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Reviews / Re: I'm amazed by my 5D Mark iii
« on: January 10, 2013, 10:53:25 PM »
I also made the jump from a 550D to the 5Dmk3, and man, I don't know how people don't get frustrated with the triple digit (e.g. 550D) dslrs. 

Contests / Re: Gura Gear Giveaway!
« on: December 07, 2012, 08:15:48 AM »

Technical Support / Re: Best Methods For Long Term File Storage ??
« on: November 14, 2012, 07:15:13 PM »
Amazon glacier starts to get expensive as you add more data.  500GB of storage seems to work out to $5 USD a month.  I use as they hook me up with webspace, email addresses, and UNLIMITED webspace for just $7/month.  Just ftp all my pictures up there.  The only limitation is you can't have more than 250,000 files.

I can confirm I am having the same issue. 

I am using a HP Z800 workstation (Just in case it matters - Dual Xeon's - X5570, 12GB ECC RAM, Quadro 5000, Intel 320 series SSD, Intel USB2.0).  My Z800 was running Win 7 Pro 64-bit with no issues.  I deleted the partition on my C Drive on my Z800, then formatted it, then clean installed Win 8 Pro 64-Bit.

The 5D Mark III is detected fine in Windows, no errors and listed correctly. 

I have tried setting the program as 'run as an administrator'. I have also tried running in all the Compatibility modes.  I have 9 USB ports on the Z800, I have tried all of them.  I have also tried running off a powered USB Hub.  None of these things helped, the issue is still there.

I believe this is likely to be an issue with the Canon software and we will need to wait for an update or new version from Canon.

Happy to be proved wrong of course :)
   Since it's work on Windows 7 64-bits, but doesn't in Windows 8 64-bits, I think it's a Windows 8 issue. If I were you, I won't be the first to use any new OS... most OS always have issue during initial released.

   By the way, I run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant on my Computer and I was surprise to see that it's mark "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional " as not compatible. If "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010" is not compatible with Windows 8, I wonder how the software it's develop will be able to compatible with Windows 8??

   Have a nice day.

I've been running both VS2010 and VS2012 side by side on windows 8 for a month or two since the RTM came out.  There are have been no issues with it preventing development.

That being said, I did check device manager and there aren't any driver issues, and no exclamation points. 

When I hook up the camera windows detects that it is there and opens up the special camera window where i can see the battery left on the camera and how full the memory card is.  I can even launch the EOS utility from there, but it's the EOS utility not picking it up. 

My suspicion is that there is *something* hardware wise on my machine blocking access to the camera for the EOS utility.

Canon General / Re: How do you store your gear?
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:05:13 PM »
Would that storm case be good for storing lenses as opposed to a lens cabinet with a dehumidifier attached?

Yes it detected my kiss x4.
Shoot! Have you checked driver versions between the Win8 machine which recognises your 5D3 and this one? May be uninstall the driver and reinstall? Something must be conflicting with it. I guess you probably already checked to see if there was a conflict showing up on the driver... Sorry cant think of anything else.  :)

Yup on driver conflicts.  It's a real mystery to the canon folks as well.

Yes it detected my kiss x4.

I have done a clean install of the old version and newest version.  I have uninstalled FOcal as well to see if it was interfering with the EOS utility, but no dice.

I have tried all the USB ports on my machine as well.

Old computer fresh install.  Same deal as the laptop using the same disk

One would assume there would be other bug fixes going in as just upping the version number for some new lens profiles doesn't really make alot of sense.

btw, you'd think they have a smarter way of just adding/modifying lens profiles that don't require waiting for the next release.

Technical Support / EOS Utility/FoCal not recognizing 5D3 in Win8 64-bit
« on: November 09, 2012, 11:59:11 AM »
Very weird issue here, but when I connect my 5Dmk3 to my desktop (windows 8 64-bit) it detects that a 5Dmk3 has been connected and I can copy pictures down and it tells me how much battery and card space is left.  However, when I launch EOS Utility (2.12) or FoCal (1.6), neither software registers that the camera is connected to the machine.  Here's where it gets weirder, everything works fine on a laptop with win7 and on another laptop with the same build of windows 8.  I'm using the same usb cables and whatnot. 

So I gave Canon customer support a call (amazing support btw), but they were at a loss for words as to why it wasn't showing up.  Was just wondering if anyone here might have a possible solution or something I could try.

Lenses / Re: EF 24-70 f/4L IS & EF 35 f/2 IS
« on: November 05, 2012, 05:48:16 AM »
Correct me if i'm wrong but what's the point of IS in such short focal lengths?

With the release of 24-70 f/4L IS it will be a tough choice for some to decide with the 2.8 non IS version, what do you think?

My bet is the 24-70 will be significantly better optically.  Probably sharper and better colors

Software & Accessories / Re: Are lens skins worth it?
« on: September 26, 2012, 10:47:37 PM »
I thought your weren't suppose to use super glue anywhere near a lens because the vapor destroys coatings on lens elements?

Software & Accessories / Re: How do I get GPS data into Lightroom
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:39:58 AM »
Figured it out... Can add your gps log, and then you can add all your pictures and then select

Edit --> Automatically Add Location Info --> Save

This will add the gps info to all your pictures... Though LR doesn't seem to pick up on it.

Software & Accessories / Re: How do I get GPS data into Lightroom
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:20:43 AM »
Ah yeah, I should have stated that I was using this on a 550D, so it doesn't have any means to connect to the GP-E2, so I recorded the data in logging mode. 

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