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Fully agree. While I really like Ecka's idea with the left side battery/handgrip, a DSLR does not seem to be a good choice for left-handed operation at all. Too big, too heavy.

Mirrorless would be a much easier - and immediately available - route to go. Canon EOS M or even smaller M2 - (maybe even M3 any time soon) plus any of the EF-M lenses, including zooms is lighter and easier to handle - thanks to touchscreen.

I got a small 29 € L-bracket for my EOS-M that could be used as left side grip to hold camera, while turning zoom ring with index finger and tapping touchscreen with thumb to select/activate AF. Camera can then be set to take shot automatically as soon as focus is locked. Right hand not needed for (basic) operation.

I'll probably get shot for saying this on a canon forum,  but if small size and weight were paramount, I would pick up one of the Olympus micro 4/3 cameras.

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: Today at 03:54:07 AM »
Perhaps they are going to release the new revolutionary full frame one pixel camera for the highest ISO performance in the land.

hehe ... and 99 stops of DR  ;D

Unfortunately, Canon seems to be mostly out of tune with what I would like to buy from them.  ::)

Of all these rumored new products only the EOS-M3 is of any - potential - interest to me. IF it is fully competitive with Sony A6000 [or upcoming Sony A7000!] on all counts and not more expensive. So, better sensor, top-notch EVF, WiFi and RT-flash commander built-in and really decent AF-performance ... don't care what Canon will use ... DPAF, CD-AF, Hybrid on-senor PD+CD-AF or anything else ... it just needs to hit fast, precisely and be tracking-capable, including young kids. :-)
I'd definitely buy such an EOS "M3 Pro"... since I already own all those small, sharp, cheap, carry anywhere EF-M lenses. :)

DSLRs .. not really interested. Not interested in yet another Rebel [750D] nor in 6-year old APS-C sensor tech running @10+ fps [7D II] nor in new 50 MP sensor [rumored new FF bodies] nor in a 11-24 f/4 lens @ € 3,000 or more.  If at all, I'd be interested in a 5D IV that is a true D810 competitor ... a universal beast with 28-36 MP sensor with lots of DR, low noise at all ISOs, including clean ISO 6400, no banding, 6 fps ... at current 5D III prices.  ;)

But I'd be really interested in a Canon FF MILC system, fully competitive with the [upcoming] Sony "A7R II / A9".  28-36 MP FF sensor, really good AF system, and Canon user interface and non-compressed or "cooked" RAWs ... plus a range of compact, good, non-expensive native Canon mirrorless lenses [similar  to the EF-M lenses, but for FF] plus adapter for existing EF glass.

Well, so far Canon does not seem to have gotten my message yet.   :P

Canon General / Re: Photographer Petitions Canon for Left Handed Camera
« on: January 26, 2015, 12:31:03 PM »
Situation will fairly soon become much easier as we're move towards
1) smaller, lighter, more compact mirrorless cameras
2) by-wire power-zoom lenses [without need to turn zoom ring manually]
3) EVF in form of "Google Glass"-type device with liveview stream and
4) voice control for most/all camera settings and operation. 

Big/heavy lenses will remain a problem to support with use of only one hand.

What's better than the 50 or 40? On my SL1, the EF-S 24 2.8 (with the forty in my pocket)

Yes! These pancakes make a very decent combo on an SL1/100D.

I'd love to have the same for my new 5d iii. But ungortunately, the 24 pancake is only EF-S.

The 40 IS the same as the 24 on a crop, well close enough. I love the 40 on my Mk3

Yes. I was not clear enough: i would like to have an EF 24/2.8 pancake ... as small, cheap and good as the ef 40/2.8. And a EF 75/2.4 pancake in addition. ;)

What's better than the 50 or 40? On my SL1, the EF-S 24 2.8 (with the forty in my pocket)

Yes! Thise teo pancakes make a very decent combo on an SL1/100D.

I'd love to have the same for my new 5d iii. But ungortunately, the 24 pancake is only EF-S.

I don't see any major issues related to bokeh or contrast from these images.

It may not show in carefully arranged and selected official glossy marketing materials ... but it will rear its ugly head in real life - exactly in those situations, when owners of the lens are already most challenged to capture good images. ;)

There is an issue! Otherwise Nikon would never have admitted to it up front and included warning language and images in their 300/4 phase fresnel "brochures" and added (only partially effective) correction functionality to nikon software ...

@DFM: thanks for the information. As you are posting here, would you possibly also have some information as to whether LR 6 will be offered also as one-time purchase license - or only as cloud service (CC)?

The question is of significant importance to me. I do like LR a lot, but will not move to a cloud-based rental scheme. If LR 6 comes as CC version only, I will either revert back to Canon DPP or migrate to Capture One.

I also have a license for PS CS5 but don't like the UI at all, so I am not using it and am also not interested in the LR/PS combo offer on CC. 

I never saw the point of the 1D C. Why did canon not put 4k just into all their C video cameras? And sell a C100 wirh 4k at 9999 or less? C300 and C500 higher price but also fully competitive ...

Why all that obsession with putting high end video into an unsuited for DSLR camera?

Funny. I would be excited, if it was a 300/2.8 @ 755grams and 160 mm length @ € 2,000. Or a 400/4.0. :)
300/4.0 ... 1st gen nikon DO design ... no, thanks!

For 2k i'd much rather buy the EF 100-400 II - with "diffractive stuff" only happening at f/16 and above.

In my book, fresnel lenses will stay where they are: in beautiful, old lighthouses, that i will take pictures of using strictly "non-fresnel optics". ;)

There are not many lenses for which I envy Nikon users but one of them is the new Nikon 300mm f/4 VR with "Phase Fresnel" optics (sounds similar to DO optics). It appears to be about 8" long, weighs 755g and costs $2,000 (despite which many Nikon users are complaining about the high price!). I would absolutely love a 755g, 8" long 300mm f/4 DO IS at $2,000, especially in unobtrusive black.

I really think Nikon has nailed the potential of diffractive optics with their new lens and hope that Canon will follow suit.


If the Pancake is an option, the Pancake is always the correct choice.


Had and sold the 50/1.8. Have the 50/1.4, but hardly use it. Also got the 40/2.8 and like it. Currently I only got the EOS-M to use it with.
Don't have the 35/2 IS, but consider it mainly a video lens. To me not worth it "for stills" only. Especially for street photography. Shutter times mostly used in street with typically "not very fast moving" subjects can be hand-held without IS with 40/2.8.   

obvious conclusion: 1D C is not selling well at all. So price comes down.  ;D

Canon EF-S and EF-M Lenses / Re: Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
« on: January 18, 2015, 02:04:51 PM »
I take my M for travel and walks. This picture was taken with 18-55mm at 18 mm.

just love this image. Kudos!  8)

it might be cheaper to just destroy the faulty units and manufacture new ones ... instead of shipping back, reparing, shipping again. 

EOS-M / Re: EOS M Owners Post Your Pictures
« on: January 15, 2015, 02:39:26 AM »
Interesting picture! Aboard a cargo plane or en-route to Guantanamo? :-)

Untitled by kranjay, on Flickr

Canon General / Re: Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:46:01 AM »
You don't think everyone else is tired of your non-stop "antiquated, mechanical  mirrorslapper" BS?

might well be the case. But it is a rather different thing to voice an opinion on a "technical/gear issue over and over again" or to attack other forum members personally, over and over again.

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