maybe a 5D Mark II with a 4Ti as a backup would be more appropriate? I'm curious to see what the high ISO performance and autofocus improvement will be like on the new Rebel compared to the Mark II. Any thoughts on that?

Simply put, I don't think they are designed or intended to be compared to each other. They are intended for two very different types of photographers. I would argue that the 5D3 is at least two, if not three, classes ahead of the T4i. Rebel series, 60D, 7D, 5D3, 1D series.. Although, the differences between the 60D and rebel seem to be shrinking..

(I won't comment on the subjective differences in image quality. Huge can of worms.)

Thanks very much for your thoughts. I am curious though and apologize in advance if it is a can of worms, but what are people's thoughts on the difference in image quality? Right now, there is no other full-frame option and I'm pretty determined to upgrade on that level. But as far as image quality, dynamic range, not so much high ISO ability, but image quality in general- what's the difference between an L-lens on an 4Ti and an L-lens on the Mark III? Any thoughts?

I've been shooting with a Rebel XTi for as many years as it's been out now and have been quite happy with it. I've somewhat outgrown it however and have been itching to dive into full-frame for some time. I withheld grabbing a 5D Mark II in anticipation of the Mark III. Now the Mark III is here. It looks like a wonderful camera- definitely an upgrade from the Mark II. But I'm still finding it hard to get past the sticker shock of $3500.

I know the Mark III is a class ahead of the Rebel line, but I'm curious as to just how much. Is it really 4 times better than the Rebel? Is there a huge difference in IQ between L-glass on a Mark III and L-glass on a 4Ti? What are the main, must-have features that would make the Mark III outclass the 4Ti? I know it comes down to what your specific camera needs are, but I'd really like to hear some ideas. Thanks!

EOS Bodies / Re: Finally LOOKING good !!!!
« on: March 06, 2012, 06:46:32 PM »
indeed. i wasn't impressed with canon's samples at all. these samples are a bit of a relief. thanks for sharing!

Finally indeed!  I think those first jpeg samples had many worried.

EOS Bodies / Re: Why the Japan hate Canon
« on: March 02, 2012, 04:54:05 AM »
So where the 5dIII is selling for $3500 USD in the states... Those of us in Japan get it at the lovely price of $4100 at today's exchange rates...  This is why I buy all my canon stuff from the states...  Was figuring it was goign to be more normalized with current exchange rates.. but apparantly not.

i feel you brother. i'm in osaka. what part are you in? any idea what the customs or VAT or whatever is for importing a 5D3 (back) to Japan? I'm gonna have to get my family in the states to ship it to me out here. $3500 works out to like 290,000 yen. That's pretty significant compared to 358,000 yen.

EOS Bodies / 5D3 available later this month?!!?
« on: March 02, 2012, 03:32:08 AM »
According to biccamera.com, the 5D3 is gonna be available by the end of this month (March) for Japan at least.


March release seems pretty fast. If anyone else can read Japanese and make sure I didn't read it wrong (I'm a foreigner living in Japan). Can anyone else confirm release dates?

And I'm really not liking that 358,000 yen price tag. That puts it closer to $4500 US for body only over here. Perhaps I'll be buying it from the US instead afterall.  ::)

EOS Bodies / Re: Introducing the Canon 5D Mark III
« on: March 02, 2012, 12:15:02 AM »
hooray! it's here! merry 5D3-day everybody!!

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