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Lenses / Re: What lens are you patiently waiting for?
« on: March 28, 2012, 09:20:40 PM »
I'm also looking for a new 50mm from Canon.

  • Needs to be full USM, not the 'half baked' variety like the current 50mm f1.4
  • Needs to have great IQ* wide open, across frame. Tack sharp from f2.2/f2.5
  • Bokeh quality needs to be great
  • Should ideally have internal focus
  • Should not have much focus breathing
  • Needs to be free of decentering issues
  • Can be f1.8 (if sharp at that), or f1.4 if not being huge / expensive
  • IS would be a bonus, but not necessary
  • Eventual street price up to $600 without IS, $800 with IS

(*I definte IQ as being: very sharp, good contrast, natural rich colours, low distortion, minimal vignetting, low CA)

I hear ya, but think you are being optomistic on the price especially give canons recent pricing :( and if includes IS OMG it will cost alot. I'm really hoping for L designation though.

EOS Bodies / Re: Ken Rockwell Updated 5D MK3 Review
« on: March 28, 2012, 08:53:14 PM »
well he got this right!

"Foolish RATE Button Clutter

The Ratings button is a waste of a button, unless you really like to edit in-camera.

The only other function to which it can be set is "protect," which I also never use.

Therefore, it just gets in the way. We'd be better off Super-Glueing it down so that we can feel which button is which in the dark among the buttons we really do use.

Canon should have let us program this to other functions, otherwise, there are too many identical buttons along the left side of the 5D Mark III."

Lenses / Re: What lens are you patiently waiting for?
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:41:03 PM »
a new 50mm f1.4 (L preferably)
with build and IQ like the 100 f2.8L macro
similar size to current 50 f1.4
engineering plastics would keep it light

it would be a very niffty fifty

EOS Bodies / AF / AI Servo tips from 7D users
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:38:24 PM »
Just wondering if 7D users could give any specific AF / AI Servo tips for us with new 5Dmk3 since the AF system is so different than the previous 1D AF and the 5Dmk2 AF. Help us come up to speed quicker.
Since the 7D system is probably the closest AF system to the new system

currently I only use spot focus select point, I use back button focus,

EOS Bodies / DXO vs Reality
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:34:21 PM »
I'm just wondering, alot of people get REALLY worked up over these dxo tests, however theire numbers relating to various cameras (to me anyway) dont appear to reflect real world results take the medium format digital backs for example, these are simply amazing yet score lower than a sony or a nikon?

Personally i dont put any faith in this sort of analysis :P

Note: lucky i cant get smited to death by the DxO brigade :D

Go to a club with the 5DIII one night, and a D800 another night, and see which one gets you more women. Be sure to take lots of sample images.

Are you related to wickidWombat  ;) ;) ;)

Why yes, I do believe my ancestors inter-bred with wombats some time ago. This would explain why the ladies think I'm so cute and cuddly.

As for CR board member wickidwombay, I presume he might take offense to the notion that he might be related to a hack like me :)
that must be why I like fast cars too! i knew there was something....

another tip i keep a small paint brush about 1inch across in my tripod bag so i can clean it down and brush any sand out

EOS Bodies / Re: Delivered 5Dmk3 Units Awesome vs Has problems
« on: March 28, 2012, 07:12:41 PM »
I ordered one body only and one kit with 24-105 lens. I shot a wedding over the weekend and both cameras were perfect.
how was the AF? did you just use center point of outer points as well? did you AFMA all your lenses and bodies before hand.
brave man shooting a wedding straight up with untested gear like that!

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D2 vs 5D3 ISO100 around 50 test raws
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:41:03 PM »
Thanks for the hardwork. When the rumors of the MK III were flying around, I decided that my upgrade criteria was sensor at least as good as my Mk II with the AF and speed of 7D. That was all I really needed and anything beyond that was a bonus. So, far I am loving it. So, my question is, how many of you are really going to be mad if there is no real IQ improvement over the Mk II?
My main criteria on my wishlist for 5Dmk3 was

Same or better sensor as 5Dmk2 (I think its about the same once the software is sorted out)
I was hoping for 1 more stop of high ISO (I think we got it)
better AF I was hoping they would just bolt the 1Dmk4 AF in (I am still undecided about the AF as my field testing results are not impressing me but I have to reserve judgment until i get to grips with it more)
Build closer to 1D (definatley got this, very happy with the build)
better customisability (yep much better)
same battery (yep that was nice)
bracketing like the 1D (got the functionality but a button to enable bracketing like the 1D would be nice or the ability to asign this function to the rate button which i will never use)

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D2 vs 5D3 ISO100 around 50 test raws
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:34:08 PM »
Executive summary:

I dont know if its still the raw converter being funny but I still think the 5D2 images are sharper, there is definately no mind blowing improvement at ISO100 at very best it's going to be line ball.
Before i started this test i did turn off all NR and the aberation reduction etc just incase any of that shinanigans affected the raws.

