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Lenses / Re: Lenses that you want Canon to release next
« on: September 17, 2014, 01:22:09 AM »

  • EF 2.8 200 IS  -  i tend to see 100-135 mm as "normal" with good close focus capabilties (1:4 would be great)
  • EF-M 2.0 50 IS  -  in a compact package with great IQ, flare resistance and good close focus capabilities. Shure, in my view a moderate wide angle but a good partner for a DSLR with 70-200 or 200mm prime

EOS Bodies / Re: How excited are you about the new 7D II?
« on: September 16, 2014, 12:51:46 AM »
The camera is very well specced on paper - except tilt display, touch screen and wifi which made it a "complete camera" for a few bucks more.
Very interesting: The correction of aberrations and distortion e.g. during movie mode with the EF-S 10-22 which has visible CAs.

But the real interesting "not-on-paper" specs are - for me - (1) very high IQ at low ISO, (2) fine IQ at higher ISOs and (3) a extremely reliable AF system. Reliable means that the AF does what I intend it should do.

If the per pixel image IQ is like that of my 40D I will have 40% more size (linearily) with the same quality: fine, might be my next main camera and replace one 40D and the 600D completely.

So ... just waiting for a bunch of reviews to filter out if this camera might be the right tool for me.

Forgotten to describe my degree of excitement: As you can see from my reasoning I am moderately excited. But this might change if I get hands on that camera and the excitement might growing while using a good tool over several years! 7D ii has the potential to do so ...

EOS Bodies / Re: More Images of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II
« on: September 14, 2014, 02:21:24 PM »
The original link (first post) says

 - RGB + IR photometry sensor of new 150000 pixels

If IR photometry means that the sensor can decide between warmer and colder subjects  - the 7D ii might be THE system for tracking living creatures by their thermal emissions ...

Cannot work like a IR (thermo) camera because the lenses do not transmit these wavelengths but perhaps it is sufficient to scan the near infrared for that purpose to get a hint where a "warmer" subject is.

Evaluating 150000 pixels for 4 colors and combining the data with a 65 field cross type AF sensor will use up the computing power of one DIGIC 6 I think ... now I understand why they have two of these processors.

This camera is more and more interesting IMO - not only by specs but by the clean and well known button layout - just for someone who owns a 40D and hates the ergonomics of the 600D (despite its good IQ).

Lenses / Re: What New Lens are You Most Excited About?
« on: September 12, 2014, 05:44:22 PM »
The OTUS 85mm lens is the most interesting for me in this line-up:
  * I like optimum quality and
  * the freedom to choose each f-stop depending on my idea about a photo and
  * the missing LOCA which I expect from a well designed apochromatic lens

Might rise my 600D to 15 MPix real resolution instead of the 9 MPix of the EF 2.0 100 ... but on the other hand: It's just 25% more linear resolution perhaps (!) resulting in 25%x25% larger prints with the same resolution.

So perhaps I will invest 4500 €/$ in 150 day trips to photographically interesting sites - a nice dinner included ...

No price yet?  $5K, $10K?

I think it will be priced similar to the 50mm OTUS because some effects might cancel others:
  (1) less lens elements and
  (2) smaller curvatures and
  (3) less special glass diversity BUT
  (4) larger lens elements/more glass/more housing

Just my 2 ct.

The problems I think Sony would have is that firstly I'm not sure theres massive demand for resolution above the existing 36 MP and secondly its questionable how there current(and future) FE lens lineup would perform on such a camera as there are already serious issues with the wider lenses with 24/36 MP.

Honestly I'm starting to think that Sony might be in panic mode with the threat of the camera(not sensor) division being shutdown hanging over their heads such is the rate of new releases.

In terms of real demand for photographic work/photographic expression : I totally agree.

But for boosting around "I can 50 MPixel" (for 4x6" prints for the family album) it is well suited and this might be a personal demand to own something with the hightest number availble. Same thing with hp of cars or sizes of houses ...

I really like that. But I guess we are lightyears away from such a device...Or Sony could take us by surprise by 2016?


I think curved sensors are a "money-printing-machine" for companies if it comes for interchangeable lens cameras: It converts all other lenses to high tech waste.

A better approach should be to make the sensor surface matt black so they collect each photon idependent from the angle of incidence. If I knew how to do that I would do it but ... I have no idea yet.

My retina is curved. My eyeballs do not contain multiple elements. IF flat sensors were "simpler" to design for, I am quite disappointed that we have not evolved that superior level yet!

The eye has only very good center sharpness. But to the periphery sharpness/resolution declines and the colour sensitivity too; but the peripheral sensors are faster (some flourescent tubes flicker in the periphery but are stable in the center).
On the other  hand you need a very wide field of view (roughly 180 degree horzontally) to be aware of potential  threats. The "eye-brain" directs the sweet spot of our eye to the potential threat.

Our "eye-brain" scans the scenery and stores details - we think that our eyes are optically very good but in fact they are not compared to good primes e.g.

So photography has to store a lot more of detail than we might read in a glance.

