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EOS Bodies / Re: So, what about the T4i?
« on: March 01, 2012, 05:40:30 AM »
I'm waiting for 650D too.

One question about XXXD line. If it is a line for photographers-beginners (or amateurs with little money), then why they should require so many megapixles?
Aren't megapixels for studio (or landscape) photographers, who can shoot REALLY well and make money on this?
What is the profit of 18 mp if a person can't shoot well?

Further more, 18mp require really good AF (if one shoots portraits), very good lenses (calibrated in service-centre), micro AF adjustment (which is missing in XXXd) and good patience when pictures are somewhat out of focus.

Am I the only one who sees that xxxd line is not "well balanced" in terms of feautures and target audience?

Most of the time I shoot in clubs, I need clean high iso, accurate AF, excellent background blur => "sports camera" is for me, however, there is not a single canon camera that is targeted for such audience under 1Dx :(((
5Dmk2 at 3200 iso with a 50mm f1.4 center focus point you will be fine. upcoming price drops for new or cheaper second hand might be more in line with what you need

EOS Bodies / Re: CR99999999!!!!!!!!!5D3 tomorrow!!!!!
« on: March 01, 2012, 05:36:22 AM »
What if the hidden part of the poster actually says "Coming in 2013"..?  ;) ;)
then i keep shooting with 5D2s till the 3s come out :D

EOS Bodies / Re: So, what about the T4i?
« on: March 01, 2012, 04:02:28 AM »
Ah see you are using crazy things like physics! I was only talking from a pure marketing BS perspective that they must beat sony to get the win at best buy.

Anyone tested out what the 18-55 kit lens can resolve?

EOS Bodies / Re: Neck Strap Loops Design
« on: March 01, 2012, 03:54:17 AM »
here is the modified L bracket, the hacked marks are where i used a dremel to make it fit
this can lock into a capture on my belt to stop the body swinging, the rapid strap remains hooked up all the time
to go to a tripod simply unclip the carabina from the rapid

EOS Bodies / Re: Neck Strap Loops Design
« on: March 01, 2012, 03:40:24 AM »
A quick question for Black Rapid you have to remove the BR when you need to use a monopod or tripod?
If so, is it very quick & simple?

My monopod & tripods use plate attachment systems.
Specifically: and
and for the monopod

Cheers, Paul Wright
no its a pain in the ass
which is why i have my modified rr L bracket hang on i'll go get  a pic brb

EOS Bodies / Re: Thunderbolt in the new 5DMK3
« on: March 01, 2012, 03:38:54 AM »
av port may be thunderbolt perhaps  :-\

but thats my point the sensor tech needs to improve to address the issues that cause the APS-C sensor to be inferior to the full frame and APS-H sensors. just taking the same tech and making it bigger would be horrible.

I was more descriptive here,3739.0.html

EOS Bodies / Re: If this is the best the D800 can do...
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:50:22 AM »
I hope my post didn't come across as critical of Nikon or the D800 - that's not what I meant. What I want from a camera upgrade is a stop or two better ISO than my 5D2, and from what I've seen the D800 is not it. If the Mk III doesn't improve on the Mk II's high-ISO noise then I won't be buying it either, but frankly, since it seems they're keeping the resolution about the same, I can only imagine they'll improve the quality of the sensor and photosites in this regard.
I hope so i would love the 12800 to be the new 3200 :D

EOS Bodies / Re: canonrumors phototips live cast 1 March 2012
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:45:44 AM »
Do you think the server will crash?
multiple times :D

EOS Bodies / Re: Neck Strap Loops Design
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:44:07 AM »
I know others have posted their pics for sling style straps, but look carefully at how this one attaches- it still screws into the base of the camera, but the loop to attach to is on the plate. It is almost imposible for it to unscrew.  I highly recommend it and for those of us in the US, it is a US seller.
I had one of those on a 1D for a year which got carried all over operating mine sites and processing plants never even came close to coming loose when i did try to take it off i needed a pipe wrench to just break the torque i'm glad that knob has the lumps and wasnt smooth.

EOS Bodies / Re: So, what about the T4i?
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:40:23 AM »
i would hope the t4i debuts a new APS-C sensor that addresses the shortcomings of the existing 18MP sensor
also since the entry level is very sales driven based on that all important benchmark of pixels I think canon will need to trump the sony 24MP so i am guessing we will see a 27MP sensor (discalimer this can be taken as CR-3 since i just pulled that number out of my butt)

What are the shortcomings of the current 18 Mpix sensor?

Good point about the megapixel war, but that is so silly.

I feel a jihad coming against me but what the hell :D

soft images - before i get struck down with vengence and furious anger I say this is relative to the Full frame and APS-H sensors. I REALLY REALLY wanted to get a 7D but when i compared it to my 10MP 1D mk3 it was a no contest the 1D kills it in every way except total pixels and extra reach from the crop.

strange low iso noise - i do pixel peep when editing my shots especially when doing noise reduction lots of people complain about this too

high iso noise - I quite happily shoot at 3200 ISO with both the 5Dmk2 and the 1Dmk3 i would be scared to push above 1600 with the 7D

having said that I got my parents a 600D for xmas and it's good for them they are just learning the whole dslr thing and arent shooting client deliverables and weddings so in this regard the sensor is more than sufficient and handily smashes most point and shoots

EOS Bodies / Re: 5Diii movie functions - realistic?
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:33:38 AM »
I agree: 60fps in 1080p would be a very welcomed feature, but I think it's just wishfull thinking. Hopefully at 720p!