TEST 1 files are the best
TEST 2 shows this method of doing AFMA isnt the most accurate compared to test 1
TEST 3 just handheld shots as acheck most are at minimum shutter speed due to low light still I managed to keep it to iso 100 for all lenses except the 300f4L (they are a bit under exposed though)

Thanks Wicki!  I wonder if the sharpness difference we are all seing between mkII and mkIII could be due to the RAW converter?  Also, you mentionned you turned off the lens correction in camera, did you have a chance to see if the in camera lens correction impact the sharpness of the mkIII?

I am still puzzeled why the mkII had the edge on sharpness...
I really think it could be the raw converter, One thing is all of this was done using center point only. when i was shooting out in the field and using a variety of AF points (before doing this test) the results were all over the place. I'm still not sold on the AF yet but really need to spend more time with it to be fair.
also the sharpness in this situation is really only an issue at pixel peeping level I cannot see it manifesting in prints unless they are bill boards.

As others have mentioned if for studio and landscape at iso 100 then there is very little benefit to upgrade from a 5Dmk2 to 5Dmk3.

I think form looking at my high iso stuff there is about a stop benefit in the 5Dmk3 however the noise at higher isos on the 5D3 looks much more like film grain and so for certain shots and shooting there will be a massive increase in useability

Personally I love the new handling ergonomics, feel, the viewfinder is a big step up IMO. more functions/ customisation ability, build quality all of this stuff doesnt show up in test samples

I'm glad you guys are getting some value out of it, I'm really keen to go over this again when final raw converters are released.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D2 vs 5D3 ISO100 around 50 test raws
« on: March 28, 2012, 06:21:18 PM »
Thank-you for the hard work.

I took a look at the 70-200 @ 70 Test 1 shots on a NEC PA241 wide gamut.

I notice that the white balance is different - the 5DmII at 4450 and the 5DmIII at 4600. 

Attached a couple crops from the same images, 5DmII on top, 5DmIII on bottom.   

Sharpness - They are very close, but I do see some artifact/pattern on the 5DmII side - especially in the "10" section.   Its slightly there on the 5DmIII.  Zoom up on the "9" and you'll see definite diagonal banding on the 5DmII.  To be fair, it looks like the shots were not exactly the same size as the 5DmIII looks a bit wider (see the right side lineup).

Color - Also very close, but the very subtle shading - the stain above the "S" and the blue stripes, look fuller / slightly more saturated on the 5DmIII.  The red blocks on the 5DmII look redder - could be the white balance.

Now this is just one sample crop.   Interested in other analysis.

Please note, I used Adobe DNG Converter to clean process the 5DmIII CR2's.  Its a clean convert I understand.
LOL I am a dumb ass I left the cameras in AWB! I noticed the framing slightly different too which is strange as i made sure not to move the tripod when changing and particularly on the 70-200 as it was mounted to the tripod by the lens foot
also i realised the 16mm 5D3 shots from the 16-35 were actually at 17mm

I think if there is going to be another FF this year it's going to be an uber MP monster not a bargain basement one

It is going to need more than just lots of megapixels if it wants to be stop the exodus to the D800.

Too true, but its not just the D800 on its own it's target audience being primarily landscape togs means the D800 + 14-24 Nikkor make it a formidable combo at a reasonable price

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 85mm or 100mm Macro?
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:19:03 AM »
the 100 is brilliant if you dont need to faster than f2.8 but its IS is awesome

heres my test sample raws for it on the 5Dmk2 and 5Dmk3

i love street photography and would want to buy a dedicated street lens (maybe a prime over a L zoom). hoping to get a lens that i can use for street and music/concert photography. everyone just stares at you when you have a massive, white lens attached to a camera. i always feel awkward when that happens, doesnt help that the lens isnt a lightweight!

For the street pictures (I take people not scenes) I would use a 50f/1.4 or 85f/1.8 on the crop as you will look less intimidating from 20yds away

lol says the guy that actually uses a 400 f2.8! :P

Australia / Re: Buying Camera gear in Aus? Who do you use?
« on: March 28, 2012, 02:34:04 AM »
you should also keep an eye on gumtree in your area for any good deals on stuff you are looking for at least then you get to try it out

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