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Technical Support / Re: Phantom Ranch Trip
« on: September 07, 2012, 05:31:04 PM »
I would advocate going with a single lens, maybe a 24-105
Yeah, if its a rough hike, I'd do the same. Its not worth the extra weight if you can crop in some and get the same effect.

Technical Support / Re: Phantom Ranch Trip
« on: September 07, 2012, 05:29:41 PM »
On the other hand, if the 70-200 is in my backpack, what good is it going to do me?
There are two approaches for this

1. Leave the 70-200 on the camera, and only change it when you need the wider perspective of the 15-85. Your landscape shots aren't gonna disappear in a second like a critter at 200mm will. It was my strategy for Glacier (always leave the 100-400 on, have the 11-16 on my belt) and allowed me to get bear shots, etc.

2. Not sure of the hike and how much scrambling, but if you can clip it onto you at the belt or your pack allows you to have both lenses accessible at any point. I had a Capture clip on my pack, so that my camera was always accessible, and then I had a carrier on my backpack belt for the other lens. But, that was for more traditional hiking and it wouldn't work if you are scrambling up canyons

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Vanguard Equipment
« on: September 07, 2012, 04:12:16 PM »
I have the SBH-300 and the thing is built like a tank. I probably could have gone with the SBH-100 and been fine, but, I got it like new from Amazon Warehouse for the same price, and it'll be nice for video work.

I've been looking at the 263AT's for when I upgrade my tripod legs. The lifetime warranty is a nice perk

Third Party Manufacturers / A potential Tamron 24-70 problem
« on: September 07, 2012, 04:09:33 PM »

As Roger says, they are harder on gear than most, but, just something to keep an eye out for.

EOS Bodies / Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« on: September 07, 2012, 02:35:30 PM »
Nah, I think there are enough base users who would demand AFMA for primes on full-frames. They don't like risk, and its a little too risky to rely on a strategy that assumes their are enough schmoes who will drop $2k+ on something they have no idea about.

EOS Bodies / Re: More Photokina Chatter [CR1]
« on: September 07, 2012, 01:44:12 PM »
Losing my optimism for a FF pro body (7D/5D build, layout).   I sure hope touch screen doesn't mean flip screen too.
I actually would prefer the flip screen, as I'm pretty sure we aren't gonna see 7D level build quality or weather sealing, sadly. So, in that case, I'd rather get the more useful screen.

But the problem w/ touchscreen, a flip screen, a new 20mp sensor (I guess w/ video af like on the 650d) is that Canon will make sure to cripple the camera so much that enthusiasts or professionals are only left with the 5d3 to buy.
Actually, if you check the rumor again, he says that the sensor is most often cited as 22mp. I really can't imagine them doing the R&D for a whole new sensor for a cheaper camera. I can see them taking the 5dIII, crippling key features (weaker AF, slower frame rate, weaker build) and also tweaking the filters so that the video isn't as good. All of which I'm fine with, as they'd generally be upgrades over the 5DII, and they'd keep the price closer to $2k

The only thing I absolutely won't accept is them removing AFMA, I think that would kill the camera on release for most people

Lenses / Re: new ziess 55mm, redefining?
« on: September 07, 2012, 09:23:47 AM »
Can someone give me a good reason why Zeiss has never adopted AF?  Always wondered.
Because when you try to make a lens design timeless, and you don't have the Canon AF contacts direct from them, its difficult to complete that mission. We've already seen issues with certain third-party lenses and extenders on the new Canon bodies, and some of those lenses are <10yrs old. The reason is you have to lie to the camera and tell it that its an L lens, not a Zeiss lens. Then when Canon rolls out a new feature (lens profile corrections, for example) it can cause major issues.

