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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Upgrade to 70d or 760 d ?
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:45:19 AM »
Hi all,

My old 400d needs to be upgraded, so I had a look at the 70d and the new 760d. Comparing the specs, there's little difference between those two - at least to me.

One concern though is AFMA, which is only available at the 70d and absent on the 760d. So do you really need AFMA? Does it make focussing more reliable, especially with fast lenses f 1:1.4? I prefer to work with autofocus instead of manual focus. Can Sigma lenses be AFMAed as well as Canon lenses?

The other point is weather sealing, which seams to be at the 70d but not on 760d. But if WS is only basic at the 70d, this point isn't so important. How ist weather sealing on the 70d? Any damage because of rain/dust?

Batteries are also different: 70d gets 920 shots, 760d only 440 shots. But that's not important to me as I will use an additinal grip anyway because I feel more comfortable with an extra grip.

Another option would be to wait for the 80d as I'm in no hurry.

What do you think?

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