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Site Information / Re: Tutorial Section
« on: February 14, 2012, 12:17:38 AM »

Sort of came to mind after the flash discussions
might help some of the people asking about starting out with flash

This is a basic lighting concept with the subject sandwiched between 2 lights, the key light and the rim light
its particularly usefull for location shoots where you want the background as part of the shot and the background adds to the effect ie a sunset beach

Equipment used
Camera - 5Dmk2
Lenses - 16-35f2.8L II and 70-200f2.8L IS II

Flashes - 2 x 580 exii (its all manual so any flash could be used though)
Flash trigger - cheap ebay radio triggers (poverty wizards)
a flash stand and a 33" white shoot through umbrella

ISO 400
Aperture f2.8
Shutter speed 1/125 (well within xsync for all cameras)
metering is set to spot
white balance is either sunny or flash (i cant remember)
wide shot 35mm on the 16-35f2.8
tight shot 200mm on the 70-200f2.8

The aim is to overpower the sun with the flash so the flash is the key light and the sun /sunset provides the rim / fill light.

The flashes are both set to manual and to full power connected to the top of the light stand on a multi flash bracket with the cheap radio triggers.

The flash stand with shoot through umbrella is located to camera right pointing toward the setting sun with the model in between approximate distance from the model is between 1m and 1.5m and the key light is above head height pointing towards the model.

Firstly to determine the exposure i simply spot metered the sunset sky and took a couple of shots to get the exposure set for the background. (depending on the light these settings will always be different usually 2 or 3 shots is all it takes to get your background exposure figured out. (dont worry about exposure for the model yet)

Once i was happy with the settings simply added the flash in to balance the lit model with the place the light stand in the correct alignment at a distance from the model and take a shot (make sure you have highlight alert on, ie the blinkies, so you can identify if you are blowing highlights) take a shot check the picture then move the light stand closer to the model if you need more light to balance the scene or further away if you are blowing out any highlights. . (also check your histogram)

It's very easy to tell from the LCD once you have the scene balanced and then you are all set up you can then shoot your poses even change lenses and change your shots.

if you only have one flash then the light will have to be closer to the model basically all you have to remember here is if you halve the distance of the light to the subject you increase your exposure 1 stop if you double the distance of the light from the subject you decrease your exposure by 1 stop. I used 2 flashes to let me keep the source further away.

there are other aspects of moving the light closer and further away such as quality of light etc (ie the further the light is away the more harsh the light and the closer the light the softer the light, based on it being a diffused light source from the umbrella)

but since this is a simple tutorial to help flash beginners out dont get too hung up on that

these shots are simply raw files brought into photoshop through camera raw, basic curves adjust, some contrast and clarity no adjustments to and colours or saturation, thats all done by the light.

Site Information / Re: Tutorial Section
« on: February 13, 2012, 10:45:10 PM »
We have a section with how to articles on the front page of Canon rumors.  Individuals are encouraged to submit articles for addition to the list.

Go to the Canon rumors page and hover on the articles section, and select one.

There is some good information there, and plenty of room for more.
Yeah I see that, those a re little more epic than what I had in mind i guess you could call it a Tutorial / Review section and stick some of the reviews that neuro and others have done in there too. I'll knock up a little tutorial of the sort of thing i had in mind

Canon General / Re: Is it worth *really* studying photography?
« on: February 13, 2012, 10:03:42 PM »
A friend of mine is doing film at tafe, it is very broad not specific to cinematography although it does include cinematography and photographic units. (he still cant take a still photo to save his life) i'm not sure what his cinematographer skills are like but he is more interested in the director/producer aspect

Landscape / Re: Post your best pictures of fireworks
« on: February 13, 2012, 09:09:49 PM »
Some from last year, here in Australia.

Remaining set can be viewed from link below.



awesome shots!, I really wanted to shoot from that location this year but was running late and couldnt make it so i was up the narrows bridge end got some ok shots but nothing like that
what settings did lens etc did you use for those?

Canon General / Re: Is it worth *really* studying photography?
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:50:12 PM »
have you though about doing diplomas at TAFE instead? much cheaper and shorter with a more practical industry focus?

EOS Bodies / Re: Focusing Screen
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:46:59 PM »
Does anyone here have experience using the type-s focusing screen with the MP-E 65mm f2.8 Macrophoto lens? I ask because although the lens is nominally an f2.8, the actual f-stop becomes much smaller as you increase the magnification. Is this a good combination, or does the viewfinder become unusably dark as one moves to higher magnifications? Thanks for any input.

