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EOS Bodies / Is the 5D3 SOFT compared to the 5D2?
« on: May 23, 2012, 01:28:15 PM »
I've own both the 5D2 and 7D and have used them for several years (bought the 7D a month after it was out and the 5D2 maybe six months after it was out) and on occasion rented a 1Ds3 for certain shoots as well.  A couple weekends ago I got my hands on a 5D3 and as I didn't have a subject to test in studio, nor did I want to pixel peep at tests 100 others out there have already done, I walked an early Saturday morning in SoHo in NYC for a few hours to shoot street and test the touted DR improvements in areas of dark shadow and contrast cast by the low morning sun through the low rise buildings, fire escapes etc.  I shot with both the 17-40 f/4L and 70-200 f/4 IS, choosing those over faster primes to allow me a range of focal lengths and eliminate my penchant for shooting shallow DoF and force me to shoot no larger than f/4 to best gauge sharpness, etc.  So, in short, I liked it...a lot.  It handled very well, just like the 7D and I was pleased overall with the results (RAW in LR3).  So as I prepared to buy one this week I started looking at more comparisons out there  (5D2 vs 5D3) and then saw a clip on the video performance by Philip Bloom touting the ability to sharpen video content in PremierePro but saying that "...out of camera video is far less sharp and contrast-y than the 5D2 was (at same settings.)"  Coupled with some of the muddiness issues in the shadows (if in camera NR not turned off), JPEG issues, and looking at 100% crops in the latest tests I've seen, I'm starting to wonder, is the 5D3's sensor somehow a little "soft" compared to the 5D2.  As many of you now have your 5D3 with shipments sent out the past few weeks, I'm curious what you've seen overall given I only shot with it a few hours.  In terms of PURE IMAGE QUALITY (not features, no doubt the 5D3 is a completely new camera feature wise over the 5D2), is the 5D3 sensor producing the same quality of images out of camera as the 5D2's sensor does?  I'm wondering if I should be buying as many 5D2's as I can find as a short-term investment vs. a 5D3 (will probably outperform FaceBook's stock) :)))

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