Where our eye excells is the dynamic range which might be 20 stops which is
FROM full sunlight (1000 Watts per square meter)
TO micro LED torch illuminating a medium large room (0.001 Watts per square meter)
through (1) using an auto aperture, (2) high DR sensors and (3) relying on two types of sensors activated for its special purposes.

I don't know why people get so emotional about it.


TBH I just think people are bored and crave new tech, new tech is investment and for pros like myself switching system is a pain not only in cost but also in learning a new system. Canons FF tech is still amazing and if you know how to work it and use light to compliment available light to your advantage you will have no issues, your camera can't do everything. A skilled photographer will make stunning images with any camera they pic up.


I am no pro photographer and just for me switching a TOOL is real pain. Because not shooting 8 hrs per day I need LONGER than a pro like you to know my equipments capabilities. It just makes sense to me to NOT to change gear year after year.

About "bored and crave new tech": Hits the nail on its head. Going out to take photographs isn't boring with so called inferior equipment (EOS M, 600D) depending on the subject/photographic style. Very often I crave for (1) more time and (2) better weather/light - at the same time!

That would make me buy an a7. Really? 50mp? This is madness...

Not too mad I think: Just the evergreen 18 MPix APS-sensors of canon will result in a roughly 50 MPix sensor if expanded to 24x36mm.

I dream about a 48 MPix sensor which can used to produce 12 MPix images where each final image pixel is calculated from a RGGB sensor pixel quadruplet in camera or during post processing.

Just my more conservative lenses like 2.8 24, 2.8 40, 2.0 100 or 2.8 100 Macro would profit from both, the full resolution or the quarter resolution mode!

Might be an option to replace the EOS M and still use Canon EF and FD lenses or a Rodagon 5.6 120mm with FD bellows.

Japanese rumors: As i heard from my Japanese girlfriends, the 50MP Sony is not the highlight. The highlight is, that sony is working on an curved sensor. This sensor could possibly be an little revolution on the sensor market. The image quality of the edges and non-center areas would be dramatically better, CAs and other optical problem would be reduced. And optically this curved sensor would rise the resolution in the edge areas.
Sony - (rumored!) - is working on new lenses that could be optimized on this new sensor. The lenses would be a lot cheaper to be produced (abberation correction would be not so difficult).
Nikon is interested in this technology too.

And both can sell a new line of lenses which is incompatible with the old ones ... I don't like that idea too much. Have no money printing machine and are not interested to use too many incompatible equipment or lug it around.

My Japanese girlfriends talked about this rumor yesterday.
As one of the poster wrote: The lenses are missing. and you will ned an highend lens to meet the resolution.
But 50MP for landscape... Our big landscape picture in the living room would get a lot sharper  ;)

... and you need a larger or more livingrooms to hang all the perfect landscapes in 80 x 120 ".

EOS Bodies / Re: Is Canon now two generations behind Nikon?
« on: September 01, 2014, 08:41:07 AM »
So why no EVF on the 7D2 ???

Because EVF still sucks for action and sports.


It will always be to late in the action.

Even (if and) when EVF becomes fast enough, wouldn't it be sort of mutually exclusive with a single lens reflex system?

IMO it depends on the resolution and the color accuracy of an EVF to replace "real" view finders. As stated above I would like to have both options user selectable in ONE camera.

Some forget that 7Ds(uccessor) might adress the market for photo&video journalists who need (again IMO) ONE versatile tool without fiddeling around with external view finders or other accessories.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Features seen in the past and absent today
« on: September 01, 2014, 08:34:58 AM »
Dedicated aperture ring on lens (or body*)
Dedicated exp. time and ISO on body

... on a Canon EF or/and EF-M body

*really liked the idea in S95 and would like to see it on ALL Canon cameras.

EOS Bodies / Re: Is Canon now two generations behind Nikon?
« on: September 01, 2014, 07:06:07 AM »

Being a guy with a pure Canon kit that probably tops $25,000 in total personal cost...that's very frustrating. Now, instead of just being able to pick up a new Canon body with ergonomics and functionality I already know how to use without even thinking about it, I have to expand my kit. That involves even more cost, a new set of lenses that largely duplicate what I have, learning a whole new camera system, etc. I like simplicity...one brand, one set of lenses, one type of button placement and menu system. It just sucks. :P

I really do understand what you feel. I have upgraded from 20D to 40D because the release button of the 20D stopped working properly. I haven't seen a large improvement of IQ between both. 600D bought to shoot movies - primarily to produce material for teaching physics and mathematics. I wanted to use macro and stronger tele capabilies and the flexibility of manual exposure. Again: Only minor improvements of photographic IQ. So I am still waiting to invest in a high end camera like 7Ds(uccessor) or 6D which are in reach financially.

Just wait (if you can) another round and Canon will come closer to Nikon ...

Another thing I never tried because my bodies aren't capable but your 5Diii seems to be capable of: Multiexposure. I found a hint that it reduces noise (what it has to do in theory) under the following link:
If you do landscape with a tripod it might be a solution for non-moving stuff ... ?

Best - Michael

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