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Third Party Manufacturers / 40-50mm for a7r
« on: December 17, 2014, 05:50:05 AM »
Hello All, just after some opinion/advice for my a7r, I'm looking for a 40-50mm lens with a fast aperture around 1.4 it can be an old or new lens since I will only be using it in manual focus with the appropriate adapter so any mount will be ok just want something that's not to expensive but reasonably sharp especially wide open, any suggestions? Even a vintage lens, but there's so many I'm not sure which one to get :-\ thanks...

EOS Bodies / Re: Petapixel: Canon Full Frame Mirrorless
« on: December 04, 2014, 04:16:00 AM »

I have to ask, what's the point of the mirrorless camera if it used EF lenses? The 6D isn't that much bigger than the A7, and they could probably shave some size off the next one if they wanted to.

??? Which part of the 6d "isn't that much bigger" ?

Lenses / Re: Community thoughts on Canon 15mm f2.8 fisheye lens
« on: November 30, 2014, 02:34:27 AM »
I also bought mine second hand from eBay, pretty good condition with a slight dint on the hood. Overall this lens is fantastic, mine is very sharp at 2.8 and iq is excellent. You might have bad copy, but I've never used the roki so I can't compare, I have many L lenses and the 15mm is as good :)

Lenses / Re: Lens as a gift. Non Photographer buying... :)
« on: November 25, 2014, 06:04:12 AM »
With the lenses she already has, I think a newer camera is a better gift. IMHO.


I try to set realistic prices, rather than wishful ones.  That's why they usually sell in minutes when I list them on ebay.
Anyone wanting to buy that 50mm f/0.7 IS lens shown on my profile, make me a offer :D

$10000 :P

I'm in Australia, I'm expecting $2500+ AU$ for this lens ... I'm totally ok with that ... check it out .. it's a great lens, even before the reviews I'm sold.

Well it just doesn't make any sense if it is made in japan.  Basically they make it in japan, send it to he u.s. and then send it back and it somehow gets $400 cheaper.  And if it was 2 weeks ago when the yen was stronger the price difference would have been $800.  Seems like Canon USA learned from the market and Canon Japan is just acting the same as always.

Canon Australia suck, I get everything Canon from Hong Kong as a grey import, saved thousands over the years and I've never had problems with warranties ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7Dii vs Nikon D750 Dynamic Range Test
« on: November 10, 2014, 04:00:54 AM »
Very interesting jrista... You should email this data to a tech head at canon japan hq :'(

Animal Kingdom / Re: First week of BIF action with 7D MK II
« on: November 09, 2014, 02:36:37 AM »
Fantastic pics :)

Lenses / Re: Introducing the Canon EF 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS II
« on: November 08, 2014, 06:21:49 PM »
I think the optical performance specs will be a significant improvement.  What would be the point of a new version if it weren't?  Just saying.

My copy of v1 is quite sharp. I doubt the new one will be significantly sharper (perhaps I have a particularly good copy). What it will have is greatly improved IS, lens coatings and (hopefully) weather resistance. The slotted hood for filters is also intriguing. Though I'm not particularly interested in upgrading, I will keep an open mind.

My lens is quite good and others have noticed the fact.  I think it's more about techniques and lighting.  This is at f6.3 ISO 200 on a 5D III  (click on the photo for a larger size)

 F-22 Raptor afterburner turn © Keith Breazeal by Keith Breazeal Photography, on Flickr

Wow! Fantastic shot Keith 8)


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« on: October 27, 2014, 06:18:50 AM »
WOW...this whole thread has turned into Stephen Sondheim's song: "Send in the Clowns"...well maybe they're here.....


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« on: October 27, 2014, 04:48:32 AM »
From this day forward I will be know as backfire*  :-[

I think Neuro had a similar experience ;)

Sort of...but at the start of that experience, I was the guy using the iPhone, having it explained to me by the guy with the Rebel body and 55-250 that I needed a 'real camera' to have any hope of a good picture (of course, that was before I pulled the 1D X + 70-200 II out of the bag at my feet).

Hmmm.. i can´t trust in your words  8) - the guy ( nda ) told us HE used the 1DX - and i did not see any Bag at your feet  ::) - so somebody does not tell the Truth ?  >:(

 ;D ;D
Greetings Bernd

I was referring to an incident from a couple of years ago.

He was joking...  ;)

So was I  ::)

I am so confused....

In this post you don't mention having a 1d although you do mention having just about everything else???

Maybe you just picked it up in the last 13 days...

Anyways, you are what scares me about photography.  People with your attitude, are what STOP people from grabbing their gear and heading out to capture the things around them.

I have a 1ds3, 1d4, 6d, 5d2, 70d, 40d, 100d & x-pro1 and yes maybe one day I will get a life :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« on: October 24, 2014, 05:48:03 AM »
People people relax, why so angry... I was not the one making the claim that "I am a pro." All I did was take out my camera and start shooting as I do most weekends with 5+ photographers some with pro gear some not, some new and some regulars, some come for the photography and some come for the aviation(, SORRY the post was about him lying about his credentials :-X

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: clown* photographer
« on: October 23, 2014, 10:22:05 AM »
And do you feel sufficiently superiour now?

Why do you care what other people use?  If he is happy with the Ipad, great.

that's it >:( I'm selling all my Canon gear and switching to Apple ;D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / clown* photographer
« on: October 23, 2014, 09:26:30 AM »
Hello fellow peoples,
I was at Melbourne Airport a few weeks ago photographing commercial aircraft coming in to land with a strong northerly wind. When I saw this clown* with his ipad trying to photograph a 777 coming in too land at 150kts, his ipad had no chance but he was convinced of getting a good shot! I said hello, we chatted a bit and I then suggested that a proper camera would do a better job!! He then started talking about photography and how he used to own a studio and do weddings and stuff, but all you need nowadays is a iPhone/ipad, his words this guy had no idea! I strutted back to my car and opened my boot/trunk and pulled out my 1d4 with 70-200IIL(hood attached) strolled back and started shooting at 10fps and showed him what this beast can do!!!!! all he said was nice camera, he stayed for one more landing got in his car and drove off, I haven't seen him again> true story :o...  I think Neuro had a similar experience ;)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 750D real world review
« on: October 20, 2014, 08:11:17 AM »
The D750 isn't any better then the 5D3 at high ISO.
Actually, it is at least 2/3 of a stop better. I sold my 6D and several L lens, about 2 weeks ago, and purchased the D750. The D750 is cleaner at high ISO's than my former 6D was, by at least 1/3 or so of a stop. I can push high ISO images much better with the D750 than I could with the 6D.

Still trying to figure out which Nikon lens are worth a crap, most of the Nikon primes are slower to focus than the Canon counterparts.
You sold your 6D and L lenses for 1/3 or so of a stop? :o

And now you are trying to fgure out which of the slower focusing Nikon lenses are at least worth a crap?  :o :o


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