Besides, most 3rd party lenses are known for being slower to AF, or having tons of focus issues (focus shift, front/back focus), so why even bother going down that road if you don't have to

EOS Bodies / Re: Pre digital days, please shed some light for me
« on: September 06, 2012, 06:59:55 PM »
So what your telling me is there is no reason why we actually need different sensors other than marketing purposes.  Cause like I said before with old camera's the features not sensors is what made them unique.
I would argue that cost is a huge part of marketing, so, technically yes marketing is why, but, only in a roundabout way.
So even though FF sensors cost more, if they sold 100K rebel FF's a year I think you could spread R&D costs around and prob make a profit.
Except if they can drive 50% of the profit margin of a 5D with the Ti series, and yet sell 50x as many, they'll make a hell of a lot more money. The biggest thing APS-C (and now mirrorless) is lower the entry barrier to better photography

Honestly evaluate the average DSLR buyer. They have no idea the difference between APS-C and Full-Frame in terms of how it impacts pictures, and so they probably aren't going to see the benefit of paying 5x as much for a 5dIII over a T3i. So Canon would be losing hundreds of thousands of sales if they only offered a full-frame entry camera at say, $1500.

Sensor size can be marketing, but, it also has many, many practical applications for why its bigger on some cameras and smaller on others. Most entry DSLR users would be frustrated by missing focus with the shallow DOF of full-frame, or by their pictures looking softer because their cheap lenses don't match the image circle. Not to mention, good full-frame lenses are heavy and expensive to make. APS-C is a way to cover those flaws yet still provide much better IQ than a P+S at a reasonable price.

But I'm pretty sure if it's refurbished then the shutter count is going to be zero.  I would think that refurbishing a camera would involve replacing the shutter.

Nope, in fact, I've yet to see anyone report that they got a shutter count of 0. I know my 60D had a shutter count of around 90 or so. Why replace the shutter on a camera rated to 150k if it wasn't what was wrong with the camera? Refurbished means it had an error that was fixed (or that it didn't sell), not that it's brand new

EOS Bodies / Re: Announcements Before Photokina
« on: September 05, 2012, 07:18:31 PM »
What happened to the 6D in October?
It's not October yet

EOS Bodies / Re: Announcements Before Photokina
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:38:56 AM »
Their midrange SLR range is starting to get tired and old with both the 60D and 7D badly needing replacing.
How do they badly need replacing? An update with better AF in both (and AFMA back in the 60D) would be nice, as well as an extra ISO stop, but, they are both perfectly fine cameras. Neither is crushed by their Nikon equivalent, or other competitors for that matter, and both are much better than a mirrorless alternative.

I think one thing people are forgetting is that for a year after a body is released, its price is very, 50% higher than they sell for right now. Do you really believe the new 7D is going to be worth $17-1800+ for the body when the current one can be had for $1100?

Landscape / Re: Post Your Best Landscapes
« on: September 05, 2012, 09:08:56 AM »
Two from this past weekend

Cheoah Dam

Bear Creek Falls

EOS Bodies / Re: The ultimate Photokina bet poll...
« on: September 04, 2012, 03:43:44 PM »
Why does that not count for anything, but the D800 vs. 5D3 bullS___ still rages on?  What about 1DX whipping everything?
To play devils advocate here, it's not that it doesn't count for's just, I can have one of each of the 5dIII and D800 for the price of the 1DX. There's a reason the $3000 cameras get argued more than the $7000 camera...more users. Likewise its the same reason why the D600 v whatever Canon puts out will be debated twice as much as the D800 v 5dIII was; more people can afford it.

Film kills digital. Canon being the worst of all.
Of course, Canon's decade old sensor is probably the least competitive.
Are you dense?
Learn something before pretending to know

You must have a lot of fun trolling the Canon forums. Seeing as your post history shows that is all you are here to do:;area=showposts;u=20859

EOS Bodies / Re: The ultimate Photokina bet poll...
« on: September 04, 2012, 01:03:38 PM »
I think we'll see the 5dII successor simply for them to try and one-up the D600. We might see the new 70D, but, it'll basically be the old 7D with the new sensor AF and a weaker body

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