I second that mate. But I too think it's wishfull thinking.
does the C300 do it even?
can magic lantern add it in?

i think no one cared about MP until nikon released the d800...

Some of us have been intrigued about the prospects of real high MP counts ever since Canon broke the news of their 50mp and 120mp prototype sensors, long before the D800 emerged.

Absolutely. The 120mp APS-H was probably one of the most intriguing pieces of news I heard from Canon the last couple years. (Its obviously a bit impractical right now, as few lenses can resolve 220lp/mm even at their best aperture (which is often lower than necessary to achieve that anyway), but its still intriguing to know its possible, and that producing something more realistic, such as a 47mp FF sensor, is within the realm of practical.)

So megapixels are largely for the cropping ability?  How many people out there do this?  I would think that unless you're shooting at 400mm to 600mm consistently, which would not be the majority of photographers, you could always just get a longer lens.   

I currently shoot sRAW and have taken less than 50 clicks using the full raw on the 5D Mark II as opposed to over 100k clicks using sRAW.  I personally would much rather have DR and other features than mpix.  Mpix is probably close to last on priority list.

Beyond 400mm f/5.6, "longer"...or for that matter faster...generally means "to the tune of an ungodly price". The 300/2.8 L, 400/4 DO, 500/5 L, 600/4 L, even the 200-400/4 L all cost WAY beyond what the average or even somewhat above average person can afford most of the time (barring winning the lottery, hefty inheritance, literally struck gold, know, those kinds of things that happen to ordinary people every day.) So sure, you could always get a longer lens...if the lens itself is within reach.

As for features, I'm in the camp that believes everything can be improved in a well-rounded way, rather than simply focusing on just one thing...such as just high ISO, or just more megapixels. We already have a 116lp/mm resolution 18mp APS-C sensor, and we know how well it performs with three-year old fabrication techniques and image processors. That is equivalent to a 47mp FF sensor, however a 47mp sensor released today that had exactly the same pixel pitch (density) as a three-year old 18mp APS-C sensor... It would have the benefit of three additional years of research into improving quantum efficiency, reducing read and thermal noise, improved manufacturing techniques that produce more effective microlensing, backlit rather than frontlit sensor fabrication, etc. etc.

Sure, I want better DR. I think we can get about two full stops of better DR, even on a 47mp FF sensor. I think we could have ISO 12800, possibly even ISO 25600 if you were willing to spend the money, along with a high 7-9fps frame rate, a decent AF system, AND better DR, all in one camera. Why? Well, the D800 performs pretty damn well on the DR and noise front for being a 36.3mp sensor, thanks to Sony Exmor technology which drastically lowers read noise (among other things). Because with an improved noise floor comes direct improvements in maximum ISO, by up to a stop. Improved quantum efficiency gained by say using a backlit sensor and/or improved microlensing would leave additional headroom, allowing for further gains on the maximum ISO front. I believe a 47mp full-frame sensor is possible because we already have numerous Canon cameras, from entry level to pro grade, using 18mp APS-C sensors that use the exact same pixel pitch, and (excluding low ISO read noise, which could be corrected at least by the Sony approach of embedding hyper parallelized ADC on-sensor) they perform extremely well.

I'd love to have ALL of that above right now, but I'd be happy to start with less than that and save myself some cache. Start with 32mp, maybe a stop improvement in DR, and one stop improvement to native high ISO (12800), coupled with a nice 61pt/21ct AF system, 100k RGB metering sensor, and I'll gladly spend $ a heartbeat. I'd also gladly spend another $3500 three years down the road for that full 47mp, another extra stop in DR and maybe another extra stop of high ISO (and if thats not possible, well, we'll chalk it up to physical limitations, as that would most likely be why). I'd be quite comfortable with a 47mp, ISO 12800 (native), 61/21pt AF system that does at least 7fps for a LONG time. Even stuck with a 400mm lens, I'd at least have cropping power...and even the grand total of $7000 over three years is still half the $14000 price tag for a single, monstrous 600mm f/4 L series lens (something I wouldn't even consider myself fully qualified to use until I've had another several years of practice anyway.) (Do I think the price is too optimistic...maybe...but the D800 seems to be going for $3000, and its most of the way there I don't think its unrealistic.)

If a 47MP FF had the same IQ as the 18MP APS-C I would be a sad panda (yes i will not only change brand of camera but species too  ;D )

EOS Bodies / Re: So, what about the T4i?
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:26:44 AM »
i would hope the t4i debuts a new APS-C sensor that addresses the shortcomings of the existing 18MP sensor
also since the entry level is very sales driven based on that all important benchmark of pixels I think canon will need to trump the sony 24MP so i am guessing we will see a 27MP sensor (discalimer this can be taken as CR-3 since i just pulled that number out of my butt)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Body Price At Announcement
« on: February 29, 2012, 11:50:36 PM »
I see absolutely no point to upgrade to a 5D3.  Especially for a $1,000+ price increase.  61-point AF system?  Who cares?  Who shoots with multiple points anyway?  Center-point focus and recompose.  That's how any serious photographer shoots anyway.  Do people want their cameras to compose their shots for them too? 

Center-point focus and recompose. For everything. lol ;D ;D ;D

it doesn't work with AI servo :(  :'(

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