I havent used it with the 65 macro
but with the 600f4.5 FD the veiw finder darkens as you stop down with the aperture ring
and same withthe lensbaby sweet 35
so I would guess it might do the same with that lens
i think unusably dark depends on each persons eye sight and tollerance also the amount ambient light would vary what is useable and what isnt as far as aperture goes.

Lenses / Re: 24-105 f2.8IS
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:42:29 PM »
Maybe can hope from Tokina or Tamron? :) Tokina seems to be leaving "wide angle only" kind of approach so who knows...
I would devestated if it was tamron as I think their quality is horrible, sigma seem to be a large margin in front in this department, I guess we will see if tamron have stepped up their game with the new 24-70 IS they have coming out.
Canon would charge us north of 3K if not 4K with such a lens for sure...   ::)
if canon made it I would pay that especially if it was internally zooming :( (as much as it would hurt)

EOS Bodies / Re: Focusing Screen
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:38:11 PM »
yeah I might look at getting one if i decide to keep a 5D mk2 once the new 5D's come out no point drpping 200 bucks on a screen for camera that might get sold soon

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Development of 5Dmk2
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:30:45 PM »
After coming from a 1D to the 5D2 i was massively dissapointed with the AF on the 5D2
especially the AI servo and outer point ability to even get a lock in low light let alone track anything

Neuro suggested turning on the 6 assist points (I have no idea why these are off by default)

I found this helps AI servo alot in good light

in low light I dont even atempt to use AI servo and I dont bother with the out points just use the center point and recompose. With f2.8 lenses the center point is pretty good.

But even in good light i have just stopped using the outer points just because I have gotten used to using the center point only even if i dont have time to recompose the 21MP gives enough resolution to crop for a better composition. I've even stopped using the outer points on the 1D just because I have modified my shooting style to centerpoint and recompose.

Adding a manual focus screen and using manual focus also fixes many AF issues :P

I am really looking forward to these next gen 5D cameras with Pro AF then I change my shooting style back

I would rather not have to concentrate on workarounds for the limitations of the AF system

EOS Bodies / Re: Focusing Screen
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:18:36 PM »
For the 5DII, try focusingscreen.com - $80 and less than a week, at least here in the US.

cool thanks do you use these?
which would you recomend?
I like the look of the EG-B grid version

Lenses / 24-105 f2.8IS
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:13:07 PM »
Since canon refuse to make a 24-105 f2.8 IS I think sigma should step up to the plate and make one their recent build quality of the latest lenses has improved alot from the last generations they could do well in this space.

EOS Bodies / Re: Focusing Screen
« on: February 13, 2012, 07:01:05 PM »
talking about focusing screens, I'd like to change the focusing screen of my 50D as as well . Does anyone know which one will be good? I had been having problems with focusing when i do it manually it's sharp on the view finder but as i took the picture, the photo taken is not in focus. On low light situations where I cant trust the AF or it just dont work, manual focusing is a pain since all shots taken were off but on the viewfinder it's crisp clear.

thanks guys......

people have said good things about these
but they dont do them for 5D mk2 :(

Lighting / Re: Using the Built-in Flash
« on: February 13, 2012, 06:58:05 PM »
Actually, the Lightscoop http://lightscoop.com/ kind of works. You have to compensate for the reduced light, but as gadgets go, this is not a bad one. Certainly no substitute for a good strobe and it's not going to cover long distances, but in a pinch it can be a lifesaver.

Uses a mirror instead of a diffuser, so I think it probably conserves some of the light a little better. More expensive, though. Handy to throw in the camera bag for emergencies.

ah thats nice to bounce, with a low white ceiling could work ok and quite compact too
$30 though rather put it towards a real flash

Yep I'm totally over the LCD reviews  ::) enough already canon get the beasts out to the serious reviewers so they can get stuck in I can only see this benefiting their marketing so I dont know why they are playing hard to get.

EOS Bodies / Re: Focusing Screen
« on: February 13, 2012, 06:21:43 PM »
what brand is the split screen? becasue canon dont do one they just have the EG-S which is the precision matte screen i have it in my 5D2 basically it looks exactly like the default one but is easier to see if things are in focus manually however the down side is that the veiwfinder is quite dark with f4 or slower lenses.

although the Fd 600 f4.5 lens i have does not appear as dark as the 24-105 does which is wierd but all the fast lenses are great with the EG-S screen

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