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EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 5D Mark III Replacement Talk [CR2]
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:02:51 AM »
A big jump from 22 to 53MP. 4-5 fps are ok if landscape or studio orientated.
But which price will we have to pay for it?
I read an fb posting, that it will be between the 5DIII & 1DX. Nearer to the 1DX. I hope this was an "troll" posting.
But Canon will we proud of having the chance to milk us as much as they can ....

But - if payable - great news.

Much thanks!

I tried your tipps, but it did not work. Still the white point on the lower edge for one second. Fully charged battery, everything removed, fresh formatted card,....
And there was no moisture....

I phoned with the Canon support (2 min before closing), and the employee told me to send it to the German Canon service departement. He thinks the main processor is broken - maybe as an result of the fw-upgrade (then there will be NO warranty).  :-[

I need some help, please:
As I read, there is an new 6D-firmware. I tried to get it on my 6D. There was the success-message after updating. I took 2 shots after updating. But after restarting (switch off and on again), the 6D stays black.
No reaction after starting on the display, no reaction if I press any button.
I tried to downgrade to the 1.1.4 firmware, but nothing happened.
There is just an small white dot for one second on the lower left display

Is there anything I can do to get this problem fixed? Or do I have to send it to CPS?


I am sorry, my posting was not clear:
I meant, that Canon should meet the 39 point AF-System and the 24MP... (an the better low iso performance  :P)
I did not mean  the touchscreen (I just cited the title of the Dpreview article).

But on the other hand, 200$ more is not an small plus on the price. So I can understand, that Nikonians claim of a to small plus on features/specifications on this new camera...

@ Marsu: Sonikon empire .....  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Where are the XXD Cams that meets these (AF, MP,...) specifications? Is there an 80D in the near future planned????

"A new Nikon appears: Nikon D5500 adds touchscreen and flat picture profile" ( title at Dpreview)

Nikon D5500 vs. D5300 specifications comparison: (title of Nikonrumors-page)

The 5500 moved up in the price (+200$!!). Let us see, if the + is worth the money

Third Party Manufacturers / Review of the Nikon D750 on
« on: December 20, 2014, 02:31:02 AM »
Review of the Nikon D750 on 

90% Score.... Highest I have seen there

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:16:31 AM »
More megapixels is only part of the problem.

Better megapixels is the more significant problem that Canon faces.

If it simple scales up any of its current APS-C sensors to full frame then it won't address the megapixel quality problem.

On the other hand if it gets a 46MP sensor from Sony, well, all bets are off....

Sir, I do not think, that Conon will release an "bad-sensored" camerabody. Maybe the IQ is not the the IQ you get from the Nikon D800E or Sony A7 36MP.  I hope -  it will be on an equal level like the IQ of todays Canon products.
Just think of, what will happen to Canon if this Camera is rubbish? They will never release an under-average product.
Maybe it took so long to developa an good high MP sensor.

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:10:24 AM »
I bet on it being a Canon sensor.  My guess is it will have the 5DIII AF System, and probably less than 4 fps.

Let´s hope the IQ is on an high level. Then I see many of us buying it.
Sir, an 5DIII AF system would be great. I could live with 4fps (maybe 5-6 I hope)...
Great new news.

EOS Bodies / Re: All I Want For Christmas...
« on: December 15, 2014, 11:33:34 AM »
I would like to see a 36MP camera with 65+ autofocus points, amazing dynamic range and very high ISO (102,400 and up).
Canon will sell this Cam to you. 10.000$ or more, in 2020.... 1Dx Mk III

But I would accept a sub-US$ 2,000.00 full frame camera with a 24 Mp sensor, an improved autofocus (more focus points than the 6D, if possible f/8 center focus), better dynamic range and very high ISO.
Would be my favourite too, but such an "revolution" will apear in..... let us say at the earliest....  in 2022. If you look at the "evolution" steps of the Cameras. (7DIII in 2019 with 24MP and no wifi, 6D2 with 22MP and no wifi  and 19 AF points, 1 crosstype in 2016 and the 6D3 with 24MP and 19 AF (all cross type) and still no wifi.... in 2020)

And other brands? Sony in 2020 with 50MP, 200 fast AF points, 15fps, DR of 15, ....

My nightmare some nights ago.....

Software & Accessories / Re: Easy-access photo backpack?
« on: December 12, 2014, 04:40:14 AM »
Currently I am satisfied by the Wolfskin ACS PHOTO PACK PRO. Easy access on the side, the whole side is openable. Good carrying comfort

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Dpreview: Review of the 7D2
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:55:35 PM »
I am amazed, that the new 7D2 seems to have an much lesser movie mode?

Can someone verify this?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Dpreview: Review of the 7D2
« on: December 11, 2014, 04:49:49 PM »

Dpreview writes:    
"If you can justify the price tag it's hard to fault Canon's new APS-C flagship. With class-leading image quality, fast operation and excellent handling the EOS 7D is everything a semi-pro model should be--and the excellent movie mode will be a welcome bonus to those that like their pictures to move. Arguably the best APS-C SLR on the market today."

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 5D mkIV
« on: December 11, 2014, 03:03:35 AM »
I hope that they don't bunk up the MP on the 5DIV...  for me there is no need. Make another large sensor camera...

IMHO the IV needs to maintain the philosophy of the first 3 5D's. Best all-round FF camera. descent FPS but not excessive, great image quality, great video (not that I use it often), other key core features, good MP but not highest, great AF etc.... the 7DII AF would not be as good on FF as it is not wide enough...  make a FF equivalent, fine. 

Sir, as seen at the 7D2, I guess there will be NO big update at the sensor (maybe small improvements). I guess the AF system will be updated and the shooting performance too. Nothing else. Enough for us to buy this camera. But nothing revolutionary.

On the other side, Sony is really preparing for an "big hit" in spring with an successor of the Alpha 7 36MP series. My granddaughter in law is working for this Company and heared an verfied rumor. Alpha 7 high MP for sports.....  It couls be possible that Canon rises the MP to 24 and makes ist faster (AF, fps) and better low light performance.... (But for me, there will just be an small percentage that this will happen as Canon knows how to milk us....)

My, in summer 2014 bought 70-200 II had an similar issue. Using the AF ended in unsharp pictures. Even when  I used live view the picture got just minimal sharper.  Sending the lens 3 times to Canon CPS (and writing an "sharp" letter, that the IQ is not acceptable as it is worser than on my old 70-200L2.8, they exchanged something inside the lens, not only adjusting it).
Now it is worth the money I bought and it is visibly better than my old lens....

Interesting.  You had to send it in 3 times.  I was thinking that I'd be one of the only people to ever have to do something like that which was why I've been hoping that maybe I'm wrong and the lens is fine.

My personal opinion: Here in Germany, different companies are offering service for Canon. It ist sometimes varying, how you get satisfied by the company, your lens has been sent to.
The third time I sent it to another company, 500 miles away to Berlin /tipp from marsu) and there they exchanged the not satisfying part inside the lens.
But there they told me, that there is still (varying on the L model) an sometimes big bandwith of quality. And that an customer can not be sure that the lens is on the same quality as the lenses magazines get for testing. Because they are presorted and optimized so that the test gets an good score....

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