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oh yes! Canon will absolutely dominate "the future of photography" with the SL-1.

No, you're wrong.  Nikon will dominate with the Df.   ::)  ::)  ::)

hehe! SL-1 vs. Df will duke it out.

Looking at these "fabulous" DSLRs and the equally fabulous mirrorless alternatives available, it shoukd not come as a surprise, that potential buyers simply refuse to buy. Even consumers and prosumers have learned and are smart enough to not waste their money on cameras like the Df or SL1 but rather sit back and wait just a little longer, until decent (FF) mirrorless cameras become available at affordable prices. Including a "mirrorless digital rebel" (FF) at USD/€ 999.

If the Sony A7 will not sell well this may already happen in Q1/Q2 of 2014. :-)

I think mirrorless is just a flash in the pan.
I think Canon got it right with the SL1 (100D). As soon as the price comes down, it will mean a big hit to the sales of EVF cameras.
oh yes! Canon will absolutely dominate "the future of photography" with the SL-1.
And the new SL-1 in white will quelch any desire for a FF mirrorless camera for good. 
Way to go Canon!   

I tried to leave the mirror slap 1.5 years ago. Got myself an OMD EM5. Used it for a year. Took it for a trip but hated the shooting experience so much the camera stayed in my bag most of the time even though it was always with me. Hated the EVF. Hated the ergonomics. Sold the camera and plunged headlog back into the world of DSLRs.

I hear you. We are almost there. One more push ... Better EVF, better AF. Soon.


and in the meanwhile nikon may die and you will be here bashing canon and supporting who... sony, pentax, Samsung? lol

I am just observing the market. And looking out for my next camera after my 7d. I still like it.  And it'll soon have been my last DSLR. Bye bye mirror slap. :-)

You might be half right. 'Good' won't cut it...what's needed is good and cheap.  That's what was behind the success of SLRs - getting them into the hands of 'the masses'. Those folks are buying entry level dSLRs, and until mirrorless offers similar performance in a similar price range (<$800), mirrorless will remain a niche market.

absolutely. Remember 2003? Canon? "Digital Rebel" @ USD/€  999,- ? First "good enough" and truly affordable DSLR. Huge success, DSLRs became ubiquituos.

10 yeras later. 2013. Time for a FF mirrorless "digital rebel". Although, even then the rush will not be as big this time. In 2003 those smartphones did not take very good stills. Not to mention halfway-decent video. In one small package. ;-)


Here we go again, folks who predict the demise of DSLRs and the triumph of MILCs. People have been saying this for years since the appearance of the first MILC... Yet, this has not been borne out by actual shipment numbers. In N. America and Europe, for every MILC sold in 2013, 9 to 10 DSLRs are sold. Yes, that is how poorly received MILCs are.

Of course not many wanted to buy yesterdays shitty mirrorless. Dwarf-sensored nikon 1? Slow as molasses eos-m? Retro styled fujis? mft-sensored stuff? Poor EVFs? Give me a break!

It will change as soon as really good ff mirrorless arrives. Sony A7/R are the first inkling. Even better stuff will follow. Dslrs will be gone. Like all those german rangefinders went out the door in the 70s when good SLRs became available from the japanese. This time round it might be korea and taiwan doing it to the japanese. Hehe!

Unfortunately, exact numbers are either not broken down in enough detail and/or all over the place, since press realeases and articles alike are obsure and/or poorly written.

The big picture is clear:

* consumers
not buying much. Money is tight, they got smartüphones and most of the households got comapct cameras and often a low-end DSLR as well. Most consumers have smartened up sufficently to realize their DSLR+kit lens sit in the closet most of the time and their smartphones deliver good enough IQ. Market saturated - not only compacts, but also more-of the-same-and-only-marginally-better, iterative low-end DLSRs. All manufacturers similarly affected. Except for a few moving up into enthusiast segment, will generally not return to buy another dwarf-sensor compact or DSLRs in the future.

* prosumer/enthusiast
smartened up and come to realize those boxy-clunky mirrorslappers are nearing end of shelf live. Waiting for "the right"mirrorless camera at affordable price without having to sacrifice much in speed/performance (AF) and ergonomics (esp. OVF vs. EVF) compared to their current DSLRs. Ideally coming from their current manufacturer to increase chances, some lenses will continue to work quite well (via adapter) and not having to learn a new user interface. They are sitting on the fence and also don't buy as many lenses since future of systems is open.
Sony's A7/R are just about "attractive enough" to capture some in that group. Or may settle for mfT or Fuji X camera. Will start buying FF mirrorless, once really good sub USD/€ 2000 offerings come. And then also replace their lens parks over time to native mirrorless lenses with shorter flange distance. Whoever of the 3 - Canon, Nikon, Sony gets there first, will take market leadership.   

* pro
economy is tight. Minimize capex. Overall very conservative market segment. Will buy what is absolutely needed from CaNikon. Old farts and those shooting  long lenses / fast action will stick with DSLRs for at least 2 more rounds [5D Mk. V and Nikon D6 likely to be "final models"].  Will eventually also move to mirrorless, but over a longer period of time ... 5 years+   

Canon and Nikon are looking at a quickly closing "launch window" for mirrorless FF. If they don't get it done in 2014, they'll be really really hard hit. Nikon will go under first. But Canon is not safe either, if they bungle it.

EOS Bodies / Re: Now enjoy this....
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:03:08 AM »
Everything fits together:
The ads says someting close to : In November Canon goes all white....
So that looks like a white Eos 100D  bah.....

oh no ... double face palm.  ::)

EOS Bodies / Re: Now enjoy this....
« on: November 08, 2013, 08:01:27 AM »
well, we don't know, whether the image is supposed to show the veiled new camera itself - or whether they just took an SL-1 for a "symbolic EOS product announcement invite picture". ;-)

However, I've got little hope to see a really exciting new Canon camera any time soon.

EOS Bodies / Re: Now enjoy this....
« on: November 08, 2013, 07:48:04 AM »
The positioning of several elements - the red eye and timer light top right, and the remote sensor bottom left - are the same as the SL1 / 100D, and are AFAIK, unique to the SL1 / 100D

I agree! Well spotted!  8)

EOS Bodies / Re: Now enjoy this....
« on: November 08, 2013, 07:43:06 AM »
looks like a rebel. Check positioning of Canon logo and the very slopy shoukder on the right side of picture.
corrected. Looks like SL1 / EOS 100D:



Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon dF not offering video functions
« on: November 07, 2013, 12:16:21 PM »
Well, if you plan to do a lot of video, then ...

get another camera, preferably one that is dedicated to capturing great video. The Df is one of only two current interchangeable-lens cameras in the entire market without video.

Just deal with it, videographers. And besides, there was no video on the Nikon FM2 either.  ;D 

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body at B&H Photo $2999
« on: November 07, 2013, 03:24:51 AM »
where I live, the 5D III is currently available starting at Euro 2600,-  [incl. 20% VAT]
Nikon D800 is starting at Euro 2075,-  [incl. 20% VAT]

As a matter of principle I will NOT buy the 5D III, as long as it costs even 1 cent more than a D800.

Most likely I'll get a Sony A7R next year, once good non-Zeiss lenses are available at reasonable cost.  :-)

AF has no place on a serious video camera.

"Just don't use it. Just ignore it. Just put up with it. And no, it won't be cheaper without AF." 
same as video on each and every stills camera.

The new sensor must always have been in there. However, most likely, all the new software and calibration necessary for all the lenses was not done yet at that time, so it they release the camera without that functionality.
Now, what they may have to put in is at least new firmware, but maybe the firmware takes more memory  than the old chip can handle, so a new memory chip needs to be installed. There may also be additional chips, i.e. circuitry that needs to be put in to process the dual chip phase signal. Maybe in the original version they only used the sensor in its "normal" mode (dual pixels merged), which would required a less complicated processing circuitry.

Thanks!  Sounds realistic to me! 

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